Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll Devices | Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll – hello guys, if you want to know how to flash custom ROM on Miatoll device? Then you are in the right place.

Here I will tell you the Universal method for Miatoll Devices. So read this article till the end. You will able to install any custom ROM on Miatoll Devices. If you don’t know what Miatoll is, so fast understand the Miatoll concept.

After that, we will start Our article. I will teach you every possible method to flash custom ROM on Miatoll Devices without any issue. So let’s start a guide step by step.

What Is Miatoll Devices?

Xiaomi released a four number of devices with Snapdragon (SDM) 720G SoC. They also have the same display, dimensions, battery capacity, similar cameras, etc.

So, a LineageOS developer (Cosmin) who got the device made unified trees for those devices! Also, many developers build custom ROMs, recovery, kernels, and mods based on these trees, which are beautiful things.

Miatoll is a UNIFIED codename for Xiaomi Snapdragon 720G devices:

mi = Xiaomi

Atoll = SD720G

Together they make “miatoll.”

Supported Devices For Miatoll Codename :

No. Device Codename
1 Redmi Note 9S/Redmi Note 9 Pro. (curtana)
2 Redmi Note 9 Pro. (joyeuse)
3 Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. (excalibur)
4 POCO M2 Pro. (gram)

In short, you can use one miatoll codename custom ROM On all four devices mentioned above.

OK, so before Flashing anything, you need to Unlock the Bootloader of your device. So let’s understand how to do that.  

Read More :

Unlock Bootloader Of Any Xiaomi Redmi & POCO Phones :

This unlocking Bootloader method works on every Xiaomi, Redmi & poco phone. So let’s start.

(1) First & most important step is to backup your data. First, take a complete backup of your internal storage because after unlock. Your all device data will loos.

(2) Now, after backup is done. Go to your phone settings / Mi Account. Make sure you logged in with mi account.

If you don’t have an account, then create a new mi account. Remember that account log-in details because we need that letter.

(3) Now, the next step, go to Settings /About phone. Tap 7-8 times on the mini version. It will enable Developer Options in your Additional settings.

(4) Now go to settings / Additional Settings /Developer Options. You will find Mi Unlock status option.

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll

(5) Enable mobile data. Don’t use wifi or any other internet connection. Just enable mobile data. Then click on Add account & Device button.

Then wait for 10 seconds. After that, you will get a successfully added device pop-up massage.

(6) After that, wait for 10 – 14 DAYs. Don’t log out of your mi account between that days, and don’t click on add account and device button again.

(7) After 14 days. Now go to settings /Additional settings / Developer options, enabling OEM to unlock & USB Debugging option. Now we need a computer or pc to unlock your phone’s Bootloader.

(8) Now download Mi Unlock Tool To Unlock your Bootloader. Download Mi Unlock Tool.

This File is in zip format, so extract that File first. Then install mi unlock tool software into your pc.

(9) open mi unlock tool. Agree to terms & conditions. Now they will ask you to log in. So log in with your mi account, which is logged in on your phone.

(10) Now, you need to connect your phone to your pc. For that, Boot your phone into Bootloader mode. For that, turn off your phone.

Then press the volume down + Power button at the same time. Then you will able to boot into bootloader mode.

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll

(11) Then, Connect your phone to your pc via USB cable. Then click on unlock button.

It will take some time to open your Bootloader. After completion, you will see Bootloader unlocked successfully.

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll 1

(12) It will Reboot your phone. So wait until Reboot.  

How To Install Custom Recovery On Miatoll Devices :

After unlocking a Bootloader, now the time to flash custom Recovery On your phone. Because without custom recovery, you can’t flash custom ROMs.

(1) After Bootloader Unlock. Again go to Settings / About phone. Then tap 7-8 Times on the mini version. Then again, Go to settings /Additional settings /Developer options.

(2) Now Enable USB Debugging & OEM unlock Option. Again Connect your phone to your pc via USB cable.

(3) now download your favorite custom recovery for your device. We are using miatoll devices,  

(4) Let’s Flash OrangeFox Recovery On our Miatoll Devices. The same method applies to all recoveries. Download the Latest OrangeFox Recovery flashable zip file from the above links.

(5) Extract that zip file into your pc first. Open extracted folder there; you will find one File, which is “recovery. img“.

Extract OrangeFox Recovery

Move that File into C drive /ADB folder /. If you don’t have an ADB folder, it means ADB & Fastboot drivers are not installed on your pc. So install that first.

Move Recovery File


How To Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 XP


(6) now, after file move.Go to the C drive / ADB folder. Then press Shift + Right Click on blank space. Then click on the open Power shell or open command window option.

(7) It will open the terminal interface. Don’t panic. Just Follow me.

(8) turn off your phone. Now boot into fastboot mode. For that, just long-press volume down + power key at the same time for 10 sec.

(9) Now connect your phone to your pc via USB cable. Now first check your device is connected correctly or not. For that, use belove command and press Enter.

fastboot devices


fastboot devices

If you see a device not found, install ADB and fastboot drivers again, then restart your pc.

(10) I hope your device is connected now. Now follow the below commands to flash custom recovery on our miatoll device.

fastboot flash recovery (drag your recovery file here)

It will appear like this :

fastboot flash recovery recovery. img


Fastboot Flash Recovery

(11)Then press enter. It will start installing custom recovery. Done. Your custom recovery was installed successfully now. But one more step remaining.

Install custom Recovery on Miatoll

(12) Now, long press on volume up + power key simultaneously for 10-20, sec .it will boot into recovery mode.

Install Custom Recovery On Miatoll

(13) Now, move the orange fox recovery zip file into your Phone Storage. Go to the install section, then select your orange fox recovery zip file.

Then flash it on your phone. You are done now. Your orange fox recovery was installed successfully without any issue.

(14) Don’t reboot to system. Just go to wipe section / Format data. Type yes. It will format your data.

Now reboot the system.

(14) Now, you will able to flash custom ROMs On your Miatoll device.

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll Devices | Redmi Note 9 Pro / Note 9S /Note 9 Pro Max /POCO M2 Pro :

OK, so guys, this guide for all miatoll devices. So let’s Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll Devices.

I will teach you How you can install AOSP based on Ron’s, not miui, so if you want miui ROM’s Installation Guide so comment belove.

(1) Download your favorite ROOM from belove Download ROM section. You will have the Gapps variant and Vanilla (Gapps not included) variant.

(2) Download the Latest Firmware zip file according to your phone’s code name. 

(3) Download the Latest Magisk Zip File. If you want to ROOT your phone. Then download the magisk zip file.

(4) Download En Decrypt v3 Zip File. If your device is Decrypted, suppose you don’t know Encryption & decryption. So read the guide from here.  

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll Devices :

I hope you completed all requirements now. Let’s start flashing guide now.

(1) make sure you have all files on your pc or SD card because you need to format your data if you have an encrypted device.

(2) Boot your phone into custom Recovery. For that, use a key combination. Long press on volume up + power key at the same time.

(3) Go to the backup section. Take a complete backup of your current ROM & Data. Save that backup folder to your pc.

(4) Go to the wipe section. Select dalvuk+Data +caches. Don’t select anything else. Swipe to wipe.

Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll

(5) put your ROM file, magisk, firmware zip, etc. In to your SD card or internal storage.

(6) Go to the install or flash tab. Select Firmware zip file, then ad more zip selects ROM file then select the magisk zip file. Then swipe to flash.

(7) It will take some time to flash all three files. I am using a custom ROM with a gaps variant. If you are using the vanilla build, then you need to flash gaps as well.

(8) After the flash is done. Go to the wipe /format data option. Then type yes. It will format your data. Then reboot your phone.

(9) Done. Now your Custom ROM will successfully boot. This is the way you can Flash Custom ROM On Miatoll Devices.  

How To Encrypt & Decrypt Miatoll Devices :

Suppose you are getting a boot loop after flashing ROMs. Or you want to encrypt or decrypt your phone. So read this guide.


How To Decrypt Miatoll Devices :

Our device is encrypted by default. So let’s decrypt our device. To check that, go to settings /security / Encryption and credentials. You will see an encrypted message.

(1) Boot your phone into custom recovery mode.

(2) Go to wipe section & select Dalvik & cache + Data + system + cache etc. Then go to format data. Press yes.

(3) Go to the install section. Select latest firmware + Custom ROM + EN Decrypt v3 File.

(4) After all files flashed. Wipe cache. Then Reboot the system. It will boot your device.

(5) After Boot, your device is now decrypted. Go to settings /security / Encryption and credentials. You will see a Decrypted message.

(6) Now, the next time when you install any custom ROM, then no need to format your data again.

(7) wipe Dalvik & caches + Data + caches. Then flash your firmware, Custom ROM & EN Decrypt v3 File. Then reboot the system.


How To Encrypt Miatoll Devices :

But you still want to encrypt your device again, so let’s follow my guide.

(1) Boot your device into recovery mode.

(2) Go to the wipe section. select Dalvik & cache + Data + system + cache etc. Then go to format data. Press yes.

(3) Now, Boot your phone again into recovery mode. Make sure the font reboots your system. Just again, boot into recovery mode.

(4) Now go to the install section. Select the latest firmware and custom ROM. Flash & Reboot System.

(5) Done now your device is encrypted now.


How To Flash Custom Kernels On Miatoll Devices :

OK, now we covered all about custom recovery & the custom ROMS installation Guide.

So finely, we are going to learn about custom kernels as well. Let’s learn how to flash custom kernels on Miatoll Devices.

(1) We have lots of custom kernels available for our miatoll devices—all download links in the download all section.

(2) Download your favorite latest Custom kernel zip file.

(3) Make sure your SELinux status is Enforcing. You can check that from the settings /about phone section.

(4) Now, boot your phone into recovery mode. Go to the backup section first. Select Boot only. Then create your Boot backup. The Boot is a kernel that is now running on your ROM.

(5) Now flash your custom kernel zip file directly from the install section. Then swipe caches & Reboot the system.

(6) Done now, your ROM will boot successfully.

(7) But if you got a boot loop, restore your Boot backup from the restoring section. It will fix Your issue.  

All Download Section.

Here you will get all files required to flash on Miatoll Devices.

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  1. Good content, it is easy to follow. I have 1 doubt. after installing custom recovery its is necessary to root the mobile immediately ?. (Because someone told me if not custom recovery not be permanent)
    Guide me. Thank you

    1. MaheshTechnicals

      No. If you want to root you can flash magisk. But if you do not want to root. So don’t flash magisk. It is not completely.

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