How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

Did you know How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi note 3??

Many people ask me about what is bootloader??! How to Unlock bootloader??! So today I am back with a brand new tutorial in this tutorial I will show you How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi note 3. We all know about all the Xiaomi phones are comes with the cool features like installing custom ROMs, karnals, etc. But all those features available for the unlocked bootloader users.

Everyone knows that all the Xiaomi phones come with a ” locked Bootloader” So today I am going to tell you How To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Xiaomi Devices with the official method. So if you want to unlock the bootloader of Redmi Note 3, then just follow my tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you step by step tutorial to unlock the bootloader of Redmi Note 3. This method works on almost any Xiomi device.


Unlocking bootloader will erase your all phone data. So backup first. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF YOUR PHONE. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Requirements For Unlock Bootloader :

1. Create MI Account.

2. Send Request to Xiaomis official website, to get permission for unlocking the bootloader. This is a most important step. If you will not get permission then you will not able to unlock the bootloader.

3. Mi Unlock Tool. Download this tool from the Google or from the given link. This tool will help you to unlock the bootloader.

Download Mi Unlock Tool.

4. Pc or laptop with internet connection.

5. Adb & fastboot drivers installed on your pc or laptop. If you don’t know about adb & fastboot drivers then google it.

Download adb & fastboot drivers. 

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi note 3 :

First, take a full backup of your phone into my cloud or in pc. And if something goes wrong then I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR PHONE SO DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

1. First, create an MI Account from your phone. If you have MI account then skip this step.

2. Open any web browser on pc /laptop. Type “MI unlock bootloader” and hit such. You will find official Xiaomis website. 

3. You will see unlock button. Now click on” Unlock Now” button.

4. It will ask your mi log in id. So put your MI ID which you created in the first step.

5. Now you will again click on unlock now then you will see the form. Fill this form. Fill your Name, Country, mobile number (this mobile number use to get permission via SMS).

6. Now type your reason, why you want to unlock your bootloader??. Copy the below lines and paste it. ( I want to unlock my phone because I want to fix some bugs on my phone so please give me an unlocking permission.)

7. Now hit on send request.

8. It will send a confirmation code to your phone number. Put it and click on confirm it.

9. Now you will get unlock permission via SMS (it will take up to 1 week).

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

10. After getting a permission, Download MI unlock tool zip file from the given link on your pc. Extract that zip file. (Try this step After 1 or 2 weeks).

11. Now go to your phone settings /about Phone /Mui version, tap 6-7 times on Mui version. It will enable developer options.

12. Now go to settings /additional settings /developer options, and enable “OEM Unlocking and enable USB debugging.

13. Now power off your phone. Turn your phone into Fastboot mode. For that press” volume Down +Power key at the same time. Now connect your phone to your pc Using USB cable.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

14. Now open your MI unlock Tool folder (which you extracted before.) install fastboot drivers. And install MI flash unlock toot as an administrator.

15. Now log in to your MI account. (Need internet connection to your pc). Sign in. Make sure your internet data is enabled on your pc. Because it requires a good internet connection.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

16. Now it will check your bootloader unlocking permissions status wait…

17. Now you will see the “Unlock” button. If you do not have unlocked button then check your MI drivers and fastboot drivers.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

18. Click on unlock button. It will take some 10-15 seconds to unlock your phone.

19. After successfully unlock you will get this page. Now click on reboot phone.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

20. It will restart your phone with an unlocked bootloader. Done.

21. Now you can easily root your phone & install a custom recovery, ROMs etc.

22. If you want to check your bootloader status, then go to your phone settings /advanced options /developer option /mi unlock status.

Watch Video Tutorial For More Info:

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