How To Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android Phone No Root

How To Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android Phone No RootDo you want your phone to do more than just regular stuff? With Debian Neon Desktop and Termux, you can give your Android phone superpowers!

Debian Neon Desktop is like a special computer system that you can customize, and Termux is an app that helps you do cool computer stuff on your phone.

The best part? You don’t have to do anything tricky like “rooting” your phone to install Debian Neon Desktop.

We’ll show you how to do it step by step, so you can understand everything easily. Get ready to turn your phone into a powerful computer with just a few simple steps!

What Is Debian Neon?

How To Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android Phone

Debian Neon is a special type of computer software called an operating system. It’s like the brain of your computer, controlling everything it does.

What’s cool about Debian Neon is that it’s based on another popular operating system called Debian, but it’s designed to be super modern and up-to-date.

One of the best things about Debian Neon is that it’s free for anyone to use. That means you don’t have to pay anything to download it and use it on your computer.

Plus, it’s open-source, which means lots of people from all over the world work together to make it better.

Debian Neon is known for being really flexible and customizable. That means you can change how it looks and works to fit your own style and preferences.

Whether you’re a computer whiz who loves to tinker with settings or just someone who wants a computer that works the way they want it to, Debian Neon has something for everyone.

So, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who loves technology, Debian Neon could be the perfect operating system for you.

Give it a try and see how it can make your computer experience even better!

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Requirements To Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android Phone:

To properly install Debian Neon Desktop on your Android phone, follow these requirements:

1. You need an Android phone to install Debian Neon Desktop.

2. Make sure your phone has at least 5GB of free space.

3. You must have a good internet connection to download what you need.

4. Get the Termux app & Termux x11 app from my download section only, not from the Play Store. The one there might be old.

5. (optional) If you want, you can download the Debian Neon Desktop Backup File for later use.

6. You don’t need to be a computer expert to do this. Just follow my instructions.

How To Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android Phone No Root :

Now that we’ve got everything we need to install Debian Neon Desktop on our Android phone, let’s go through the steps together. We’ll learn how to do it without rooting our phone. So, let’s jump right in and see how it’s done!

1. First, you need to install two apps: Termux App and Termux x11 App on your Android phone. You can download both from the download section below.

2. Once both apps are installed, open the Termux App. It might take a moment to load some settings the first time you open it, so please be patient.

3. When you see the terminal, we’re ready to start doing the things needed to install Debian Neon Desktop.

4. Follow my commands step by step to install Debian Neon Desktop on your Android phone. You’ll mostly be copying and pasting commands, so it’s easy.

# Update Termux Packages:

apt update

# Upgrade Termux Packages:

apt upgrade -y

Note: It might ask “yes” or “no” multiple times, always type “y” and press Enter.

5. Now, let’s install the wget package in our Termux app. Wget helps us download files from the internet through the terminal. Use this command:

pkg install wget -y

6. Here comes the main step: downloading the Debian Neon Installer Script file. Follow these commands:

# Download Debian Neon Installer Script file:


# Give executable permissions to that script.

chmod +x

# Now, run this script to install Debian Neon Desktop:


7. Once you’ve run the script, it’ll do everything automatically for you. It might ask you some questions in the terminal.

Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android

To understand which options to select during the installation, just watch my video. You can find the video link in the YouTube video section below.

8. If everything goes well, your Termux x11 app will open automatically. It might show a black screen for a while, but don’t worry. Soon, it’ll load the complete Debian Neon Desktop on your Android phone without rooting it.

How To Install Debian Neon Desktop On Android

That’s it! Just follow these steps carefully, and you’ll have Debian Neon Desktop installed on your Android phone without any hassle.

FAQs :

Q1 : Downloading Debian Neon Desktop Backup file is very slow in the terminal. What to do?

Answer : You can manually download the Debian Neon Desktop backup file from the download section.

Make sure the downloaded file is present in your phone’s internal storage download folder. If you’re using ADM, the file will be in the internal storage download/ADM folder.

My script checks these paths. If the file is found in either of these locations, it will skip the download process. However, if the file isn’t found in any of these paths, it will start downloading manually in the terminal.

Q2 : After everything is done, my Termux x11 App doesn’t open automatically. What should I do?

Answer : If everything has been done properly without any errors in the Termux terminal, don’t worry. You can manually open the Termux x11 app. Everything should work properly.

Q3 : What if I exit the Termux app? Or how do I open Debian Neon Desktop a second time?

Answer: It’s simple. Just open the Termux app again, then type the following command to restart your Debian Neon Desktop:


Q4 : How do I stop Debian Neon Desktop and restart it?

Answer: If your Termux is open, press CTRL+C to cancel the VNC session. If your Termux app is closed, open it again and type the following command, then press Enter:


Q5 : I get an Error [Process completed (signal 9)] in the Termux app. What should I do?

Answer: This error occurs due to a Phantom Process update by Google on Android 12 and above. To fix it, you need to disable it. Follow the guide in the article linked below:

Fix Termux Error [Process completed (signal 9): Disable Phantom Process Killer In Android 12 & 13. 

Youtube Video Tutorial :

Download Section :

No. File Name Download Links
1 Termux x11 App Download
2 Debian Neon Desktop Backup Download
3 Termux App Download

Conclusion :

To sum up, installing Debian Neon Desktop on your Android phone without rooting it is easy. Just follow the steps we’ve covered.

With Debian Neon, your phone becomes a powerful computer. From installing apps to running commands in Termux, it’s all simple.

Enjoy the freedom and customization of Linux on your Android device. Give it a try and see what your phone can do!

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