How To Install Kali Linux On Android No Root 2024

How To Install Kali Linux On Android No Root 2024Do you want to use Kali Linux on your Android phone or tablet without rooting it? Kali Linux is a special version of Linux used for hacking and cybersecurity.

It’s very powerful and useful for learning about digital security.

In this guide, we will show you how to install Kali Linux on your Android device in 2024 without needing to root it.

This means you won’t have to make any risky changes to your phone or tablet. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a portable and powerful setup that you can use anywhere.

Let’s get started and see how easy it is to run Kali Linux on your Android device!

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a special version of the Linux operating system. It is designed for people who work in cybersecurity, such as ethical hackers and security researchers.

Ethical hackers use Kali Linux to find and fix security problems in computer systems to make them safer.

Kali Linux comes with many tools that help users test the security of websites, networks, and other digital environments. These tools can help find weak spots that hackers might exploit.

Because it’s open-source, Kali Linux is free to use, and anyone can download and modify it.

It’s popular among beginners and experts alike because it’s powerful and packed with useful features.

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How To Install Kali Linux On Android No Root 2024

Alright, so now we know what Kali Linux is and why we use it. Let’s move on to How To Install Kali Linux On Android No Root 2024.

We will also address any errors you might encounter during the installation process on your Android phone.

1. First, you will need an app called Termux. You can download and install this app from the download section 👇 below.

Don’t download it from the Play Store, otherwise, you will face too many errors.

2. After installing the Termux app, open it. Then follow these commands one by one.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

3. First, install the wget package to download the Kali Linux installation script:

# install Wget package.

pkg install wget -y

# Download Kali Linux Script.


4. Next, you need to give permission to run that script in your Termux app. Use this command:

chmod 777

5. Now, it will automatically run all the required commands to install Kali Linux.


6. It will ask you to type “yes” or “no” several times. Just type “y” and press enter each time.

7. It will also ask for storage permission, so allow it. This is required to download the Kali Linux rootfs file for installation.

Termux Storage Permission Cammand

8. Next, it will ask you which version you want to install, like full, nano, or mini. Choose “full” to get the full Kali Linux (NetHunter) with the desktop environment. Type “1” and press enter to confirm.

How To Install Kali Linux On Android No Root 2024

9. It will start downloading the latest Kali Linux (NetHunter) rootfs file and install it automatically.

This process may take some time depending on your internet connection.

10. After successfully installing the rootfs file, you will get another prompt asking if you want to delete the rootfs file.

Type “n” for no, because we need to fix some errors with this rootfs file.

11. Once everything is done, you will see a certain type of screen on your terminal.

Kali Linux on Android Installed Successfully

If you see this, it means all is good. If not, you need to clear the Termux app data and start the process again until you get this screen.

12. Let’s access our Kali Linux terminal using the following command:

nh -r

You are now in root@localhost mode, which means you have successfully logged into Kali Linux (Kali Nethunter).

How to Access Kali Linux GUI Mode (VNC):

We have successfully installed Kali Linux on our Android phone without root. Currently, we are using it in terminal mode, but we want the full desktop interface. Let’s set that up.

1. First, make sure you are logged into Kali Linux. If not, open Termux and run:

nh -r

2. Now, set a Kex (VNC) password to log in with VNC. To do this, type:

kex passwd

Then enter your password and press Enter. You will be asked:

Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)?

Type n and press Enter. Now your Kex (VNC server) password is set successfully.

3. Start your Kex (VNC) server by running this command:

kex &

Wait until you see the PORT number on your screen.

Connect Kali Linux Remotely Using VNC Viewer

4. When you see the PORT number (e.g., 5902), download and install the VNC Viewer app from the link 👇 below.

5. Open the VNC Viewer app and click on the plus icon to create a new connection. Enter the following details:

Address: localhost:5902
Name: Kali

Then click on connect.

Configuration of vnc server on android

6. If everything is correct, you will be prompted to enter a password. Enter the Kex password you set earlier.

7. That’s it! If everything is done correctly, you will see your Kali Linux GUI desktop mode on your screen.

How to Access Kali Linux GUI Mode

Using this method, you can easily access the GUI mode of your Kali Linux on your Android phone without root.

How to Fix Sound Issues in Kali Linux:

If you are using Kali Linux in GUI mode with the kex (VNC) server and encounter sound issues when playing videos or media, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1. Stop the kex (VNC) server. Open Termux and run:

kex stop

2. Close the Termux app and reopen it. Then, install the pulseaudio package by running:

pkg install pulseaudio -y

3. After installing pulseaudio, log in to Kali Linux again using:

nh -r

4. In Kali Linux, download the audio fix script with:

wget && chmod +x Audiofix && mv Audiofix /root/Desktop/

5. Start the kex (VNC) server again:

kex &

6. On the Kali Linux desktop, search for and open the PulseAudio Volume Control app.

Enable Volume In Kali Linux

7. Open Terminal Emulator in GUI mode and navigate to the Audiofix file location:

Kali Linux On android - Sound Fix
cd /root/Desktop/ && ls

Run the script to start fixing the sound issue:

Run Audio Fix On Kali Linux
bash Audiofix start

8. Open Firefox on Kali Linux and play a YouTube video. If there is still no sound, leave the video playing in the background.

Play Youtube Video

9. Download the Nethunter Audiofix app from the download section.

10. Open the Nethunter Audiofix app, configure the settings as shown in the provided screenshot, and click the play ▶ button.

Kali Linux on Android - Sound Fixed

Now you should be able to hear sound from Kali Linux on your Android device. You can use the app to play ▶ or pause ⏸ the sound.

This method should resolve the sound issue in Kali Linux on Android.

How to Fix Internal Storage Not Showing in Kali Linux :

If you’ve installed Kali Linux on Android following my guide, you may encounter an issue where the internal storage is not visible. To fix this, follow these steps:

1. Exit the Termux application and reopen it. Then, run the command below to update and install the nano file editor package:

pkg update && pkg install nano -y

2. Open the install-nethunter-termux file using the nano package. Copy and paste the command below:

nano install-nethunter-termux

3. Scroll down in the file and find the section shown in the image. Add the following line to access your internal storage:

Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux
-b /sdcard \\

4. After adding the line, save the file by pressing:

CTRL + X, Y, Enter


How To Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux

Now run this cammand :

bash install-nethunter-termux

5. access your internal storage, type:

cd /sdcard && ls

This command will display your internal storage files in the terminal.

Fixed Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux Issue

6. Connect to Kali Linux remotely using the VNC Viewer app. Open the file manager app in the Kali Linux apps section.

7. Click on the “File System” option, then select the “sdcard” folder. Now, you should see your internal storage files in Kali Linux on Android.

Internal storage in Kali Linux

8. You can now copy-paste files between internal storage and Kali Linux.

By following these steps, you can fix the issue of internal storage not showing in Kali Linux (Kali Nethunter) on Android without rooting your device.

Method 2: Install Kali Linux on Android Without Root

In the first method, we installed Kali Linux on Android without any problems. However, some people face issues while downloading the rootfs file from the Termux terminal. That’s why this second method is provided.

Here, I’ll show you how to download the rootfs file from a browser and install it via Termux. Just follow these steps to install Kali Linux on Android without root. Let’s begin.

1. First, clear the Termux app data. Then find the rootfs file required for your device. To do that, open Termux and type these commands one by one.

# Update Termux packages

apt update && apt upgrade -y

# Install wget package

pkg install wget -y

# Download Kali Linux Installer Script


# Give permission to the script file

chmod 777

# Run Kali Linux Installer Script


2. Type ‘y‘ if prompted. Wait until you see a screen asking which variant you want to install.

3. Type ‘1‘ and press enter. It will start downloading your rootfs file in Termux. Stop this process using `CTRL + C`.

4. Type `ls` to see which file was downloading. In my case, it is `kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz`.

5. Now you know which file is required for your Android phone. Remove the incomplete file using the `rm` command. Make sure to change the file name according to your file name.

rm kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz

6. Download the required rootfs file from a browser. You can find all rootfs file download links in the download section below. In my case, I downloaded `kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz` to my phone.

7. Ensure your file is in the Internal Storage/Download folder. Make sure it is pasted in the same location.

8. Open the Termux app again. Copy your rootfs file to Termux using this command:

cp /sdcard/Download/kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz .

9. Wait until the file is copied into Termux. You will see the `$` prompt again.

10. Double-check using the `ls` command to see all files.

11. Run this command to install Kali Linux on Android:

bash install-nethunter-termux

12. After this command, you will be prompted for variant selection. Type ‘1‘ and press enter. When asked for yes or no, type ‘n‘ each time.

13. If everything is correct, your downloaded rootfs file will start extracting. Once the extraction is done, you can use Kali Linux on Android without root.

14. This is how you can easily install Kali Linux on Android without root.

YouTube Video Tutorial :

Download Section :

Number File Name Download link
1 Termux App Download
2 VNC Viewer App Download
3 Nethunter Audiofix App Download
4 kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz Download
5 kalifs-amd64-full.tar.xz Download
6 kalifs-armhf-full.tar.xz Download
7 kalifs-i386-full.tar.xz Download

Conclusion :

The guide shows how to install Kali Linux on your Android phone or tablet without rooting it, using the Termux app.

It explains how to set up Termux, install Kali Linux, use the desktop interface with a VNC viewer, and fix issues like sound and internal storage.

It also provides another method to download files through a browser if you have problems with Termux. This lets you use Kali Linux on your Android device safely and easily.

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