How To Install Kali Linux On Android (Kali Nethunter) No Root

How To Install Kali Linux On Android – hello guys we are back with another great tutorial for you. in this tutorial we are going to look at How To Install Kali Linux On Android (Kali Nethunter) No Root.

Many people ask me about this topic. so we are come up with a new tutorial to install Kali Linux on Android without root.

So if you want to install Kali Linux on Android, then you are in the right place.

here I will tell you to step by step guide to install Kali Linux as well as kali net Hunter on any Android device without the root method.

As well as we will fix some issues such as internet, sound, Browser, and VNC connections.

So if you are facing some issues with your Kali Linux, then you can fix them using this guide.

So excited? so let’s get started.

So first thing first you need to understand what is kali Linux.

If we learn shortly, then Kali Linux is a Linux-based operating system. that’s it.

How To Install Kali Linux On Android (Kali Nethunter) No Root

Now let’s talk about how you can install Kali Linux on Android without root.

Before installation of Kali Linux on your Android phone first you need to download some files and applications to your phone so let’s start one by one.

(1) first of all download and install the termux application from the download section below.

NOTE: please don’t download the termux application from Google Play Store.

because it no longer updates available on the Play Store. so we need the latest version of the Termux application to install Kali Linux on Android without root. otherwise, you will get many errors while installing.

(2) after installing the termux application on your Android phone, now we need to download Kali Linux rootfs file for our device.

Before downloading you need to check the architecture of your phone.

To do that just open the termux app. Then type the lscpu command.


After this command, you will see all specifications of your CPU. Just see the architecture of your phone in my case it is arch64 (arm64).


So download the kali Linux rootfs file according to your architecture.

All kali Linux rootfs Files links are given in the download section of this article. So download it from there.

(3) After downloading it just move that file directly to your internal storage. don’t put that file in any folder. Just paste it into the internal storage of your smartphone.

(4) OK so let’s start the installation of Kali Linux On Android Without the Root Full guide.

(6) Open Termux App. If you are opening the first time it will take some time to load some packages to your termux application.

(7) after that just update and upgrade the termux app packages using the below command.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

This command will update and upgrade your packages it will take some time so wait until complete the process.

(8) now we need to install the wget package. So just type the below command to install it.

pkg install wget -y

It will install the wget package on your termux application.

(9) Now let’s download the Kali Linux configuration file which will help you to install Kali Linux on Android. Just type the below command.


It will download the config file on your termux application. you can see that using the ls command.

(10) Now let’s run this file in our terminal using the below command.

bash config

It will ask you for some permissions so allow it. It will take some time to load the kali Linux configuration into your termux app.

(11) then just type ls, after that you will see a file called install-nethunter-termux in green color. It means all working well.


(12) Now time to copy the rootfs file to the termux app from your internal storage. To do that just follow the below command.

Make sure you are rootfs file is present in your internal storage only.

cp /sdcard/kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz .

In my case my file name is kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz

Change in command if your file name is different.

After the above command, it will copy your file from internal storage to the termux application. it will take some time because the file size is more than 1.5 GB.

(13) after copying the file you are ready to install Kali Linux on Android without root so let’s do this.

Now time to run the install-nethunter-termux file which we configured in point no 10.


It will start installing Kali Linux on the Android process. It will automatically detect your copied file. so it will ask you to delete that file and download it again.

Kali Linux on Android - Installation

so type n. so it will start extracting your existing file.

(14) rootfs file is large in a size. so it will take time to extract. it will take at least 5 to 10 minutes.

so please wait until the process is complete. don’t exit your termux application, run in the background.

(15) after extracting it will ask you to delete your copied file so type yes to delete that file. because we don’t need it now.

Kali Linux on Android - Extract Rootfs

(16) after all is done you will see this type of screen if you will not able to see this type of screen then you need to follow the steps again.

Kali Linux on Android Installed Successfully

(17) okay so if you are getting this type of screen, then we are ready to enter in our Kali Linux mode to do that just enter the below command.

nh -r

After the above command, you will easily start your kali Linux as a root user. Now you can run any Linux commands in this terminal it will execute properly.

How To Connect Kali Linux Remotely Using VNC Viewer :

Okay, now we are successfully installed Kali Linux on Android phones without root.

But we still getting terminal UI. But if you want to use Kali Linux with a graphical interface then we need to configure the VNC server into it.

So let’s do it.

Read More :

(1) download and install the VNC viewer application from Google Play Store or the download section below.

(2) now open Termux App again then type


To start our Kali Linux localhost.

(3) before we connect vnc, we need to set a VNC password. so to do that just enter the below command.

kex passwd

After this command, you need to set your password minimum of 6 characters. Remember this password. because it is used to connect VNC server.

(4) after setting up the VNC password now we are ready to start the VMC server to do that just type.

kex &

It will start your VNC server on the 5902 port. You will see that port number on your terminal don’t worry.

Connect Kali Linux Remotely Using VNC Viewer

(5) now open the VNC Weaver application, and click on the plus icon to create a new connection. Put the below details in that fields.

Configuration of vnc server on android

Address: localhost:5902
Name: kali

If your port number is different then change it in the Adress tab.

(6) Now just tap on create button. Now it will ask you for a VNC password. So put your password here which you set it before.

Kali Linux Installed On Android

Then click on connect. That’s it. You will able to access the graphical interference of Kali Linux on your Android phone successfully.

How To Fix Browser Not Working (Restore Tab Error) :

Whenever you first time opens the Firefox browser in Kali Linux On Android. maybe you will face some issue like your tab just crashing or your browser not working or restoring the tab error.

So here is the solution to fix that errors.

How To Fix Browser Not Working

(1) first of all open the Firefox browser in Kali Linux on Android.

(2) type in a search bar.

Fix Browser Not Working


After typing about:config press enter. Now it will give you a warning alert, so accept it and continue. now you are on a Firefox config page.


(3) here you will find one more search bar. Go and type sandbox. Search and press enter to view results.


(4) after typing sandbox you will see some options present on your screen. You need to change two settings to fix your browser issue.

Kali Linux on Android - Fix Browser Issue

The first one is media.cubeb.sandbox it is by default true. So make it false by double-clicking.

The second one security.sandbox.content.level is by default value is 4. So make it a 0 value. Then close or exit the Firefox web browser.

sandbox results

(5) Then open your browser again. And boom now your browser problem is fixed. Now you can use your browser in your kali Linux On Android.

How To Fix Sound Issue On Kali Linux On Android :

Whenever we install Kali Linux on Android you will face sound issues on that. you will not able to listen to sounds from Kali Linux.

So with these guides, you can able to listen to any type of pop sounds from your Kali Linux On Android.

So let’s get started. Just follow my guide.

(1) just open termux and enter into kali Linux mode using the below command.

nh -r

Now you are in localhost mode with root access in Kali Linux.

(2) Now Go to the Desktop folder from the home directory. For that just type the below command.

cd && cd Desktop

Now you are in the desktop folder.

(4) Download the Audio Fix File using the below command.


It will download the audio fix file in your kali Linux desktop folder. You can view this file using the ls command.

Kali Linux On android - Sound Fix

(5) Now you need to make this audio fix file excitable. So we need to permit it. For that just use the below command.

chmod 777 Audiofix

After this command, your audio fix file color changes to green. You can see this using the ls command. It means your file is Rady to execute.

(6) Now access your kali Linux using vnc viewer app. Open the volume control app. Then open the terminal emulator in kali Linux vnc access.

Enable Volume In Kali Linux

(7) Now go to the Desktop folder using the below command.

cd && cd Desktop

(8) Now you need to run the audio fix file. To fix your sound issue.

Run Audio Fix On Kali Linux

bash Audiofix start

It will activate sound on your kali Linux. Now open the browser in your kali Linux. Then search for youtube or anything where you find songs or videos. Just play it.

Play Youtube Video

but you will still not be able to lessen it. So to lesson you need to follow one more step.

(9) Download Nethunter Audiofix Mod By Sezan Mahmood App on your Android phone from the download section below.

(10) Open this app then do the settings like the below screenshot. Then just click on the play ▶ button.

Kali Linux on Android - Sound Fixed

Boom now you will able to lessen sound from your kali on android. You can play ▶ or pause ⏸ your sound using your app.

(11) You can also stop your sound using the command below.

cd && cd Desktop && bash Audiofix stop

That’s it this way your sound of Kali Linux on android is fixed.

How To Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux

If you installed kali Linux on Android using my guide. So you will face Internal Storage Not Showing issue in that.

So to fix that you need to run some commands on your termux app.

So let’s fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux (Kali Nethunter) On Android No Root.

(1) First Exit your termux application. Then Open Termux App Again. Then Run the below command.

# To Update & install the nano file editor package.


pkg update && pkg install nano -y


(2) Now you need to open the install-nethunter-termux file via the nano package. For that, just copy and paste the below command.


nano install-nethunter-termux


(3) After that just use the PGDN button and scroll down. Then find this section which is shown in the image below.


Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux


(4) Here you need to add one line to access your internal storage on your kali Linux on android.


-b /sdcard \\


Just paste this above command like the below image. If you did a mistake then you will not able to access your internal storage on your kali Linux on android.


How To Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux


Then you need to save that file using these buttons.


CTRL +o Enter


(5) After that you need to run the install-nethunter-termux file once again.


NOTE: Before running this file. Make sure you have the rootfs file present in your termux. If not then copy that file once again to your termux app.


OK in my case I have kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz file in my termux app.


So let’s run the install-nethunter-termux file now.


bash install-nethunter-termux


After the run you just need to type :


Every question, it’s asked by you in the terminal.

(6) After you see this page. You are good to go.


(7) Now let’s access your internal storage in your kali Linux. Before let’s enter kali Linux mode first using the below command.


nh -r


To access your internal storage. Type :


cd /sdcard && ls


The above command shows your internal storage files in your terminal now.


Fixed Fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux Issue


(8) let’s access from the graphical interface (using vnc viewer App) Just connect your kali Linux remotely using vnc viewer app.


Then open the file manager app in the kali Linux apps section.


Now click on the File System option.


Now click on the sdcard folder. Boom now you have your internal storage files in your kali Linux on android.


Internal storage in Kali Linux


(9) Now you can copy-paste your file from Internal storage to Kali Linux or vice-versa.

In this way, you can fix Internal Storage Not Showing In Kali Linux (Kali Nethunter) On Android No Root.


FAQs :

Question – 1How do turn off kali Linux from termux?

Answer: Exit the termux app.

Question – 2: how to access Kali Linux again after termux exits?

Answer: open the termux app. Enter the below command.

nh -r

It will start your kali Linux mode.

Question – 3: How to start and stop vnc or kex after termux exits?

Answer: open the termux app and follow the below commands.

nh -r

To start vnc or kex :

kex &

To stop vnc or kex :

kex stop

Question – 4: How to fix the VNC Viewer connection failed?

Answer: if you are getting errors while connecting via vnc viewer. Then follow the below commands.

(1) first exit termux app.

(2) open the termux app again.

(3) Tern on your localhost mode (on Kali Linux).

nh -r

(4) now the first tern off vnc server first.

kex stop

(5) again tern on the vnc server.

kex &

(6) Done now try to connect again via vnc viewer. It will work.

Youtube Video :

Download Section :

Rootfs File Type Download Links
arm64 (arch64) Download
amd64 (x86×64) Download
armhf Download
i386 Download

Download More Files :

File Name Download Links
Termux App Download
VNC Viewer App Download
Nethunter Audiofix App Download

Conclusion :

In this way, you can easily install Kali Linux on Android without root. so if you think this article will help more people

then please share this article with your friends and family. if you have any questions in your mind. then please share your thoughts in the comment box.

Thank you so much for reading How To Install Kali Linux On Android Without Root (Full Version).

Thank You!

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