How To Install Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root

How To Install Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root – Ever wondered about transforming your Android phone into a mini Ubuntu-powered machine without the hassle of rooting? Well, the good news is, it’s totally doable!

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to install Ubuntu 23.10 on your Android device, and the best part? No rooting required. Get ready to experience the synergy of Ubuntu and Android without breaking a sweat.

Let’s dive into the exciting realm of merging mobile and desktop computing seamlessly!

This method is universally applicable to all Android phones. The notable advantage lies in the compatibility of all features within Ubuntu 23.10, including resolving sound issues for media and fixing browser opening glitches.

Experience seamless functionality with the latest Firefox browser without any hitches. Internet connectivity works flawlessly. If you’re keen on integrating Ubuntu 23.10 into your phone, let’s walk through the steps together.

What Is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu 23.10 is like the newest upgrade for your computer or even your Android phone. It’s all about making things easier and better.

What Is Ubuntu?

They fixed stuff like sound problems and made sure your browser works without any hiccups. Plus, now you can use the latest Firefox browser hassle-free.

It’s basically an upgrade that makes everything smoother and more up-to-date, giving your devices a cool boost.

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How To Install Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root.

Alright, now that we’ve got a handle on what Ubuntu is all about, let’s figure out how to get Ubuntu 23.10 on your Android phone without dealing with root permissions. Ready for this? Let’s jump into the steps and make it happen!

1. Begin by downloading and installing the Termux app on your phone. Avoid the Play Store version as it may be outdated; instead, get it from the download section below.

2. Once Termux is installed, open the app and run the following commands to update and upgrade Termux packages before installing Ubuntu 23.10:

# Update packages.

apt update

# Upgrade packages.

apt upgrade -y

When prompted during the upgrade command, type “y” and press Enter.

3. With your Termux packages updated and upgraded, proceed to install Ubuntu 23.10. Ensure your device has at least 10 GB of free internal storage.

4. Install the curl package using the following commands:

# Install curl package.

apt install curl -y

# Grant storage permission:


5. Download the Ubuntu 23.10 installation script using the following commands:

curl >>

6. Allow Termux to execute the script, and the installation process will begin. Ensure a stable internet connection during this time.

7. Follow on-screen prompts to set up Ubuntu 23.10, including region, keyboard layout, and time zone.

8. Set your user password when prompted during the setup.

9. Set the VNC password to access Ubuntu 23.10 in GUI mode on your phone.

10. Upon successful installation, your Termux terminal will display a confirmation. If not, consider clearing Termux app data and starting from the beginning.

How To Install Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root Log in Ubuntu 23.10

11. Access useful commands for operating Ubuntu 23.10 by exploring the provided terminal.

12. Log in to the Ubuntu 23.10 terminal using:


13. To use the Ubuntu terminal as root, first log in with your Ubuntu terminal and then type:

sudo su

Enter the default Ubuntu password when prompted:


Now, you’ve successfully logged in to Ubuntu 23.10. Explore the terminal-based interface or proceed to the GUI-based exploration.

Ubuntu 23.10 Terminal Based

Access Ubuntu 23.10 GUI Mode:

In the previous steps, we successfully installed and ran Ubuntu 23.10 on your Android phone, primarily in terminal mode. Now, let’s access Ubuntu 23.10 GUI Mode with the following steps.

1. Begin by logging into your Ubuntu 23.10 through Termux. Open the Termux app and enter the following commands:


To log in as root:

sudo su

Enter the root password when prompted:


Now, you are successfully logged into Ubuntu terminal mode.

2. Enable the VNC server on Ubuntu 23.10 by typing:


3. The VNC server will start, and you will see a port number on your screen, such as 5901.

How To Install Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root - Start VNC Server

4. When the port number appears, minimize the Termux app without exiting.

5. Now, download and install a VNC viewer app on your phone from the download section below.

6. Open the VNC viewer app, click on the plus ➕ icon, and provide the following details:

connect Ubuntu via vnc viewer app
  • Address:
  • Name: Ubuntu 23.10 OS

Click on the create button.

7. Change picture quality to high and click on the connect button.

How To Install Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root

8. If everything is correct, it will prompt you for a VNC password. Enter the password you set earlier and press OK.

Ubuntu 23.10 On Android Phone No Root

9. Congratulations! You are now successfully using Ubuntu 23.10 GUI Mode on your Android phone.

10. When your work is complete and you want to turn off the VNC server, type the following command in Termux (ensure you are logged into Ubuntu):


11. This will stop the VNC session. You can start it again using the vncstart command whenever needed.

stop vnc server on Ubuntu

By following these steps, you can easily utilize Ubuntu 23.10 on your Android phone without rooting, enjoying the GUI Mode experience.

Download Section :

No Name Link
1 Termux App Download
2 VNC Viewer App Download

Youtube Video Tutorial :


Conclusion :

So, there you have it! We’ve gone through the whole journey of setting up Ubuntu 23.10 on your Android without rooting, moving from the terminal to the GUI mode.

Just log in through Termux, fire up the VNC server, use a VNC viewer app, and voilà – you’re cruising through Ubuntu’s GUI on your phone.

It’s a neat trick for getting that Ubuntu feel without the need to root your device. Happy exploring or working in Ubuntu 23.10!

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