Fix Termux Error [Process completed (signal 9): Disable Phantom Process Killer In Android 12 & 13

Disable Phantom Process Killer – Termux is a cool app that lets you do computer stuff on your Android phone. But if you’re using Android 12 or 13, you might have run into a problem. It’s the “[Process completed (signal 9)]” error. It’s annoying because it suddenly stops your work.

The issue is like a “Phantom Process Killer” that’s hard to find. But don’t worry; in this article, we’ll help you understand this problem and show you how to make it go away so you can use Termux smoothly on your Android 12 or 13 phone.

What Is Termux App :

Termux is like a magic app for your Android phone. It gives your phone superpowers, turning it into a mini-computer. With Termux, you can do all sorts of cool stuff that usually requires a computer.

You can run fancy commands and install computer programs, just like you do on a regular computer.

It’s perfect for techy people, programmers, and even some hackers who want to tinker with their Android device and get some serious work done, right from their pockets. It’s like having a secret computer inside your phone!

Why We Use Termux App :

Termux is a versatile app with various uses. Here are some of the common ways people use it:

1. Programming and Development: You can code and develop software using Termux. It supports various programming languages and development tools. It’s great for quick coding on the go.

2. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing: Some ethical hackers use Termux for security testing and network analysis. It provides a convenient environment for running security-related tools.

3. Learning and Practicing Linux: If you’re new to Linux, Termux is an excellent way to learn and practice Linux commands and administration without the need for a full computer.

4. Server Management: You can set up and manage web servers, databases, or other server software on your Android device, making it a portable server for testing and development.

5. Automation and Scripting: You can create scripts to automate tasks on your Android device, such as file management, backups, and more.

6. Remote Access: Termux allows you to connect to remote servers and manage them via SSH, making it a handy tool for system administrators.

7. Package Management: You can install various Linux packages and utilities, extending the functionality of your Android device.

8. Text Processing: Termux is great for text processing tasks, like searching and manipulating text files.

9. Education: It’s a valuable tool for students studying computer science, as it provides a practical platform for practicing concepts and running code.

10. General Use: Some users find Termux useful for everyday tasks, such as file management, text editing, and SSH connections.

In essence, Termux empowers users with a command-line interface and a range of Linux tools, enabling a wide array of use cases, from development and hacking to simple everyday tasks. Its flexibility makes it a handy tool for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Why We Face Termux Error [Process completed (signal 9) :

The “Process completed (signal 9)” error in Termux typically occurs when the Android system forcefully terminates a process due to low memory or system resource constraints. Here’s why you might encounter this error:

1. Resource Limitations: Android is designed to manage system resources efficiently, and it may terminate background processes, including those running in Termux, to free up memory or CPU resources for foreground apps. When Termux consumes too many resources, Android may decide to kill its processes.

2. Phantom Process Killer: In Android 12 and 13, there’s a new mechanism known as the “Phantom Process Killer.” This system-level feature aims to optimize system resources by killing background processes more aggressively. Unfortunately, it can sometimes mistakenly target Termux processes, leading to the error.

3. Complex or Resource-Intensive Operations: If you are running complex or resource-intensive operations in Termux, such as large computations or memory-consuming tasks, it increases the chances of encountering this error.

4. Background Execution Restrictions: Android imposes limitations on background processes to improve battery life and system performance. If Termux is running tasks in the background, it might be subject to these restrictions.

Keep in mind that this error is somewhat specific to the Android system’s behavior, and while there are strategies to reduce the chances of encountering it, there may not always be a foolproof solution, especially in Android versions with more aggressive resource management.

What is Phantom Process Killer In Android :

A “Phantom Process Killer” in the context of Android typically refers to an app or feature that can terminate or kill background processes or tasks running on an Android device, often with the aim of improving system performance and battery life.

These processes are sometimes called “phantom” because they may not be visible to the user but can impact the device’s overall performance.

Phantom process killers can be part of task manager or battery-saving apps, and they usually work by forcefully closing apps or tasks that are running in the background. While these apps may claim to optimize your device, they can sometimes have negative effects, including:

1. Increased battery usage: Killing background processes can cause apps to restart more frequently, which may use more battery power in the long run.

2. Reduced functionality: Some apps may rely on background processes to provide notifications or updates, and killing them can disrupt these functions.

3. Performance issues: Constantly killing processes can lead to performance problems, as apps have to be reloaded when you use them, causing delays.

It’s important to be cautious when using such apps, as they can have unintended consequences. Android has its own built-in mechanisms for managing background processes and optimizing performance, so in most cases, you may not need additional process killers or task managers.

Fix Termux Error [Process completed (signal 9): Disable Phantom Process Killer In Android 12 & 13

In this guide, we’ll address a common error encountered in Termux on Android 12 and 13: “[Process completed (signal 9)].”

We’ll focus on how to resolve this issue by disabling the “Phantom Process Killer” feature on these Android versions. This feature can sometimes interfere with Termux operations, and we’ll show you how to work around it to ensure smooth functionality.

Disable Phantom Process Killer In Android 12 & 13

Let’s get started with a step-by-step guide to fix the Termux Error signal 9 issue or Disable Phantom Process Killer In Android 12 & 13:

1. First, ensure that you have the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) shell command set up on your Android device.

If you haven’t installed ADB on your device, you can follow the link below to install it before proceeding.

How to Run ADB Commands on Android Without a Computer. 

2. Assuming you’ve successfully installed ADB on your Android device, let’s move forward.

3. Open the AShell app on your phone and execute the following commands one by one to resolve the Termux Error signal 9 issue:

Command 1:

Disable Phantom Process Killer - ASHELL APP
/system/bin/device_config set_sync_disabled_for_tests persistent

Command 2:

Disable Phantom Process Killer - aShell cammand 2
/system/bin/device_config put activity_manager max_phantom_processes 2147483647

Command 3:

Disable Phantom Process Killer - adb enable
settings put global settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs false

4. These commands are designed to disable the phantom process killer. To verify, execute the following two commands one by one:

Command 1:

/system/bin/dumpsys activity settings | grep max_phantom_processes

Command 2:

/system/bin/device_config get activity_manager max_phantom_processes
Disable Phantom Process Killer - Chrck adb enable status

Ensure that after running these two commands, the return values match the expected values, indicating the successful disabling of the phantom process killer.

5. Now, simply restart your Android device, and you’ve successfully fixed the Termux Error “[Process completed (signal 9)]: Disable Phantom Process Killer” on Android 12 & 13.

You should now be able to use Termux without encountering the signal 9 error.


Youtube Tutorial :

Disable Phantom Process Killer With ROOT. 

To disable Phantom Process Killer with ROOT access, follow these steps:

1. Ensure your phone is ROOTED. If not, search online for instructions on how to root your Android device.

2. If your phone is rooted, download a terminal emulator from the Play Store. For this guide, I’ll use Termux.

3. Open Termux and grant superuser permission by entering the command:


4. Note: If you use Magisk, a popup will appear for root permission. For KernelSU, allow Termux in the KernelSU app.

5. After obtaining root permission, proceed to disable Phantom Process Killer with the following commands:

su -c /system/bin/device_config set_sync_disabled_for_tests persistent
su -c /system/bin/device_config put activity_manager max_phantom_processes 2147483647
su -c setprop persist.sys.fflag.override.settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs false

That’s it! After entering these commands, you will have successfully disabled Phantom Process Killer on your Android phone using the ROOT method.

Disable Phantom Process Killer With PC.

To disable Phantom Process Killer on your non-rooted Android phone using a PC, follow these steps:

1. Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone by activating Developer Options. Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number, tap 6-7 times, then go to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging. For Xiaomi phones, go to Settings > About Phone > MIUI Version.

2. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.

3. On your PC, open CMD as Administrator by right-clicking and selecting it.

4. Verify the successful connection of your device to the PC by entering the command:

adb devices

5. If you see a serial number on your screen, your device is connected. If not, install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC.

6. After successful connection, proceed with the following commands:

adb shell "/system/bin/device_config set_sync_disabled_for_tests persistent"
adb shell "/system/bin/device_config put activity_manager max_phantom_processes 2147483647"
adb shell settings put global settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs false

By executing these commands, you will disable Phantom Process Killer on your phone using the PC method.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, this article addresses the common Termux error “[Process completed (signal 9)]” that occurs on Android 12 and 13, often due to the “Phantom Process Killer” feature. The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to disable this feature, ensuring smooth Termux functionality on these Android versions.

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