Aroma File Manager – Download Aroma File Manager Latest Version

Aroma File Manager – hello guys many people ask me about how to install Aroma file manager on any Android device.

So I hear back with another great step-by-step tutorial to install Aroma File Manager on any Android device.

With this method, you can learn how you can install the Aroma file manager and how to download the Aroma file manager for your Android device

If you are using an Android device like xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. The guide is similar for all Android Devices.

Before doing anything first you need to understand what is Aroma file manager is.

What is Aroma File Manager?

It is a custom recovery-based file manager for Android devices. You can easily access this file manager within your custom recovery.

It is based on the C programming language. amarullz is the author of that project. You can do every task with this file manager. Like file copy, move, extract files, delete files, etc within custom recovery.

It Supports almost every custom recovery out there. Like TWRP, OrangeFox, PitchBlack, or more.

Aroma File Manager – Download Aroma File Manager Latest Version [UPDATE]

Let’s explore requirements, installation Guide, and download guide for Aroma File Manager.

Requirements To Install Aroma File Manager :

Ok, now I hope you understand what is Aroma file manager is. Ok so let’s check which requirements you needed to install the Aroma file manager on your phone.

(1) make sure your device has an unlocked Bootloader. if you don’t know how to unlock the bootloader of your device, then search on Google or watch youtube Tutorials.


Read More :


(2) to install Aroma File Manager you should have a custom recovery installed on your Android phone.

There are lots of custom recoveries out there, you can install any latest custom recovery on your Android phone.


Read More :


(3) routing is not needed. but if your phone is Rooted then it’s better to do this process.

(4) before installing the Aroma file manager in your Android system. first, take a full backup of your Android phone using the custom recovery backup section.

How Do I Install Aroma File Manager?

Now I hope you understand which requirements you needed to install Aroma File Manager on any Android device. Select move to our next topic which is the installation method of the Aroma file manager.

(1) Aroma File Manager installation is a very easy process. Just you need to download Aroma File Manager ZIP file on your Phone Storage.

You will get download links in the download section below.

(2) after download. you need to boot your phone into custom recovery mode. To do that just turn off your smartphone. Then long press on the power and volume up button at the same time for 10 seconds.


It will automatically boot on custom recovery mode. If these key combinations are not working for you, then find your recovery mode key combinations from Google.


(3) now we are on custom recovery mode. now go to the install section. select your Aroma File Manager zip file and flash it.


Aroma File Manager ZIP files


(4) you will see some scripts running on your screen. Within 5 to 7 seconds, the custom recovery will automatically open our Aroma file manager.


Aroma File Manager Flashable Zip


(5) now you can easily access your phone storage as well as SD card files and folders. You can easily delete files, copy files, move files, change permissions, etc.

(6) if you want to exit the Aroma file manager, then just click on the settings icon and click on the exit button.

(7) this way you can easily install and exit the Aroma file manager on your Android phone.

How Do I Unlock my Phone With Aroma File Manager?

Did you forget your pin password or pattern on your phone? So you can use Aroma File Manager features to unlock it.

Yes, you can easily unlock your pattern, pin, and password lock without data loss from the Aroma file manager. Let’s explore.

(1) if your phone is locked then you will not able to download the Aroma file manager through your phone. So transfer the Aroma File Manager zip file into your phone storage using your laptop or computer through a USB cable.

Make sure you are on custom recovery mode while transferring files from the laptop.

(2) Now go to the mount section. Then mount Data and System options. It is required.


Aroma File Manager Data and system


(3) after that just go to the install section and flash the Aroma File Manager zip file into your phone.

Make sure your phone is Rooted. otherwise, you will not able to delete or modify any system files.

(4) now you will be able to see your files and folders. Now Go to the data folder/system folder. Then find & delete one file which is “locksettings.db“. This file contains pin patterns and password settings.


Aroma File Manager Pattern Unlock

(5) Then click on the settings icon. Then exit Aroma file manager. Done now your phone is unlocked without any issue. Reboot your system and see your phone is unlocked or not.

Aroma File Manager Download Links :

Here you will get all versions of the Aroma file manager zip files to download links.

Note: wait 15 seconds here to unlock download links.

V2. 001. 6MBDownload
v1.901.05 MBDownload
v1.801.43 MBDownload
v1.501.21 MBDownload
v1.211.32 MBDownload
v1.201.32 MBDownload
v1.011.32 MBDownload
v1.00-21.32 MBDownload
v1.00-11.32 MBDownload

FAQs :

Question 1 – How Do I Install Aroma File Manager On Samsung?

Answer: installation method is similar for every Android phone no matter it’s xiaomi or Samsung.

Question 2 – Aroma File Manager App available?

Answer: No. It is a flashable zip file. not a regular app File.

Question 3 – System files not showing in Aroma File Manager.

Answer: Before installing the aroma file manager. You need to mount data & system partition from the mount section first.

Conclusion :

So I hope you understand how you can download and install Aroma File Manager on any Android device. This method will work on almost every Android Phone.

If Still, you are getting any errors regarding this topic, then you can ask your query below in the comment section.

If you like this article then please share this article with your friends and family. I will answer your comments as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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