Advanced Password Manager – Top 3 Advanced Password Manager.

Advanced Password Manager – hello guys I am back with another tutorial in this guide I will explain to you every point related to advanced password managers.

Let’s think you have 50 + social media accounts and each account has different passwords and usernames.

So remembering every account passwords it’s not possible for Human. Maybe you use the same password for every social media account. So it is very risky to use the same password to all your social media accounts.

Because if someone got your password. he will be able to access your all social media accounts.

So we don’t want this kind of situation regarding our social media accounts and private accounts.

That’s why advanced Password Manager comes into the picture. You can easily store all your usernames and password using advanced Password Manager software on your Android, Windows, iOS devices.

You can store your all username and passwords with one master password using these advanced Password Managers.

With the use of Password Manager, you can create a strong password by using the password generator function.

the most interesting part is, you don’t have to remember these passwords. advanced Password Manager will remember for you.

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Advanced Password Manager – Best Top 3 Advanced Password Manager For You.

Lots of password managers are available in the market. But there are some of the tops once are iCloud Keychain, LastPass, 1Password.

I will explain each & every part which is important for you. So you can decide which advanced Password Manager is suitable for you.

iCloud keychain Password Manager.

ICloud keychain Advanced Password Manager

iCloud keychain is a native Password Manager of Apple company. iCloud keychain includes in every Mac iOS device by default.

If you have Apple company’s product so you are already using iCloud keychain.

iCloud keychain stores internet accounts, wifi passwords, username & Passwords, Credit/Debit card details, Adress Details, and some more information on your Apple Devices.

All information help whenever you sign in to any accounts on Apple Devices. If you saved passwords on your Apple Devices. So chances are you are using the iCloud keychain already.

Whenever you try to sign in to your Instagram or Facebook ID, then automatically your phone will verify that’s you using your face ID or touch id.

after verification, your username and password autofill and you will be able to access your account. it is an iCloud keychain service.

LastPass Advanced Password Manager.

Lastpass Advanced Password Manager

LastPass is similar to the iCloud kitchen. It also stores username and password credit card debit card details, address details, all social media internet passwords.

Whenever you sign in to your social accounts. it will help you to autofill those details because LastPass also has an autofill feature like an iCloud keychain.



LastPass has a big feature that is not available in the iCloud keychain. Which is all platform Support.

iCloud keychain only works on Apple devices it is not supported for Windows and Android. you will not able to sync your data with Windows.

But LastPass Support all cross platforms. Like Android, Windows iOS Linux, etc. LastPass supports almost every device.

LastPass gives you a master password functionality you can secure all Stored passwords.

1Password Manager.

1Password Advanced Password Manager

Now let’s talk about 1Password Manager. It is also a cross-platform Supported Advanced Password Manager.

1Password Manager also stores all usernames & Passwords like LastPass & iCloud keychains.

1Password Manager also Supports autofill functionality. whenever you sign in to your account.

1Password Manager gives you a Master Pinterest functionality to users. You can also generate a strong password using a password generator feature.

Security of Advanced Password Manager.

Now you have a little bit of information about all three best password managers. the most important thing is having your data picture in the password manager. let’s talk about the security of the Password Manager.

Apple using end-to-end 256-bit AES Encryption with iCloud keychain. It means your data is highly secure even Apple also not able to access your data.

If someone hacked your iCloud keychain they will also not be able to access your data. Do you think it is not enough?. So iCloud keychain provides two-factor authentication functionality as well.

So simply enable two-factor authentication will be in your iCloud keychain and you’re good to go.

Now moving to the LastPass. It also uses end-to-end 256-bit AES Encryption. It also has local Encryption Support. it means your all data Encryption /Decryption works on your local device, not on LastPass servers.

LastPass has zero Knowledge architecture policy. which means LastPass employees are also not able to access your data.

Just like both 1Password Advanced Password Manager also have this kind of feature. Which is end-to-end 256-bit AES Encryption. Zero-Knowledge policy and Two Factor authentication functionality.

Pricing Of All Password Managers.

So now you know what services, features, policies, they provide. Now you understand how 3 of them working. Now the most common point is pricing.

First, let’s talk about the iCloud keychain it is an apple exclusive service Apple provides iCloud keychain service free for their customer without any hidden cost.

iCloud keychain free account

So if you are an Apple user you have iCloud keychain premium service for free so if you are an Apple user then enjoy your service.

Apart from that LastPass and 1Password have a free plan as well as a premium plan as well.

LastPass gives you a free plan & paid plan as well to users Free plan includes lots of features.

like autofill, password generator, one-to-one sharing capability, backup and restore secure notes, password strength report, etc it also supports multi-factor authentication.

You will get all these services for free in LastPass. But there is one catch, in the free tar, you will only use LastPass on only one device.

It means you can only use LastPass on your Android, Laptop, and MAC.

You can’t use my Apple device data sync option in LastPass free plan. But yes we have LastPass Premium Plan as well.

Lastpass Premium plan offers at Rs – 2, 999 yearly. With this, you will get advanced features.

(1) Multiple Devices Support with data sync.

(2) access to advanced multi-factor authentication Support.

(3) priority tech support.

(4) 1GB encrypted File Storage. See more features.

Now let’s talk about 1Password Advanced Password Manager. It is also provided a free plan. But not a free plan.

Because they provide 14 days free trial. After 14 days, if you want to use the 1Password service. so you need to purchase a premium plan.

1Password also provides all features like LastPass. So all pricing charts are below.

Advanced Password ManagerPersonal & Family Plans :Team & Business Plans :Free Plan Available :Get Offer Now
iCloud keychainFree Free YesFree For Apple Users Only.
LastPassPremium $3 Month

Families $4 Month
Teams $4 Month

Business $6 Month
YesBuy Now.
1Password ManagerPremium $2.99 Month

Families $4.99 Month
Teams $19.95 Month

Business $7.99 Month
14 DAYs Free Only. Buy Now.

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Final words from the author :

So finally you know how advanced Password Manager works and pricing information with the bride.

so you can decide which password manager you want to use according to your need. if you are an Apple user then we use iCloud keychain, otherwise, you can go with LastPass and 1Password.

If this article is helpful for you, then share this article with your friends and family. if you have any queries in your mind, please feel free to comment below. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thank You.

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