How to Find Saved WiFi Password in Android

How to Find Saved WiFi Password in Android

Did you know How to Find Saved WiFi Password in Android?? 

Many people ask me How To find saved wifi password on android phone. So guys in this method I will not share any hacking trick or wifi hacking. In this tutorial I will show you passwords of contacted wifi networks only. So guys if your phone conect his wifi in your phone but he not told you the password so this tutorial for you. In this method I will essyly find any wifi password which you conducted before and conducted currently. So guys for this trick you need rooted android phone. If you don’t know about rooting then read my other articles. 

FREE Wifi Password Show features:

Free wifi password show it is a great application to use for find connected wifi network on any Android Phone. This application requires rooted android phone. It is not an wifi hacking application, it just show you an password of conducted wifi network.


1. Rooted android phone. (if font know about rooting android phone then read my other articles from my website.)

2. Wifi Password Show app. (Download wifi password show application from google play store or from the given link). 


1. First  check your phone rooted or not. If it’s not rooted then watch my previous videos on my channel. 

2. After root process. Download WiFi password show app from the Play Store or given link fron my blog. 

3. Open Wi-Fi password show app then you will see all the connected network with passwords. 

4. Done. 

How to Find Saved WiFi Password in Android


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Download Wifi Password Show App :

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