Best Rooting Apps – Top 5 Best Rooting Apps For Android 2020

Best Rooting Apps – hello guys, if you really want to Root your android phone, and you want a simple method to Root your phone. So, guys, you are in the right place. Guys in this article I am going to share Top 5 Best Rooting Apps To Get Root access on your smartphone.

In this article am going to share two methods. The first one is to use Best Rooting Apps. And another method is, to get root access on your phone using the Custom recovery universal method. Which works on every smartphone.

Guy’s finally we are going to start our article. So first thing first. If you don’t know anything about Rooting. So first understand what is it and how it works. So let’s start step by step guide.

What Is Root?

When you bought a new phone or buy a new p for one the first time. you have some limitations on your phone. like you can’t uninstall system preinstalled apps, you can’t flash custom ROMs directly, you can’t use rooted apps or which apps required root.

Rooting is a process that you touch the superuser system Level permission. If you root your phone, then you will become a superuser (advanced user) of your android phone. And you modify the system as per your needs as well.

Root helps you to unlock some advance level and system-level permissions on your smartphone.

Advantages of Rooting. 

1. Installing Custom ROMs :

most of the users root their smartphones to get faster updates on their phones. We know that most Smartphones not getting official OTA updates or software updates from smartphone companies. so if you want to update or upgrade your Android software, you can do it using root access.

90% of smartphone users root their smartphones to flash custom ROMs. it provides better battery life and better stability on their phone. because it is an AOSP based custom ROM with stock UI.

2. Uninstall System Apps :

when we bought our new smartphone. we have lots of useless Apps preinstalled on our smartphone. you can’t uninstall that without root access.

if you want to uninstall those useless apps or bloatware from your Android phone you need root access it will help you to get a better battery life and increase your internal storage plus Boost Your RAM memory.

3. Block Ads :

some phones and many application provides lots of ADS on your smartphone. if you want to block that advertisement from your phone, you need to root your Android device to block them.

4. Install Rooted  Apps :

there are lots of apps that required root access. with that Apps, you can turn your Android smartphone into a portable hacking device. but you need root access for that. so if you want to use those powerful apps on your Android smartphone, then you required root.

5. Improve Battery Life :

if your device is very old and you want more battery life from it. then you should try root access, with root access you can overclock or underclock your CPU and GPU.

if you underclock your CPU and GPU. you will get a better battery life. if you overclock your CPU and GPU, you will get better gaming performance.

6. Make a backup of your current Rom

you can easily backup your current ROM. Backup custom rom using a custom recovery. you can take app plus data backup as well with root access. so if you want to backup your whole Android smartphone software, and save it to your computer. you can do it with root access.


1. Brick Your Phone :

guys if you don’t know how to use root access, and if you did a mistake. then your phone will be brick. So fast learn how to use root access. then try to modify your system.

2. Expire your Warranty :

If you root your smartphone. you play with your phone system permissions. that’s why you loos your warranty or void your Mobile warranty. This is a big issue. that’s why lots of people do not prefer roots.

3. Not Get Any Updates :

If you root your phone. you will not get any official software updates or OTAs from your official mobile company.

Disclaimer :


Best Rooting Apps – Top 5 Best Rooting Apps For Android 2020:

So guy’s finely I am going to share Top 5 Best Rooting Apps For Android with the help you to root your android phone.

(1) KingRoot App :

Best Rooting Apps - KingRoot

Don’t get confused between KingRoot and Kingo Root. because they are two different Android rooting apps. KingRoot comes with a Purify tool installed. It saves your phone’s battery from draining out.

  1. Pros:
  2. It’s an easy-to-use interface and time-saving.
  3. Unroot button is also available.
  4. It offers a power-saving mode.
  5. It has a high success rating in rooting Android phones.
  6. Both PC and Android APK versions are available.


  1. Cons:
  2. The app has ADS Pop-ups.
  3. It needs a good internet connection all the time.
  4. It doesn’t work with some of Samsung Galaxy variant Phones.


(2) iRoot :

Best Rooting Apps - iRoot

iRoot is a free one-click Android rooting tool from China company. which supports a variety of Android devices and tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, Zenfone, HTC, Asus, Nexus carbon, Micromax and so on.


  1. It supports almost all Android phones with different Android versions.
  2. It is easy to use and does not require technical skills.
  3. The root app is available for both PC and Android phones


  1. Cons:
  2. Not included the unroot button.


(3) One-Click Root. 

Best Rooting Apps - One Click Root

A one-click Root is a software, that doesn’t need a computer or PC to root your Android phone, One Click Root is just like what its name explains. All you have to do is, Just click once, then you will be able to ins immediately root your Android device.

  1. It’s totally free and easy to use interface.
  2. It gives the most user-friendly interface.
  3. It comes with extra tools, like instant unrooting.
  4. They offer full technical support, you can contact their experts at any time.
  5. One-Click Root can safely root any Android Phone.
  1. annoying pop-up ads.
  2. It doesn’t support the latest newer versions of Android.
  3. One-Click Apk doesn’t support HTC Android phones.


(4) Kingo Root. 

Kingo Root is the best popular root app for Android Phones. with both PC and APK version’s availability. It is totally free to use and has an easy to use interface. You can easily get root access without any technical assistance. , king Root provides the fastest and most convenient Android rooting experience.

  1. It’s totally free and easy to use.
  2. It can root your phone with a single click.
  3. It has the most powerful root Packages.
  4. It will give root access without a computer.
  5. It also offers unroot options.
  6. It’s a totally safe and risk-free application.
  1. Include pop-up ads, can be annoying.
  2. Require a strong internet connection to perform Root.


(5) SuperSU. 

Best Rooting Apps - Supersu

The complete form of SuperSU is Super Super User, which is, of course, one of the best root access management system for Android devices. Using superSu app,

you can grant or deny root permission to apps when they ask you for root access. Also, it provides you the option to temporarily or completely unroot your Android phone or tablet according to your convenience.

  1. Easy for new users, fast rooting procedure.
  2. It works as a system’s application and can be hidden on your smartphone.
  3. No ad pop-ups.
  4. It’s very small in size, just 2.2MB space required.
  5. It works as a security guard for your android phone.
  1. You cannot secure the application with a pin or password if you have a free version app.


Step By Step Guide To Root Your Phone using Best Rooting Apps (Method – 1):

1. Download any of them, Best Rooting Apps from the above list and save it to your phone. all apps are in APK files, so just download Best Rooting Apps on your phone.

2. first go to your phone setting /security / unknown sources. enable unknown sources option.

3. now open file manager application. locate your APK file just click on that and install it.

4. open rooting application. you will see try route button. Click on that option. it will start rooting your device.

5. make sure your internet connection is turned on because without internet connection rooting apps not working.

6. If your phone reboots many times then don’t panic it’s normal. When your phone rebooted. again go to Rooting App and click try root again. It will not start the process of bargaining.

7. finally you will get root successfully message on your screen. it means your android phone is now rooted.

you can check your root status using the Root Checker app. you can easily download this application from Google Play Store.


How To Root Android via Custom Recovery (universal Method – 2)

guy’s if the above method will not work .then follow method 2. It will work on every smartphone. Because it is a universal method.

1. First, unlock the Bootloader of your phone. If you don’t know how to unlock the Bootloader of your phone. Then Google it.

2. After unlocking your bootloader. Now you need to find your Custom recovery image file from the internet. You can get that from the official twrp recovery site or from Google. You can you any custom recovery. A method is the same for all custom recoveries.

3. First Take a full Android backup of your current Rom and backup all your important apps + data. Transfer all the backup files data to your computer.

4. Go to your Phone Settings /About Phone /build number. Tap 7-8 times on Build Number. Go back. Go to the Developer option. Enable OEM Unlock & enable USB debuting options.

5. Just boot your phone into fastboot mode or Download mode. So Power / turn off your phone. Boot your phone into Fastboot Mode or Download mode. (For that Press Volume Down + Power Key at the same time). Now connect your phone to the computer Using USB cable.

6. Go to the C drive /adb folder. Press Shift + Right Click on a keyboard. You will see an option called. Open a command window or Open power shell. Click on that option. It will open the adb command line window on your computer screen.

7. Enter the first command to check your device is connected or not. Type: “fastboot devices” and enter. You will see some numbers and codes it means your device is connected properly.

if you will get not found Error then you need to install Adb and fastboot drivers on the computer properly. If you don’t know about adb & fastboot drivers, then just google it.

8. Go to your downloaded folder. Find Twrp- file. You need to rename it like, twrp.img Copy that twrp.img file to the C:/ adb folder / paste it. (That is your phones Twrp Recovery file which you downloaded before).

9. Again open a command window (CMD) on your computer. Enter the second command :

fastboot flash recovery

and press enter. Now it will start some scripts on your computer screen. Done.

10. Now you will need to copy-paste the last command to boot your phone into custom recovery mode, Type:

fastboot boot twrp.img

Press enter. If the last command not working, then just manually boot your phone into recovery mode. For that press volume up + power button at the same time. Now,

Just wait for 30 seconds. Your phone will automatically reboot into the Twrp Recovery mode. You need to click the mount option. And select all options. If some options will not get selected for a mount then leave as it is.

11. Guys wait here don’t Disconnect Your phone yet. Now move Lazy flasher zip (for Xiaomi phones only) file, supersu zip file & Magisk zip file from pc to your phones internal storage.

12. Back here on recovery mode. Click on install tab select Lazy flasher zip (for Xiaomi phones only) file & flash it. If you will not flash that file, then your phone will not boot up and it will stick on boot logo. After flashing click on system Reboot it will take some time for a first boot like 5-10 minutes.

13. Done Now your TWRP Recovery is successfully on your Android phone. If you want to root your phone, then follow the next step.

14. For Gering Root Access. Again boot your phone into recovery mode. Go to the install section. Then flash Magisk zip latest file. It will Root your phone. Just reboot your phone. Now your phone is rooted successfully.


Final words from Author :

I hope you understand how you can root any Android device. Follow all the methods properly then you will get root access on your Android Phone. I hope you like it my Best Rooting Apps list. And the universal method will work on every smartphone.

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