How To Install WordPress Locally On Android 2020

Hello guys In this video I am going to show you how to Install WordPress Locally On Android 2019, so guys now you can use WordPress on android phone.

WordPress is the best CMS in the world. You can easily make any type of website with one click. You don’t need to have any coding language or programing language.

You can easily create a professional website with this.

This tutorial is all about How To Install WordPress Locally On Android. Guys in this tutorial I will tell you to step by step method to install WordPress locally on Android. So, guys, let’s get started.

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Requirements To Install WordPress Locally On Android:

(1) Download Penguin Php/MySQL server App. Penguin Php/MySQL server App will help you to enable the PHP server. It means this app will help you to run PHP files on your Android phone.

(2) Download ZArchiver App. You will need this app for file extract. This app is available on Google play store for free. You can download from the above link as well.

(3) Download the latest WordPress Zip File. This file is the most important file for installing WordPress on android. Download WordPress Zip File from the above link.

How To Install WordPress Locally On Android 2019:

Follow all the steps which I showed in the tutorial. So, guys, this trick is great to learn web development.

1. Download All the required files from the above links. All files are required to install WordPress locally on android.

2. Fist open Penguin Php/MySQL server App. Now just yearn on the server then close it. It will automatically create a www folder in your internal storage.

3. Now just extract the WordPress zip file using ZArchiver App into the www folder.

4. Now open Penguin Php/MySQL server app. Click on PHP MYSQL. Select any browser. I suggest you use the Chrome browser.

5. Now you will see PHP my SQL server page then you will ask for username and password so just use root at a username and password leave it blank. then click on go button then you will see your main home page of PHP my admin.

Then you will see a database option on the top. so click on that database option then create a new database. name it like what you want I name it a wp. that’s it your database is ready.

6. Now again go to Penguin application. Click on localhost it will ask again for a browser. choose Chrome browser then it will show you a page where you will find the WordPress folder.

Click on that it will automatically redirect to the WordPress installation page. just follow the video and put the right information to install WordPress on your Android device.

Database = wp (use your database name)
Username = root
Password = blank

Now click on submit button.

7. It will redirect to WordPress backend login page so put your information according to your choice I mean username password. Done.

NOTE: how to view shortcuts.

View your website : localhost:8080/wordpress

View your WordPress admin :localhost:8080/wordpress/wp-admin

Watch YouTube Video Tutorial.

WordPress Localhost On Android – How To Install WordPress Locally On Android 2019.

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  2. I have successfully install wordpress. But i Can’t view site on local Network. I mean, iam using my old Android mbl as hotspot. On old phone i can browse sites using localhost:8000 but can’t do in another mbl or pc. Using mbl hotspot wifi.

    1. MaheshTechnicals

      You cannot access this site on any other devices using Hotspot. Use this trick on which device you want to see your site

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