Blogspot vs WordPress : Which One Is Best For You And Why?

Blogspot vs WordPress – guys if you really want to know the difference between Blogspot or WordPress. then this article is for you.

Lots of users think which is the best platform for web building. So that’s why I created this article, which will explain to you the difference between Blogspot vs WordPress.

I will try to explain all the possible points in detail. So if you really want to know which Blogging platform suitable for you. Then just read my Blogspot vs WordPress article.

in this article, we are going to look comparison of Blogspot vs WordPress. with this article, you will understand which platform is the best for you to make a great website.

Let’s begin!

Nowadays, you have lots of platforms for blogging, where you easily create a blog or website.

But the question appears which blogging platform is best for you?

WordPress, blogger, and Tumblr? These are just 3 popular CMS platforms.

Many People like BlogSpot on the grounds because there are fewer technical problems,

and many users love WordPress due to its expanded power, highlights and advanced features.

With regards to blogging, we have a lot of alternatives available to begin a blog or website:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Medium
  • Wix

Most of the people who want to start blogging have this question in their mind that which blogging platform should I choose,

Blogspot or WordPress for blogging? And, Which blogging platform is best?

Most of the users who are doing blogging, suggest you pick WordPress always in contrast with the blogger,

as there are such large numbers of advantages to it.

But Here, is this post,

We will only talk about 2 popular blogging platforms which are Blogger and WordPress,

I try to tell you about Blogspot vs WordPress: Which One Is Best For You And Why?  Quick Comparision.

Anyway, here we will explore the highlights of Blogspot and WordPress,

then you easily choose your own which will be the best option for you,

also, we will clarify which one is best for specific circumstances and why.

I believe that after this post,

you will have a better idea to choose the right platform for blogging.

In the beginning,

many bloggers use Blogger (Blogspot) and then they switch to WordPress later.

This does not mean that Blogspot (Blogger) is not good.

There are still lots of popular blogs on the blogger platform and generating good revenue.

What Is Blogspot (Blogger) And Its Features?

Blogspot vs WordPress

I think every one of you is properly aware of it that Blogger is a free tool from Google,

with the help of which you can make a blog or website.

Blogger sites work superbly for individuals who want to begin a blog without investment.

Let’s talk about some special and interesting Blogspot Features and highlights:

1. Easy to Use Interface.

Even if you are new or you don’t have any kind of coding or technical skills,

you can simply start your free blog or website in a blogger by following some easy and simple steps.

2. It’s Totally free.

Making a blog or website on Blogger (Blogspot) is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges. Blogger does not charge any membership fees, registration fees, sub-domain charges, hosting expenses.

3. Free SEO Friendly templates and Themes.

There are so many free blogger templates that are accessible on Blogger websites.

You can pick any template of the blogger on your site according to your business.

You can also sideload SEO friendly templates from google search. You will get lots of free and paid templates for your blog.

Besides a free template or free customization, you can edit the layout without CSS coding. If you want to customize the layout then you have full access to it, and you can edit the default HTML, CSS, Javascript code as indicated by your mind.

4. Lifetime Free Web Hosting from Google.

One of the greatest advantages of Blogger (Blogspot) is its Lifetime free hosting services.

This is the best point, it is using Google’s product and, it is using Google web hosting, Due to this, your blogger sites will never takedown with heavy traffic and 100% up-time.

Blogger does not perform out the webpage down on the website’s load peak. Here, you don’t have to get stress over hosting plans when your site is well known.

5. Take advantage of the Google Platform.

Because the blogger (Blogspot) is Google’s product, so it turns out to be effortlessly coordinated with other Google’s services or products. You can access all these with a single Gmail account.

6. Best Security.

Google continues updating the security patches of the blogger (Blogspot) as per the necessity, so you don’t need to take stress over security.

7. Free Domain Name.

When you create a blog on a blogger, you can create your sub-domain on a Blogspot with no custom domain name, and later you can link it to a blogger by Any top-level custom domain name.

8. Fast Site Indexing.

Do you know that the blogger website will be indexed on google with 24 hrs? Faster blogger website indexing means your blog will get traffic as soon as possible.

9. Simple to Understand. 

Blogger (Blogspot) is viewed as the least demanding blogging stage and it’s because of its interface and features.

Pros Of Blogger:
  • very quick and simple to get started with – you can literally create a blog in minutes.
  • You don’t need a hosting plan to start a blog.
  • While limited, there are options for personalizing your blog.
  • Simple to get started.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Hosted by Google so no installation issues.
  • Don’t have to worry about software updates.
  • Options to monetize with Adsense and promote with Adwords.
Cons Of Blogger:
  • Platform’s functionality is very basic.
  • Blog Customization features are very limited.
  • ou don’t fully “own” your content because it’s all sitting on Google’s servers.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any time.
    ou don’t fully “own” your content because it’s all sitting on Google’s servers.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any time.


What Is WordPress And Its Features?

Blogspot vs WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It’s based on PHP and MySQL language. that is mostly used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers. But WordPress also uses the SQLite database engine.

WordPress has made Blogging creation so easy and simple that, an average person who is not aware of computer coding languages can also create a website on WordPress.

Almost every bigger and small website owners use WordPress for their website or blog, whether their blog is in English or Hindi.

When I see youtube videos of big blogger they said that initially, they started their blog with first time.

But, after the experience, they shifted to WordPress.

There are lots of factors behind shifting from Blogger to WordPress.

And according to today’s world, the majority of websites on the internet are developed on the WordPress platform only.

And to install WordPress we need web hosting For it.

There are lots of companies that provide the best hosting for your website. Like GodaddyHostinger and Blue host, etc are the best hosting saling companies.

Basically, WordPress is a Content Management System which will help you in designing your website or blog according to your need.

By WordPress CMS you can manage your whole website with backend dashboard.

Soma More CMS is available in the market like Joomla, Bootstrap, Tumblr, Drupal.

But, WordPress is very popular amongst all.

If you gave a little bit of knowledge of computers then you create a website on WordPress.

Features Of WordPress

1. Many Plugins (Free or Paid). plugins allow you to customize and increase the website features so that, more visitors will visit on your website.

There are 50316+ plugins available for WordPress websites.

By using these plugins on your website you can improve your website ranking and position in search engines.

2. Many THEMES.

There are lots of pre-built, payment WordPress themes available for the blog. You can change your website theme and customize them according to the website.

You don’t need any type of coding kneeling here to design your website user interface. Just drag and drop functionality.

3. Support For MULTI-USER BLOGGING also provides the best feature which is multiple users of a single website. You can add or remove multiple users or editors of your website in by generating new login details for every editor.

Many years back, WordPress was a device to make a website.

But these days,

Because of major changes in coding, and also WordPress’s huge helping community of plugins and themes, you can make any kind of website with a single click on WordPress.

With WordPress, you can make:

  • Business websites.
  • eCommerce stores.
  • Blogs.
  • Portfolio site.
  • Resumes.
  • Forums.
  • Social networks.
  • Membership sites.

essentially whatever else you can think up. It is possible with WordPress.

Pros Of WordPress:

  • The platform is perfect beginner-friendly and easy to use and understand.
  • Thousands of customization options available in the form of plugins and themes.
  • For more advanced users, WordPress makes it simple to add Custom any type of code and complex features to your website.
  • Simple to get started.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Hosted by WordPress, so no installation errors.
  • Don’t have to worry about security issues and software updates.
  • More social sharing options available than Blogger.

Cons Of WordPress:

  • Requires some amount of investment to start a blog on WordPress.
  • You have to pay a high amount to use third-party themes and plugins.
  • There are lots of things to consider before you can start creating content.
  • It takes time to manage and maintain.

Blogspot vs WordPress: Which One Is Best For You According To Me :

finally, I hope you understand WordPress and Blogspot using above mentioned. now I am going to tell you which is the best platform for you to start your business online.

according to my opinion, blogger and WordPress are both off best CMS platforms for new users.

which platform is the best for you it totally depends on your budget or on you. first of all, think which is your budget

if you are thinking to create a website for free without any cost. so you need to use a blogger.

if you are thinking you need to buy web hosting and host your website with your hosting service. then you should try WordPress as simple as that.

if you are going to plan your website on blogger. then you need to buy a custom domain only. then connect your custom domain to your blogger account.

and that’s it your website is live using blogger web hosting. it’s totally free.

And if you are planning to create a website using WordPress. then you should buy good web hosting + custom domain for your business. connect each other and create a website.

girls I recommend you to use WordPress. because it is very simple to use. anyone can use it. and it provides huge customization options, functionalities in one click.

I always use WordPress to create all of my websites. so, guys, I hope you now you understand which is the best for you and for your business.

if you are decided which is best for you then please comment below and tell me e which is the best platform for you?

I hope you like this article.  in this article, we covered Blogspot vs WordPress comparison, features functionality pros and cons, etc.

if you have any questions or doubts in your mind name please comment below thank you so much for reading my article.

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Thank you!

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