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How To Host Website On AWS | Dynamic WordPress Website.

How To Host Website On AWS – Hello guys I am back with another great tutorial in this tutorial I will show you How To Host Website On AWS.

In this guide, I will show you How To Host Website On AWS using Android Phone. YES, we will host a website on AWS using a mobile phone. You can follow all steps on a computer as well.

AWS ( Amazon Web Services) provides a free 12-month subscription to test their products and services. With those products and services, you will get cloud computing services too.

So guys with the help of that subscription we can host a website on AWS. In this guide, I am going to show you step by step guide in detail.

Suppose you are searching for free one-year cloud web hosting. Then AWS maybe help you.

Ok, so many people ask me about How To Host Website On AWS? It is possible or not?

The answer is yes! You can host any dynamic, WordPress, s PHP base, static websites on AWS.

Ok so let’s start the tutorial and learn How To Host Website On AWS.

Requirements: How To Host Website On AWS.

(1) first thing of vias you need to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. You will get a 12-month free tar subscription.

(2) create Any Linux virtual machine EC2 instance on AWS Compute service. Ubuntu 18.04 VM Recommended.

(3) after creating an EC2 instance. we need to connect that instance via SSH client, to access ssh terminal.

(4) you need to have a basic knowledge of Linux commands. But if you don’t know Linux commands, then don’t worry follow my guide you will easily understand.

(5) we need to install cyber panel Cpanel into our virtual machine or server.

(6) You will need any Android phone or windows pc to do that work. We are going to use our Android Phone.

Let’s fulfil our requirements and solve our question, which is How To Host Website On AWS.

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How To Host Website On AWS | Dynamic WordPress Website.

Ok, so I hope you understand which requirements you need. So let’s start our guide. Follow Me step by step, and your website is ready to rock.

(1) Create an AWS account.

First thing first you need to create AWS free tar account. Follow Me to do that :

(A) Go to first. Click on Get Started for Free button. It will redirect to the AWS Free Tar page. Let’s click on the Create a Free Account button.

(B) Put your details here like email, name, passed, etc. Then click on the continue button.

How To Host Website On AWS - Create AWS Account

(C) Now you need to fill in some more details about yourself. Like your Address, company or individual, mobile number, etc. Then click on continue again.

(D) Now it will ask for a Debit / Credit card for identity your identity. They will charge Rs 2 from your card. After the card verify your Rs 2 will be refunded again to your bank account within 2 business days.

(E) after payment verify you need to select the basic free tar plan and click on continue—boom your AWS (Amazon Web Services account is created.

(F) Go to the login section. Login with your Email & password. Done now you are in the AWS account Dashboard.

How To Host Website On AWS - Dashboard

(G) after creating an account. You need to wait 24 hours to activate all your services on your AWS dashboard. It means you need to log in again after 24 hours.

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(2) How To Create EC2 Instance In AWS.

After creating an AWS account, our next step is to create an EC2 Instance. Select create Linux virtual machine on AWS.

(A) Login to your AWS Dashboard First. Click on the services tab. Click on EC2 Tab. After that, click on the launch instance button.

Launch instance On AWS

(B) Here, you will get a lot of Virtual machines. But it would help if you found Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. You can use Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS as well.

Ubuntu 18.04 VPS Free

(C) Now time to select the instance type. Here you need to select t2.micro. Only t2.micro available for free tar. If you select any other, you will get charged.

AWS Free Tar

(D) Just select t2.micro. Now click on the Add Storage button on the top bar. Here you will see 8GB of SSD. Increase it to 30 GB. You can use 30 GB as free tar.

How To Host Website On AWS - Add Storage

(E) After adding Storage. Just click on the Configure Security Group option from the top bar. Here you will need to allow one port. Like All TCP, ALL UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, RDP. Set all settings like my screenshot below.

Configure Security Group On AWS

(F) After that settings. Just click on the RevieW button on the top. It will show all your configuration page. Just recheck all your settings. If all good then click on launch instance.

(G) when you will click on the launch instance button. It will ask you for a key pair. Just create a new key pair & save it on your phone or computer. After that select your new key pair & launch the instance.

AWS - Create Key Pair

(H) if all good then your instance will be created successfully. Now click on the view instance button. It will redirect to all your active instances page. It will take 2-3 minutes to initialize.

(I) now refresh your page. Then see your virtual machine status if it is in running mode. Then your machine is ready to rock.

AWS logo png

(J) you will have a public IP Address now. But it would be best if you allocated an Elastic IP to your virtual machine. Because every reboot or power off your VM will change your VM IP, so use Elastic IPs.

(K) To change public IP to Elastic IP. Click on the Elastic IPs option on the left menu bar. Now click on the Allocate Elastic IP address button.

Select your virtual machine here. Then click the continue button. Done your Elastic IP is allocated to your VM.

Elastic IP AWS

(L) Again go Instances tab from the left bar. Just reboot your VM Using the action button. Done.

(3) How to Connect VM Using SSH On Android.

Ok, now our virtual machine is successfully created with elastic IP. Now we need to access our virtual machine. To access a virtual machine, I am going to use my Android phone.

(A) Download & install JuiceSSH – SSH Client App From play store. Download PuTTY if you are using windows.

(B) Open JuiceSSH – SSH Client App on android. First, go to the identity tab. Click on ➕ the icon. Add some information here :

name: AWS
Username: ubuntu
Password Key: (select your key pair file).

Install SSH On Ubuntu

Now click on the Save button.

(C) Now go to the Connections tab. Click on ➕ the icon. Add some information here too :

Nickname: AWS
Type: SSH
Address: (IPV4 IP address)
Identity: (select your identity which created)
Port: 22

How To Host Website On AWS - connection

Done now click on the Save button. Now click on your AWS Connection. It will connect your VM via SSH. You will see the terminal like this.

Connect VM Using SSH On Android

In that way, you can connect VM using SSH On Android. Now we are moving to our next step in the How To Host Website On AWS article.

(4) Install Cpanel On Ubuntu / CentOS 7.

Ok so now we have SSH access to our Ubuntu 18.04 LTS virtual machine. We need to convert.
Our server to the webserver. For that, you need to install a control panel into our virtual machine.

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(A) Follow my commands, and you are good to go. First, we need to update & upgrade our packages. Use the below commands for that.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade -y

It will take some time. So wait until you see the $ icon.

Now you need to use the terminal as root. So copy and paste the below command.

sudo su -

After this command, you will see the # icon with your hostname.

Ubuntu use as root

(B) now we are going to install a Cyber panel (Control Panel) for free. For that, grab the command from below & paste it into your terminal.

sh <(curl || wget -O -

Follow Video Tutorial :

After that command. Follow my video Tutorial for key pressing.

(C) OK Now our Cyber Panel is successfully installed on our server.

(D) Let’s log in to our Cyber Panel using any web browser. Just copy your IP server IP. Paste it in your web browser like this. Just replace server IP with your IP Address.

http://server IP:8090

(E) Now you will see a Login panel. Just put username and password here.

Username: admin
Default Password: 1234567


How To Host Website On AWS - Install cpanel

(you can change password letter).

(F) Done. Now you are loved into your control panel successfully.

control panel installed

(5) How To Change Nameservers / DNS On Domain Registrar Account.

Now our panel is successfully installed on your server. Now Connect your custom domain to your server. Let’s start.

(A) Copy your public IP Address (server IP).

(B) Go to your Domain Registrar account. The process is the same for all. Go to your domain account / DNS Settings. Add one A record hear.

Record Type: A
Host: @
IP Adress : (server IP without www & http)
TTL: auto

connect domain to hosting

Save these settings. Done now your custom domain will Connect with your server. It will take 1-2 hours. So wait.

(C) Go to Cyber panel Admin Panel. Go to website / create website section. Fill in some information like the below screenshot. Then click on the create button. It will take 2-3 minutes to create a site.

create Website from cpanel

(D) Now open your website URL in any web browser. You will see the cyber panel installed successfully message. It means your domain is connected to your server successfully.

How To Host Website On AWS

(6) How To Install WordPress In Cpanel.

Now our server & custom domain contracted successfully. So we are ready to create any website now.

But WordPress is the most powerful & popular CMS. So we are going to create a WordPress website. Let’s follow my steps.

(A) Go to your Cyber panel Admin dashboard. Go to the Website/list website option. Here you will see your domain.

(B) Click on the manage button here. It will redirect you to the features page. Just scroll down & find the WordPress icon here. Click on that option.

Host WordPress Website On AWS

(C) now it will ask you for some information regarding WordPress. Fill in all your data. Remember username and password because it will help you to the login admin area of WordPress.

How To Install WordPress In Cpanel

(D) Done now your WordPress Site installed on your custom domain. You can view your website by visiting your Domain URL.

(7) How To Login WordPress Admin Panel.

Now our WordPress site is successfully hosted on AWS. So let’s access the WordPress admin dashboard.

(A) Copy your domain name first.

(B) Replace your domain name from like this :

(C) They will ask you for a username & Password. Put your WordPress username and password here.

How To Login WordPress Admin Panel

(D) Now click on the Login button. It will redirect you to the WordPress Admin area. Now you can use your WordPress panel to manage your website.

Login WordPress Admin Panel

Conclusion :

Suppose you want to host a website on AWS for free for one year. Then this article will help you a lot. With that guide, you can Host A Dynamic, WordPress, static, PHP, websites very easily.

If you think this article is helpful for you. Please share the article with your friends and family. Thank you so much for reading How To Host Website On AWS | Dynamic WordPress Website.

Suppose you have any questions in your mind. Then feel free to comment below. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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