How To Buy Any Top-Level Domain For 5 Years! 100% Free Domains!

Buy Any Top-Level Domain – guys you really want to use top-level domain extension for your business?

But you don’t have that much money to buy them. Then you are in the right place.

Due to coronavirus we have the best offer which will give you 100% free any top-level domain for 5 years.

You are ready to buy any top-level domain for 5 years. then read this article till the end and follow a step-by-step guide to get your first top-level domain for free.

Right now this offer is working. I don’t know when it will expire. if you are here then get your domain quickly before the offer expired.

NOTE: This donate is for 5 years Free for you but in one condition. You need to host and create a website on that same first for 1 year. After that, you will get 4 years free.

How To Buy Top-Level Domain For Free Without Credit Card | 100% Free.

What this means:

It means you cannot use any third-party web hosting with this domain.

But I have a solution for you. But instead of five years you can use for one year with any web hosting or you can use this domain on blogger as well.

Read my full article and learn how to get and connect with other web hosting or blogger trick.

Requirements To Buy Any Top-Level Domain For 5 Years Free :

Before start. you will need to understand all the requirements., which is needed for this trick.

(1) You need one Gmail ID. With this you can create a new account on a free domain website.

(2) You will need Any real Adress (don’t use fake Adress generator). If you use fake Adress your account will be BAN. so use real Adress only.

(3) You will need any part method like PayPal or any debit or credit card. They will not charge any money. But you will need to add any payment method to verify your account.

NOTE: Use a debit or credit card match with your country. Like if you are using India Adress. Then your card should be an Indian card.

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(4) Now the main part is here. You will need to click here to get your free domain. Click below to claim your offer.

How To Buy Any Top-Level Domain For 5 Years! 100% Free Domains!

Follow on the steps properly then you will able to buy any top-level domain for free.

(1) Go to the website which is in the requirements section First.

(2) first search 🔠Ž which domain you want to buy. And click enter. Then you will see your domain price is free. Just click on claim your domain.

(3) Now it will ask you to create an account using email and password. Just create your account first.

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(4) after that it will redirect to the Adress page. So here you need to put the correct and real address. After that click on the Register domain.

(5) now it will verify your Adress and redirect you to the payment page. Here first check domain total price. It should be $0.

(6) just add any payment method. Use any credit or debit card to get your free domain. You can also use the PayPal account

(7) Do your payment and boom. You will have your own Top-Level Domain For 5 Years.

(8) You need to verify your email address. Go to your email and validate your account with a link.

(9) Done now I hope you understand How To Buy Any Top-Level Domain.

(10) now you have your domain registered successfully on that website.

You can use this to men for 5 years. But you can’t connect that domain with other web hosting or blogger platforms. This is the policy of that domain website.

They will not provide any DNS settings or nameserver settings to your account.

So how we connect the domain on any web hosting for the blogger platform?

How To Change Nameservers or DNS Records of that Domain :

NOTE: if you want to change nameservers or DNS settings of your domain.

then you will only use this domain for 1 year only not for 5 years.

If you want to use it for 5 years then you can’t change nameservers or DNS settings.

(1) To change your domain nameservers or DNS records. Just follow me.

(2) Log in to your account on that website first. Using your username & password.

(3) Go to the account /settings/Domains section. Here you will find your domain.

(4) Scroll down to the end. You will see the Domains Support option.

Here you need to click Email us option. Just click on that.

(5) a select topic which is domain related. Put your email, name, and subject. For subject section type “change nameservers of my domain”.

(6) now you need to send one message like this in the message box. Just copy and paste them.

Dear sir,

I want to use this domain with my web hosting. Otherwise I will not able to use this domain. And it’s useless for me. So kindly I request you to change the nameservers of my domain.

Domain : (your domain)

Nameservers :

(Your nameserver 1
Your nameserver 2)

DNS Records (For blogger users)

(7) Replace your domain, nameservers, or DNS records with your info. Then click on the Submit Question button.

(8) Done now they will mail you in 4 business days. And they will change your NS or DNS settings which you sent it.

(9) Done mow you have your Top-Level Domain For Free for 1 year.

Buy Your Free Domain From Here :


conclusion :

if you guys like this tutorial then please share this with your friends and family before 31st May. because this offer will expire on 31st May.

I hope you understand How To Buy Any Top-Level Domain For 5 Years! 100% Free Domains!

Thank you!

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