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Host Website On Google Drive With Custom Domain For Free.

Host Website On Google Drive – hello guys, if you want to host a Google drive website. Then you are in the right place. Here I will show you step by step guide to Host Website On Google Drive very easily.

Suppose you want to Host Website On Google Drive. Please read this article carefully; in this guide, I will show you a step-by-step guide to hosting a Google Drive website.

Many people ask me about how to Host Website On Google Drive? that is possible or not?

So I am here to explain each part required to Host Website On Google Drive. I will solve your question, which is how to Host Website On Google Drive here.

So stay here and read my full article. I will give you a youtube video tutorial as well. It may be helpful for you.

Hosting a website on Google Drive is a tricky part. But with the use of this guide, you can do it easily. First thing first, why you need to Host Website On Google Drive?

Why Should You Host Website On Google Drive?

Let’s talk about some features that Google Drive provide to his customers if you use Google Drive hosting and what you will get.

(1) Google Drive Gives you the most needed thing that is unlimited bandwidth. With this feature, your website can hold unlimited traffic to your page. Your website will never crash due to web hosting.

(2) you will get 15GB of storage to store your website file, directories, media, etc. If you want more Storage, then we have Storage plans as well.

(3) you will get 100% uptime on your Google Drive hosted website.

(4) you can easily connect your custom Domain with Your Google Drive hosted website.

( 5) Google Drive supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript node JS, and many more web languages. You can easily host a static website on Google Drive.

Disadvantages: Hosting a website on Google Drive.

(1) you cannot install WordPress on Google Drive. Because it is PHP based software, but Google Drive does not support PHP languages.

(2)Google Drive is a Storage based platform. You will not get any SQL database options. So it would be best if you used any third-party websites for it.

(3) you have to familiar with coding languages. Without coding, you cannot edit your static website from the Google Drive repository.

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Host Website On Google Drive.

We will use our Android phone to Host Website On Google Drive. You can follow these steps using the computer as well.

Note: Always use a New Google Drive Account or a secondary Google account. Don’t use your personal Google Drive account.

(1) download any HTML CSS template from Google. Save it on your device storage. You can use your project as well.


(2) go to Google drive App and login with your email id and password. You can use Google Drive’s official website as well.

(3) after login. You will get 15 GB of storage in your Google Drive account. That’s it. Our Google Drive is ready to host any static website for free.

Host Website On Google Drive - Google Drive Storage

(4) extract your HTML CSS or website zip file using the Cx File Explorer application. After extracting your website zip file, you will get a folder that contains our main files.

Host Website On Google Drive - Extract Website Files

(5) now time to upload that files on our Google Drive account storage. For that, open the Google Drive application.

Click on the plus ➕ icon. First, create a folder as per your website name. in my case, my website name is MT.

(6) Now open Cx File Explorer App. Go to the NETWORK tab. Click on the plus ➕ icon here. Select Google Drive here. Connect your Google Drive Here.

Conect To Google Drive

(7) After that, go to the local tab. Copy all your website files. Paste it in your NETWORK tab. Watch the Video Tutorial for detailed information.

Upload Website On Google Drive

(8) it will take time as per the file size of your website after the upload is done. Now we need to make our website folder public.

(9o) Open Google Drive App. Click on the three-lions option available in front of the folder name. Then click on the share button. You will see an opinion called Who has access.

Click on the Not shared option. Now click on Only people added can open with this link. It will pop up some options. So select the Viewer option. Done. Now your folder is public.

Google Drive Public folder

(10) now time to generate a Google Drive Hosted website URL. For that, go here & connect your Google Drive account.



(11) it will ask you for some permissions to allow that permission. After that, it will automatically detect your website folder and give you some website links.

(12) now copy your website folder URL from here. Open it on any web browser.

(13) Boom!! Now your static website is successfully hosted on Google Drive.

I hope now you understand how to Host Website On Google Drive very easily. But we have Google Drive generated URL here.

What if I say you can use your custom domain, your Google Drive Hosted website. It sounds good, right. So let’s connect our custom domain with that website.

Connect custom domain on Google Drive Hosted Website :

Let’s connect our custom domain with your Google Drive website. You can use any custom domain which you want to connect with your Google Drive hosted website.

You can buy a top-level domain from Popular websites like Godaddy, hosting, NameCheap. But in that case, I am going to use a free domain from freenom. My domain name is mtwebsite. Tk.

So let’s start.

(1) you need to add one CNAME record in your Domain DNS settings. Just add one more redirect record without www access to your domain.

Record Type: CNAME

Host: www

Value 🙁 URL of your Website)

Important : Remove https:// prefix & Remove all lines after

TTL: 30 minutes.

No : Host : Target TTL Type
1 www Drive tto Web URL 30 CNAME
2 @ Domain 30 Redirect URL

(2) save all the changes & wait for 2-3 hours to connect our DNS records with our Google Drive hosted website.

(3)Boom, after some time, your website will open with your domain name.

Conclusion :

I hope you have properly understood how to Host Website On Google Drive. With this guide, you can easily attach a custom domain to your Google Drive website.

If you want to host your website for a free lifetime, this article will help you a lot if you want to host a static website based on HTML coding.

Then this method will help you to save plot of from web hosting companies. You don’t need to buy any web hosting if you want to host a static website.

Thank you so much for reading Host Website On Google Drive For FREE using Android. If you like my article, then please share it with your friends and family.

Suppose you have any questions in your mind. Then feel free to comment here. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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