How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android

Did you know How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android??

After a long day. I was made a video on how to download movies from torrent. But some of you guys face the issue like that torrent website not opening in any Android browser. So finally guys I am back with a brand new tutorial. In that tutorial, I will show you How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android. So if you are facing that type of torrent server issues on your android phone, Then read this full article. We will solve this issue using VPN trick.

We all know that all torrent sites are banned by the Indian government. In short, we can’t access any type of torrent websites in India. Because of Indian server band by the Indian government. So if you want to use torrent websites on your android phone in India, then you will need that useful tutorial. To read the full article and watch the video until the end for more information.


Using Torrent in India is illegal. Do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any legal issues. Be careful when you use torrent sites in India. This tutorial only for the education purpose.

What Is VPN??

VPN is a virtual private network. It is a private server that can slow you to access any blocked websites. If you are staying in India or if you want to access US websites in your country. Then you just connect OR use VPN server to access it.

How it works for torrent site??

If you are in India. So now you are on the Indian server. We all know that torrent websites are a band in India. It means our Indian server does not have permission to access torrent sites. So it means :

Indian server >Torrent > 0% (Access).

If you are using VPN. it means actually you change your server to US or UK. That’s why :

Indian server >VPN server >torrent =100% (Access).


What Is BitTorrent App??

BitTorrent App it is an application which helps you to download torrents files on your android phone. This application available for the Android, IOS, Windows etc. You can download this app at no cost. It is free on the Google play store for Android users. This app has the capacity to download torrents files like movies, videos, images, songs, software, games, etc for free. This app has the capacity to download torrent files at high speed. If you want to Download torrent files on your android phone. Then you must try this app on your android phone.

Requirements For Fixing Torrent Problem In India On Android :

1. Download & install any VPN application from the Google Play Store. I recommend you to use Betterment VPN application. I am using that VPN application in this tutorial.

Download Betterment VPN App. 

2. Download & install any web browser on your android phone. The web browser uses to access torrents websites. I recommend you to use Google Chrome browser. Download Google Chrome browser from the Google play store or from the given links.

Download Google Chrome browser. 

3. You need a good Internet connection to load website faster.

4. Download BitTorrent App. That app helps you to download torrents files on your android phone. That is a must app if you are using torrents sites.

Download BitTorrent App.

How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android :

1. First, open a web browser on your android phone. I am using Google Chrome browser. After that put your favorite torrents site. I am using That is the best torrents website in my opinion. When you try to open that website then you will get a server error on your android phone.

2. We need to fix that issue in India. So for that, you need to download an app called Betternet. Download that app from the given link.

3. Now open Betternet App. Allow some permissions. Then you will get a connect button. Then click on that connect button. It will connect your android server to United States server. It means now you can access any type of torrents sites on your android phone.

How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android

4. Now again open your browser. Open your favorite site. Now it will not show any server error. Now it will open your torrent site successfully. Now you can access all torrents website in India.

How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android

5. When you try to download something when you click on magnet download. It will automatically open your BitTorrent app on your phone. It will ask you to add a file for download. But wait, before clicking on add button. You need to turn off or disconnect Betternet VPN fist. Because if you download any files using VPN connection, then you will get slow speed.

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6. Done now you can access all torrents websites in India on android phone. I hope your all the issues solve from that tutorial. If you have any questions. You can ask me in the comments section.

Watch Video For More Info :

Thank You For Reading How To Fix Torrent Problem In India On Android.

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