How To Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android

In this tutorial, I am going to show How To Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android 2019 trick. Use Free unlimited VPS /RDP trick to use a Windows VPS server for a lifetime. You can run this computer on your smartphone.

Requirement To Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android :

(1) First, you will need a Microsoft Remote Desktop application for your android phone. You can download this app from the given link or from the Google play store. This app allows you to contact any windows ows VPS connection to your android phone.

(2) you need an email address. You can use your own email or you can use Temporary Wmdils. if you want more than one account or you don’t want to use your personal email then a temporary email will help you. There are lots of temporary mail websites available on the internet. But I used most is Temp-Mail. You can use Temp-Mail Application on your phone as well.

)(3) you bred a website which helps you to Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android. So guys in this tutorial I am going to use They provide a free days VPS trial for free to educational purpose.

(4) you need to follow my step by step tutorial to access windows VPS on your Android Phone. Attached video tutorial as well so you can learn step by step property.

How To Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android | Step By Step Tutorial :

(1) First, download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application on your smartphone. Download link is given above.

(2) Go to temp mail site or app and get an email from it. You can use your real email also if you want.

(3) Now go to a website which helps you to Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android. So website link I’ll mention above.

(4) Just open that website. Click on the “TRY IT FREE” button. It will redirect you to the registration page. Then you will see “Get 30 days free access to AppOnFly“. Now click on the “Continue” button.

Then they ask you for an email address. Just paste your email which you copied from temp-mail or your real email. Then click on the “Continue” button.

(5) After that, you will redirect to the connection page. You need to download RDP file from here. Save it on your phone. This RDP file will use to contact windows VPS/RDP On Android.

(6) Now go to your email provider. You will restive 2 emails from Apponfly. Just open that emails. You will get your username and password of Your windows VPS/RDP. So save that details on your file.

(7) Now time to contact your fresh windows VPS/RDP On your Android phone. Just open Microsoft Remote Desktop App on your phone. Open that RDP file directly to your Microsoft Remote Desktop App.

(8) They will ask you for a password. So just enter your password which you got it from email. Enter your password and boom your windows 10 VPS/RDP connected on your android phone.

(9) So finally you will use your Windows VPS/RDP On your smartphone so simple method.

Note: If you want to use that RDP On your Pc. Then just open RDP software in your pc. Which is pre-installed in your pc from Microsoft. Just open this RDP file in that. Then paste username and password. Done your Windows VPS/RDP connected on your pc as well.

Watch YouTube Video Tutorial.

How To Get Free Windows VPS/RDP On Android.

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