Upload File To MEGA – How To Upload Files To MEGA Using Ubuntu Terminal

Upload File To MEGA – hello guys we are back with and new interesting topic, we will learn how to upload file to Mega cloud storage using the Ubuntu terminal.

If you are using Ubuntu VM or Ubuntu desktop on your computer as well as via SSH access. If you want to upload a file directly to your mega cloud storage using a terminal only then you are in the right place.

Upload File To MEGA – How To Upload Files To MEGA Using Ubuntu Terminal

In this guide, I’ll teach you to step by step guide to uploading a file to Mega by choosing the Ubuntu terminal we are not going to use any GUI application we will only use a command base system to upload files to Mega.

So you are excited? so let’s get started.

How To Install RCLONE Package :

Before doing anything we need to install a package called RCCLONE in our Ubuntu System.

1. First Install the wget package to download the RCLONE package. So install it via the below command.

# update all packages.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

# Install WGET package.

sudo apt install wget -y

2. Open your Ubuntu terminal. And paste the below command to download rclone on your Ubuntu System. I am using Ubuntu 20.04 (and64) for demonstration purposes.

You can check which is your architecture of your Linux machine using the below command.


After checking just download the RCLONE package according to your architecture.


# For AMD64 use this :

wget https://github.com/rclone/rclone/releases/download/v1.59.2/rclone-v1.59.2-linux-amd64.deb

# For the arm use this :

wget https://github.com/rclone/rclone/releases/download/v1.59.2/rclone-v1.59.2-linux-arm.deb

# For armV7 use this :

wget https://github.com/rclone/rclone/releases/download/v1.59.2/rclone-v1.59.2-linux-arm-v7.deb

# For arm64 use this :

wget https://github.com/rclone/rclone/releases/download/v1.59.2/rclone-v1.59.2-linux-arm64.deb

# For more rclone versions wist here: All Rclone Releases.

3. So I hope you downloaded the RCLONE package in your Linux distribution. So now we need to install that file in our operating system.

So we downloaded rclone deb file using the above command. So let’s install it. Paste the below command where your deb file is downloaded.

sudo dpkg --install deb-filename

After this command. It will install RCLONE in your Linux system.

Upload File To MEGA - Install RCLONE Package

4. If you are using the Ubuntu system then you will not be able to get any error.

5. but if you are using other Linux distributions, so you need to follow some other methods to install RCCLONE. for that visit this website and see the guide on how you can install RCLONE on any Linus distribution.

6. During installation will take some time. so wait until the process ended. After installation is successful, you need to verify whether RCCLONE is properly installed or not.

For that just use the below command to check:

rclone --version

If RCCLONE properly installs on your system, then you will get RCCLONE version details on your screen. otherwise, you will see command not found.

Upload File To MEGA - RCLONE Version

7. Okay now we are done with package installation. Select learn how to use this package to upload file to Mega cloud storage.

Read More :

How To Configure MEGA Account In RCCLONE :

Before uploading any file to Mega you need to configure your mega account with RCCLONE.

1. Just open your Ubuntu terminal. Then open the RCCLONE configure page, to do that just follow the below command.


rclone config

2. Here you will see some options. To connect your mega account you need to create a new remote. For that enter n to create a new remote in RCCLONE.

# Enter n to create a new remote.


3. It will first ask you what remote name you want to choose. enter any name whatever you like I am going to use mega for a remote name. Then press enter.

# Remote name whatever you want. I am using :


RCLONE Remote Name

4. After that you will see the list of cloud storage on your screen. So enter the number which is present for Mega cloud storage. then press enter.

# In my case mega is available on 30 number so put 30 and press enter.

select MEGA Cloud Storage Number


5. Now it will ask for your username. So just out your mega account username or email ID. Then press enter.

6. Now it will give you two options. So you need to select the first option to enter your password.

# Enter y to add your password.


7. Now it will ask you for a password. So enter your password twice to verify the password.

8. Now it will ask you for advanced config settings. So we don’t need it.

# So just put n for NO.


9. Now it will show you your all configuration.

# So to conform just press enter or you can type y for yes.


MEGA Account Configuration In RCLONE

10. After this your mega remote is created successfully. To Check your remote just type the below command.

rclone config

You will see your remote under the current remote section.

Mega Remote Created

How To Upload Files To MEGA Using Ubuntu Terminal :

So finally we installed the RCLONE package and configure the MEGA account (Remote) in it so we are ready to upload files to mega now.

1. Open your terminal emulator now. Select which file you want to upload. You need to follow this command to upload file to Mega directly through the terminal.

rclone copy -P filename mega:

Upload Files To MEGA Using Ubuntu terminal

(-P) : for see the progress bar.
Filename: put the file name which you want to upload.
[mega :] – This is my remote name. Use your remote name as it is (mega:)

2. Using the above command it will start uploading our file to Mega with a progress bar. It will take time to upload according to your Internet speed and file size.

3. After the upload is 100% done. You can check your file in your mega app on your phone or pc. You can check your file on the mega website as well.

4. With this way you can upload files to mega direct through the Linux terminal.

How To Mount MEGA storage In Linux File System :

Using the above guide you can upload files to mega only. But you cannot see all files of mega storage in your Linux file system.

So here I’ll teach you how you can mount MEGA storage in our Linux file system.

1. To mount mega storage, first, you need to create a directory. To do that just use the below command.

# You can give any name for your directory/folder. I am giving MEGA.

mkdir MEGA

2. Now MEGA Directory is created. Now before the mount. Make sure you added a mega remote in the RCLONE config. If not then follow the above steps again.

3. OK so mega remote is created with MEGA directory as well. So we are ready to mount the mega storage remotely to our MEGA folder. To do that just follow the below command.

rclone mount mega: MEGA/

mega: – it is my remote name.
MEGA – It is my directory (folder) name.

Mount MEGA storage In Linux File System

4. After entering your mega remote (account) connected with your MEGA storage.

5. Ok so don’t close this season and create a new terminal session again. Then type

df -h

With this, you will see you’re mega remote connection with your MEGA folder. It means you successfully mount mega storage in your Linux file system.

Mount MEGA storage

6. So let’s see our files in MEGA storage.

cd MEGA && ls

MEGA: This is my folder name. So if your is different then use your folder name in the above command.

MEGA Storage Files

7. To unmount storage again. Just open the old session where you entered the mount command. Just use the below command.

CTRL + c

It will unmount your mega account with your Linux file system.

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