Keywords Everywhere Alternative To improve Website SEO (FREE)

Keywords Everywhere Alternative – hello guys finally am back with another useful guide.

with the help of this guide, you can find the best keywords everywhere alternative extension or website for keyboard research.

if you are reached here. it means you know what is keywords everywhere. if you don’t know about keyword research first understand.

before explaining keyword everywhere alternatives. first I am going to explain what is keyword research exactly.

What Is Keyword Research? Why is Important?


Keyword Research – as the name suggest you will get two words. which is keyword and research. in simple words,

you will find the best keyword or word which is more searching on search engines by the general public.

it means you need to find those keywords only which is trending on the web.

keyword researching is a time-consuming process without keyword research tools.

keyword research tool will help you to find the best keyword in detail. like keyword difficulty, keyword competition, keyword search volume, keyword density, keyword CPC rate, etc.

if you are not working on keyboard Research. then you will not be able to get traffic on your website.

because of which keywords you are using this is not searching on the web. so it’s useless for your website.

lots of people facing traffic issues on their website. they said they not getting traffic on their website.

but they have hundreds of posts on their website. so where is the problem?

problem is here which is keyword research. if you don’t have traffic on your website.

and you have 100 of the pose on your website. it means your keywords are not ranking on Google search engine.

your keyword not ranking on Google search engine. it means your post or article also not ranking on Google search.

so it’s useless articles for your website. because it’s not getting any traffic from organic search.

so you really want to get more traffic on your website. with fewer posts and fewer articles. then you should try keyword researching.

and for keyword search, you will need a keyword research tools for that.

now I hope you understand what is keyword research and how it works for your website. and why it is a very important factor for your website SEO.

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How To Use Keywords Everywhere :


first I am going to tell you how you can use keyword everywhere extension on your Chrome browser.

many people ask me a similar question which keywords everywhere plugin available for WordPress?

the answer is no. it is not I am a WordPress plugin. it is a browser extension that is available for Chrome or Firefox.

let’s learn how you can use keywords everywhere extension on Chrome or Firefox browser.

Follow the step by step method :

(1) Open Chrome Browser or Firefox browser on your pc.

(2) you need to add Keywords Everywhere Extension into your browser. Download that extension from the below link.

(3) After that, you need to add the API key for activating your extension. For that just Register with your email id. They will send you an API key via email.

If you have an API key now. Just go to the extension section of your browser. Go to Keywords Everywhere settings. Add your API key there.

(5) now you need to buy some credits if you want to use keywords everywhere extension.

(6) if you have credits now you are ready to use. Just google it and search for any keyword which you want.

(7) you will see your keyword with search volume, keywords difficulty, keyboard competition, and keyword CPC.

That’s the way you can use Keywords everywhere extension.

Why We Need Keywords Everywhere Alternative :


before 1 year ago keyword everywhere extension is used for all Chrome browser or Firefox browser uses.

this extension will help you to improve your website SEO fast.

then why we need keywords everywhere alternative?

This is because now the keyword everywhere extension is a paid service. we don’t use it as free now.

so that’s why we are going to find some best alternatives of Keywords everywhere extension.

Free Keywords Everywhere Alternative To improve Website SEO.


so let’s talk about our best keywords everywhere alternative options for your website SEO.

(1) WMS Everywhere – Keywords Everywhere Alternative :


WMS Everywhere - Keywords Everywhere Alternative

You can Research keywords without leaving the Google search results page.

WMS Everywhere is a Chrome extension that provides keyword statistics.

like search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) for your current search term

and it will show a collection of related search terms with search volume and cost-per-click (CPC).

this extension is totally free right now. but don’t know in the future. this extension will help you to find out any type of Keyword search volume with their CPC rate.

but this extension will not help you to find keyword competition. so you need to use any third-party keyword research tool to measure keyword competition.

 WMS Everywhere. 

(2) Keyword Lookup :


Keyword Lookup

Keyword Lookup is a free Google Chrome Extension, which will show you the monthly Search Volume of every keyword.

A Seo‘s can quickly get the Keyword Search Volume with the help of Keyword Lookup.

as well as it will show CPC and Adword Difficulties. I thought it will help you to make your keyword Research Perfectly.

It works on Google and another search engine as well.

 Keyword Lookup. 

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(3) Keyword Surfer :


Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a 100% free chrome extension that allows you to analyze Google search results without logging into or purchasing any premium app.

The main and cool thing is, you get all the data directly within SERPs.

Once you type your target keyword phrase and press enter, you’ll get search volumes, multiple keywords suggestions, and related terms.

Keyword Surfer also provides stats like the number of high-quality backlinks and estimated organic traffic for all ranking pages.

Based on that you can finalize your keyword difficulty and plan your content.

Keyword Surfer provides you :

  • Search volume for your main keyword.
    Related keywords with their volumes.
  • A number of high-quality backlinks per referring domain.
  • Domain estimated organic or non-organic traffic for each page from search results.


if you really want to use the experience of keywords everywhere extension.

then you should try Keyword Surfer and Keyword Lookup at the same time.

It will give you exact keywords everywhere extension experience.

 Keyword Surfer. 

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(4) keyword keg :

Keyword Keg- Best Free Keyword Research Tool

keyword keg also a better option for keyword research. It is also free to use. If you know the keyword everywhere chrome extension. It is now paid extension.

That’s why Keyword Keg is here. Sam developer of keyword everywhere has created this website. So you can trust here.

keyword keg provides Best Free Keyword Research Tool. You can also see keywords density, competition, CPC rate of keyword, etc.

keyword keg also provides lots of features and services other than the keyword tool. Include all services like :

Multiple seed keywords, Import / Export keyword Data, Google Adwords Data + Clickstream Data, 11 Suggest APIs, SERP features, SEO Metrics, Categorize by Intent, Sort & Filter, etc.

You don’t need to register to use All services and features. It’s a totally free and trusted way to start.

 keyword keg. 

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(5) ubersuggest – Keywords Everywhere Alternative :

ubersuggest- Best Free Keyword Research Tool

ubersuggest is the best Keywords Everywhere Alternative tool in the market. Need a high number of keyword ideas?

From head terms to long-tail keyword phrases.

you’ll get hundreds of keyword suggestions from the ubersuggest keyword tool.

You’ll also see search volume, the keyword competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword.

And to make things very easier. they generate a list of keywords for you.

based on what is working for your competitors & based on what people are searching into Google.

ubersuggest is also provided some more unique and important features to you for free like :

Domain Overview.
Top SEO pages.
Keyword suggestions.
Content Ideas.
Backlink Data.

The above points are also useful to improve your website SEO.

You don’t need to register or create your account on it. It varies the best part of it. No login needed for keyword research.


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(6) Google keyword planner :

Google Keyword planner - Best Free Keyword Research Tool

I don’t think I don’t need to explain about Google products and services. because all you guys already know about Google products and services.

if you don’t know about Google keyword planner. then let me tell you that. it is a tool from Google AdWords by Google.

Google keyword planner tool provides the best keyword reports and analysis from the google search engine.

this tool is free for all the customers. we don’t need to pay any money for that service.

with Google keyword planner tool you can search any type of keywords like long-tail keywords or short-tail keywords in bulk.

you can also see keyword competition, fever difficulty, CPC rate, keyword search volume, at the same time.

as the name suggest Google keyword planner is Google’s product. so you will get accurate and average reports according to the Google search engine.

it will help you to rank your keyword in the Google search engine. Just you need to log in with your Gmail account and you’re good to go.

Google keyword planner tool is the best Keywords Everywhere Alternative tool and trusted tool for me. this is my favorite keyword tool.

if you are new then I recommend you to use this keyword tool.

 Google keyword planner tool. 

(7) SEOStack – Keywords Everywhere Alternative :


SeoStack Keyword Tool

It is a free tool to get long-tail keywords quickly and easily.

This is a powerful keyword research tool that helps you to boost your website SEO.

This is quick and easy to interface to use long-tail keyword generator tool.

It can generate 1000s of low competition, long-tail keywords from multiple different popular search engines.

Features :

1. Get keyword suggestions from the following popular search engines

* Google
* Youtube
* Bing
* Yahoo
* Amazon
* eBay

2. You can Export your keywords to a CSV file.
3. Open tool in multiple tab feature for easy use.

 SEOStack Keyword Tool. 

YYouTube Video Tutorial :


conclusion :


with this article, you will get the best keywords everywhere alternative option for your website.

If you think I missed any important alternative, then leave a comment below. I will try to update my article soon with your suggestion.

I hope you like my article if you find this article useful then please share this article with your friends and family.

if you have any questions or doubts in your mind then feel free to use the comment box below I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Thank You!

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