how to Root Any Android Phone (2018).

Hello guys did you know how to Root Any Android Phone??

Many people ask me about how to Root Any Android Phone (2018), android rooting. In this tutorial, I will show you a universal method for root your phone. So guys if you want to root any type of Phone then just follow my tutorial & watch video for more information. So guys in this tutorial I am using one plus 2 devices. But you can use any android phone to root. So guys if you don’t know about rooting??! Then read all about android rooting from google or from my provides articles.

WHAT Is Android ROOT?? 


When you patches  a new phone or buy a new phone then you have some limitations access on your phone just like you do not uninstall system apps, you do not install custom rooms directly, you don’t use rooting apps or which apps required root,
Rooting basically it is a process that you touch the system Level permission. If you root your phone then you will become a superuser of your phone then you modify the system as per your needs.

Root unlocks some high level or system level permissions on your smartpphone.

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Requirements For Rooting Your Phone :

1. First, take a full backup of your important data from your android phone. Copy or move your android important data on your pc. Backup all your important photos, documents, videos, media, etc.

2. Guys, first you need to unlock the bootloader of your phone. All Android Devices bootloader unlocking process is different. So if you want to unlock your phone’s bootloader then google it. You can search it on youtube also. You will find video tutorials on youtube. So first unlock your phone’s bootloader. It must.

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3. Install custom recovery on your phone. If you have it then skip this step. But if you don’t know what custom recovery is then google it. First install a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM etc on your phone. Without Custom Recovery, this root method will not work.

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4. Download latest Magisk installer zip file. Download it from the Google or from the given links. Aave it on your internal storage or SD card storage.

Download Magisk Zip File . 

how to Root Any Android Phone (2018) :

1. Fist unlock your phone’s bootloader.

2. Install TWRP Recovery on your android phone.

3. Download Magisk zip file & save it on your phone.

4. Boot your phone into TWRP Recovery mode or recovery mode. For that, all phones have there own key combinations for hooting recovery mode. Like if you have Samsung Phone. Then you will need to press power +home key + volume up at the same time. So first boot your phone into TWRP Recovery mode.

5. Fist click on backup option then creates a backup of your current rom. In case something goes wrong while rooting, you can restore your backup.

6. Now after backup. Just click on install option. Now find magisk zip file which you downloaded before. Just flash this file. Then clear Dalvik caches. Click on reboot system /do not install (if it is available).

7. Now it will take some time to boot your phone. It will take 5-10 minutes.

8. After boot your phone. You will see an app called magisk manager is installed on your phone.

9. Now install Root Checker app from the Google play store. Open it. Click on verify root. Now grant supersu permission.

10. Done now your device is successfully rooted. Enjoy. Like that you can root any Samsung device without pc or computer.

Watch Video For more info :

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