What is Root ? | Explained Advantages and Disadvantages in hindi 2017

What is Root ? | Explained Advantages and Disadvantages in hindi 2017

 In this video I’m going to explain What is root? To Root Or Not To Root? Advantage Or Disadvantages, for more details visit my website :

Did you know what is root and what it’s advantages and disadvantages of root?? 

Many people ask me what is root and it’s advantages and disadvantages of root. So today I will show you what is root and advantages and disadvantages of Android root. So watch the video till the end then you learn how to root. 

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When you patches a new phone or buy a new phone then you have some limitations access on your phone just like you do not uninstall system apps, you do not installcustom roms directly, you don’t use rooting apps or which apps required root, 
Rooting besicaly it is an process that you touch the system Level permmition. If you root your phone then you will become a super user of your phone then you modify the system as per your needs. 

Root unlock some high level and system level permissions on your phone. 


1. Installing Custom ROMs

So many people facing old verson problems like kitkat, jaily been, from there company software. But they will not get any new software update on there phone from official update. That’s why we need to Root your phone. If you root your phone then you will able to install custom roms on your phones. 

 2. Uninstall System Apps 

When we bought a new phone then we get lots of unused appliances in our phone which is taking so much storage from your internal memory as well as RAM. It alldo affect on your phone speed. So if you root your phone then you will able to Uninstall those applications from your android phone. 

 3. Block Ads 

When you using some application then we get lots of ads on it. And sometimes those ads displaywd on our phone allso. So if you want to block all the unnecessary ads from your phone then you will need root access. 

 4. Install Rooted  Apps

There are so many powerful apps which is run only on rooted device. Like there are so many wifi hacking apps, game hacking apps out there, but if you want to use this apps with full access then you will need root access on your phone.

5. Improve Batry Life. 

If your phone is rooted then you optimize your battery performance allso. There so many rooted apps which is help you to save lots of batrry. But those apps require root access. 

 6. Make a backup of your current Rom 

If you change custom roms on your android phone then this is a best advantage for you. You can backup your current rom using root access. Then you will install lots of custom roms on your phone but if you want to switch again in stick rom then you restore the backup and boom. 


1. Brick Your Phone. 

If you follow wrong process while rooting then 99% your phone will be Brick. So be careful when you root your phone. When you try to root your phone then first google it and take proper process.

 2. Expire your Warranty

When you root your phone then you play with your phone system that’s why you loos your warranty or void your phones warranty. This is a big issue that’s why so many people not prefer root. 

 3. Not Get Any Updates

If you root your phone then you will not get any software updates from your official software company. 


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