How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free 2022

Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free – you really want to use Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free? If yes then you are in the right place.

Here I am going to show you, step by step method to get unlimited Google Drive storage for free for lifetime.

GUY’S if you want to use unlimited Google Drive storage for free, then read this article till the end and follow a step-by-step guide to get your free unlimited Google Drive Storage.

⚠ Warning ⚠

Don’t upload your personal details like documents, bank details, card details,  other personal details, and personal photos, etc. Use this storage for regular use only. Don’t misuse storage.

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How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free 2022. 


Ok so finally we are going to start our step by step guide to get unlimited Google Drive storage for free in 2022 working trick.

(1) first, you need to have a Gmail account for Google Drive.

So if you don’t have any Gmail account then you can create first.

if you don’t know how to create a Gmail account then follow this link and learn how to create a Gmail account without a phone number.

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(2) I hope now you have your own Gmail account. After that, you need to follow the next step to get Google Drive storage for free.

(3) put some basic information in below form like this :

Shared Drive Name: Your Name
Your Google Mail Address: Your Gmail ID.
CH :(3P) G Suite Enterprise (

Now solve the captcha and click on Get Button.

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(4) after that, you need to open Google drive application or Google Drive official site on the browser.

(5) log in to your Google Drive account using the same email id which you used in the above form.

(6) Go to the files section. There you will see one more tab Shared drives added to your google drive account.

(7) now you can upload unlimited files in that Shared drives folder. Your unlimited storage is available only in Shared drives /your name folder.

(8) Boom! This way to get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free.

(9) if you upload any files or folders in the Shared drives/name folder. This will not consider in your 15 GB Storage.

(10) Now you can upload unlimited files and folders in your Google drive storage.

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Hindi YouTube Video Tutorial :

Conclusion :

With this method, you can easily get unlimited Google Drive storage for free for a lifetime.

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47 thoughts on “How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free 2022”

  1. i have created from this site only but now it suddenly it got disappeared all the files are gone is there any solution to recover my files?????

  2. What happens when the person that gave you the ‘unlimited space’… has *THEIR* account deleted, or decides to not pay their monthly fee to Google?

  3. the shared drive folder i’ve created a few months ago using above method is now suddenly disappeared. guess it is not really lifetime afterall, and depends on when google found out and deletes it without warning.

  4. The Unlimited storage is not actually unlimited unless the google workspace account has an enterprise plan. I’ve seen Some comments that the Shared drive disappeared, no that can NOT happen. I have a google workspace account with a Business Standard plan and I can confirm that google does not delete it, the org owner has the option of deleting the drive.

  5. Sandeep lapadia

    Thanks bro
    I was thinking to upload a file of 31gb but due to storage limit i wasn’t able to do it..but this method worked like a charm …i successfully uploaded my 31gb file without any hinderence.
    Again thanks a lot buddy… I don’t know for how long it will hold my file but i need it only for 3-4 days so it should hold that.😘

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  7. Divya Goswami

    I can’t see form after step 3
    And if there is something like form it’s in different language which I can’t understand please help me

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  9. Hi Friends…
    Only Five Minutes ago, I have heard of Google Drive Unlimited Storage.. I googled it and came across this page. Followed the Instructions… Now.. I am on it.. Wonderful..

  10. its not giving to transfer files from my drive to shared drive . its giving access denied problem…how to transfer files from my drive to shared drive?

  11. @Manav, same problem brother. I created 2 shared drive. I uploaded a lot of things I needed but unfortunately everything is gone. I don’t even know how to bring them back.

    Is there anyone who can help with the information?

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