How To Share WIFI Via Bluetooth

How To Share WIFI Via Bluetooth

Hello guys In this video i am going to show you How To Share WIFI Via Bluetooth. So guys this trick will use for many times, if you forget your wifi password but your phone is connected to this wifi. So if you want to share your wifi to your friend then you can share your wifi Via Bluetooth Tethering feature. So guys watch this video till the end then you will understand properly. This Bluetooth Tethering feature available in every Phone so watch this video Step by Step.

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1. One Phone which is allredy connected with wifi.

2. Second Phone (in this we will conect wifi via Bluetooth)

3. Both Phones in Bluetooth Range.

4. Follow Step by Step tutorial.

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1. We use one Phone is X and for second Phone is Y. (To understand properly)

2. First X should connected with wifi.

3. Go to X phones Settings/More/Tethering & portable hotspot/Bluetooth Tethering. Enable it.

4. Now go to Y Phone settings /Bluetooth. And conect Y Phone to X Phone via Bluetooth.

5. Done. Now you use internet on Y Phone.

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