How To Install Custom Recovery On Any Android Phone.

How To Install Custom Recovery – many people searching on Google how to install custom recovery, custom recovery for android.

So I am back with my great detail article. Here you will get your all answers regarding custom recovery installation.

Here I will tell you how to install custom recovery on Any android phone. This article will help you a lot. Because I will tell you all the possible methods which are work all most every Android Phone.

So if you are ready then let’s start our guide.

I am thinking you are a beginner. So I will go step by step and in detail guide. So let’s explore.

Before installation, if you are new then first you need to understand some details about custom recovery. So Let’s start with our first topic which is What is custom Recovery.?

What is custom Recovery :

How To Install Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery is an open-source project software image that modifies your official stock recovery and bypasses it.

It is specially used for rooted android phones. If you want to install custom ROMs, custom karnals on your Android phone then you will need a Custom Recovery On your Android phone.

how to download custom Recovery For android :

Every Android phone has there own custom recovery. So don’t use the wrong files. I will tell you how to download the proper file for your android device.

There are lots of custom recoveries available on the internet. But we will use the most popular custom recovery for example. Which is TWRP Recovery. With this method, you can install any type of custom recovery. All installation Guide is the same.

(1) We will use an image (img) file to flash on our device. So to download your custom recovery for android. You need to know your device codename.

(2) To know your device codename. Just Google it like this example :

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 codename. 

(3) In my case my device codename is OXYGEN.

(4) Now you know your codename. Now we are going to download custom recovery using our device codename.

(5) Go to TWRP Recoveries Official Website. You will devise a button on the menu bar. Click on it.

(6) Then search your codename here. You will get your file from here. Download it and save it on your computer or Android Phone.

If you don’t find custom recovery for your device then read the FAQs below.

Requirements To Install custom Recovery :

Guys before flashing custom recovery. you need to understand some requirements.

first, unlock the Bootloader of your device. If you don’t know about Bootloader unlocking. You can refer to my article from here.

Note: After unlocking your Bootloader your warranty will be lost. Plus if you don’t know the proper guidelines then you will brick your device. So take full info before doing anything with your device.

How To Install Custom Recovery On Any Android Phone :

Now finally we are ready to flash or install custom recovery on our Android Phone.

(1) I hope you unlocked your Bootloader now. Now we need to install some stuff on our computer.

(2) first, you need to install ADB and fastboot drivers on your pc. If you don’t know about adb and fastboot drivers then just follow the article below link.

(3) Now your pc or computer is ready to flash or install custom recovery on your Android Phone.

(4) Go to your phone settings first. settings/about phone /build number. Tap 7-8 times on build number. It will enable the Developer’s option in your settings.

If you are using any xiaomi device then go to settings /about phone /MIUI Version. Tap 7-8 times on MIUI Version. You will get your Developers option in settings /Additional settings.

(5) Open Developers option and enable OEM to unlock and USB Debugging. Now boot your device into fastboot mode or download mode.

If you don’t know how to do that just Google it.

(6) Now connect your phone via USB cable to your Windows PC.

(7) now click on the start button and search for CMD. Open CMD as an Administrator. Now we need to put some commands to verify our device is properly connected or not.

(8) put the first command and press enter. It will check your device drivers are properly installed or not on your pc.

Fastboot devices

If you will see some numbers then you are device is connected. if you have not seen this then you need to install ADB and fastboot drivers again.

(9) now you all drivers are ready. your computer is ready and your Android phone also ready to flash a custom recovery.

(10) now move your custom recovery image file to the path C/adb folder.

(11) now press shift + right-click on your keyboard then you will see some options. Click on the open command shell window to access the command prompt.

(12) now type fastboot flash recovery (then drag your image file) and press enter.

For example :

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Make sure you have .img extension in your command. Otherwise, your command will not work.

(13) Boom custom recovery successfully flashed on your Android Phone. Less access to power recovery.

(14) boot your phone into recovery mode. in my case, I am going to press volume up + power at the same time. it will boot any xiaomi phones into recovery mode.

You can search recovery mode key combinations for your device from Google. if you don’t know.

(15) with this method to install custom recovery on any Android Phone.

How To Root Any Android Phone :

The finally you have a custom recovery installed on your Android Phone. now the routing process is very simple for all devices.

Routing is not mandatory. It is fully optional.

But you want to Root. then let’s root our device.

(1) Download the Latest magisk zip file into your Android Phone.

(2) put your phone into custom recovery mode.

(3) first, go to the backup section and backup everything, and save it to your computer.

(4) go to the install section. flash the latest magisk zip file from the recovery. Reboot your phone.

(5) Done now your phone is rooted successfully.

FAQs :

If you read my full article now you have some questions in your mind let’s clear some questions.

(1) how to install custom recovery without a PC?

Answer: this is the most common question. If you are using Android Lollipop and lower versions. Then you can Root your Android device using the kingroot application.

If you want to install custom recovery then you must have root access on your Android Phone.

but nowadays our Android device has come with higher versions like Android 10 or Android 11 with locked Bootloader. So you need a PC to install or flash a custom recovery.

(2) we need a Custom Recovery App :

Answer: you don’t need to install any custom recovery app to install custom recovery on your Android Phone.

(3) installation of custom recovery is risky?

Answer: not at all you need some basic knowledge of computer and Android. But this process void your warranty.

(4) Do you need to unlock the bootloader for this process?

Answer: yes 100% sure because without that you can’t install any custom images on your Android Phone.

(5) I don’t find my phone’s custom recovery file?

Answer: if you don’t have an official custom recovery file then you can find that from Google or XDA forums.

(6) I need to root my phone after flashing custom recovery?

Answer: no it is not necessary to root. you can use your Android phone without root after flashing custom recovery. But if you want to use the root app on your Android phone then you must have root access on your Android Phone.

(7) can I flash other phones custom recovery on my phone?

Answer: no it will break your Android Device. Always use your phone’s custom recovery file.

(8) my phone is stuck on the boot logo after flashing custom recovery what I can I do?

Answer: This problem is mostly present in xiaomi phones. If you are using miui Rom then after flashing custom recovery you need to flash lazyflasher zip or DM VERITY zip file to boot your device.

(9) can I update my custom recovery without a PC?

Answer: yes. Download the latest custom recovery image file and go to the install section. Click on the image button on the right side bottom. Then select your latest recovery file & flash it.

(10) can I flash GSIs ROMs?

Answer: yes you can flash GSIs with custom recovery.

If you have any questions and query please comment on us. we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reading How To Install Custom Recovery On Any Android Phone. I hope you understand this article you have any suggestions please comment on us.

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