How To Add Video Layer In Kinemaster In Android Device

How To Add Video Layer In Kinemaster In Android Device

Did you know how to add video layer in kinemaster app??

Many people ask me how to add video layer option in kinemaster for every Android phone. So today I am going to show you how to get video layer on kinemaster. So watch this video till the end then you properly understand about how to get video layer on kinemaster for any Android phone EASY, so if you find this video helpful for you then please like and share this video and don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel Mahesh Technicals.


Kinemaster it is an best video editor for our Android phone. Kinemaster is the best professional video editing software for our Android phone. This application free on Google play store. In this app can edit your videos like professional video editing effects. You can use many Fx in your videos for free. You can add text in your videos with great animations, you can make or create SlideShow from it. You can use green screen feature which is present in only professional video editors. You can add layers as much you want. You can essyly edit videos using timeline. You can add audio or audio fx in your videos. You can crop the videos as well. You can render the videos in high quality like Full HD, HD, SD, as well as in 4K Allso.

Step by step tutorial :

1. Make sure your phone must be rooted. If you don’t know how to root your phone, then watch this video (how to root any Android without pc) –

2. After rooting your phone. Download and install root browser app

3. Download video layer file (XML file)

4. Now open root browser. Find your downloaded video layer file (XML the). Press and hold then click on copy.

5.  Then press back button 3 times and find data. Click on it.

6. Again find data and click on it.

7. Now find folder. Click on it.

8. Now find shared_prefs. Click on it. Now paste your file in shared_prefs folder directly.

9. Now turn off your mobile data (turn off Internet)

10. Open kinemaster app. Now you see your video layer option is added in your app.

NOTE : when you want to use kinemaster,then turn off your Internet data. 

How To Add Video Layer In Kinemaster In Android Device

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1) Root browser app :

Link – 1

Link – 2
2) video lay file (XML file) :

Link – 1

Link – 2 

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