Solved – screen overlay detected problem in android marshmallow

Solved – screen overlay detected problem in android marshmallow 

Hello guys Did you know How To fix or solve Scren overly detected problems on any Android Phone??

So guys many people ask me about this screan overly problem, how to fix this issue then today I am back with the great tutorial which hrlp you to solve this problem on any android device without root access. So guys in this tutorial I am going to tell you and simple trick to solve the screan overly problem on any android device. So why you are waiting for let’s get started.

screen overlay detected problem

Screan Overlay problem is basically found in android marshmallow and in higher versions of android. This problem is held because of the permmition factors. We using lots of apps which take storage of our device and they cover space of permmitions allso so guys this problem is mostly held by the screan overly apps means, if you using an screan recorder then it will show screan overly detected for other apps because that time all the permmitions taken by the screan recorder app. 


1. Open an app which I’s shown Screan Overly Detected problem. 

2. Now it will ask for permmition then click on slow button. 

3. Now it will show screan overly detected now click on the go to settings button. (or screan overly button)

4. Now it will automatically redirect to the apps permmitions. So first disable all the app permmitions from there. 

5. After that clear the recent apps. And again open this app which showing Screan overly Problem. 

6. Now grant all the permmitions now it will not detect any Screan Overly Error. 

7. If it is not solved then just restart your phone and try when. 

8. Done and enjoy. 


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