Join WhatsApp Beta – How To Solve Beta Program Is Full issue.

Join WhatsApp Beta. It is the most popular issue. People facing on the internet.

so many peoples are facing the beta program is a full error on Play Store for WhatsApp beta program.

so guys if you want to join WhatsApp beta program without any error. then this article will help you a lot.

in this guide, I will tell you the best way to join the WhatsApp beta program. without any beta program is full error.

nowadays everyone knows about WhatsApp. but lots of people don’t know about the Whatsapp beta program or beta tester.

so let’s explain and learn the WhatsApp beta program in detail.

What Is WhatsApp Beta Program :

Join WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp  Beta is also developed by official WhatsApp Inc. Beta apps are just some trial versions of the original WhatsApp version.

So between two WhatsApp Messenger update, there are many beta updates.

Beta application users test these beta apps to help the developers by giving their feedback to detect and correct any error log, bug, glitch, etc.

So beta apps are not the final version of the original app, for which there might be some bug or problem. It is like Windows preview build in Windows 10.

main benefits of WhatsApp beta tester. you will get the latest features and updates earlier from Original WhatsApp.

that’s why many people want to join the WhatsApp beta program.

like nowadays WhatsApp‘s dark mode is this famous feature rollout in WhatsApp beta program.

so if you want to try dark mode on your WhatsApp. you need to update your original WhatsApp to the beta program.

then you will get that dark Mod feature in your WhatsApp.

right now in the stable version of WhatsApp or original version of WhatsApp. you will not find any dark mode option.

but you will get that option in the beta program app.

so I hope now you understand. what is WhatsApp and what is WhatsApp beta program?

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now let’s start our main goal. which is join the WhatsApp beta program. Or how to solve the beta program is a full error on Play Store.

Join WhatsApp Beta – How To Solve Beta Program Is Full issue.

there is only one way to join WhatsApp beta program. so guys follow all the steps properly.

then you will able to join WhatsApp beta program easily on any Android device.

(1) first, open your Google Play Store and check your email id linked with your Google Play Store.

(2) now open Chrome browser application on Android or Windows PC. Login saves Google account in a browser that is logged in in Google Play Store.

use the same Google account. don’t use other Google account. otherwise, the district will not work for this trick work for that email ID.

(3) after connecting your Google account with your Chrome browser. you need to click the below link .which joins WhatsApp beta program.

Join WhatsApp Beta Program

(4) after following this link you will get a WhatsApp beta program official page. you will see the WhatsApp beta program is a full message on your screen.

(5) Suhaag you can join the WhatsApp beta program using this link? this is the main trick.

(6) just refresh your page until you will get an option called to become a tester. it is only one way to join the WhatsApp beta program.

Join WhatsApp BetaLink

(7) I refreshed 10 to 15 times and I  got to become a tester button on my screen.

(8) now just click on become a tester button as fast you can do. after pressing become a tester button.

Join WhatsApp Beta

(9) your page will refresh again automatically and you will get a message. Welcome to the testing program. it means now you are a WhatsApp beta tester.

(10) now your all steps are done. just open your Google Play Store. Search for WhatsApp application

(11) now you will see the update button. just click on the update button. it will automatically switch your public WhatsApp to beta WhatsApp.

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(12) now you are ready to use beta features on your WhatsApp. you don’t need to uninstall the whole app to install the beta application.

(13) you need to update only. you will not lose any chats, media from your WhatsApp. so just update your WhatsApp. don’t need to uninstall your old WhatsApp keep in mind.

How To Leave WhatsApp Beta Program :

if you want to use a table and original again for your WhatsApp. you need to follow these steps to leave WhatsApp beta program.

(1) open Chrome browser in any Android or Windows PC.

(2) Link your same email ID in the browser for Google. which is linked with your Google Play Store.

(3) open a leave WhatsApp beta program link in your browser.

Leave WhatsApp Beta Program

(4) just click on LEAVE THE PROGRAM button. and your page will refresh and u will lose your beta tester authority.

(5) again go to Play Store and update your WhatsApp application. it will automatically switch your WhatsApp beta app to the stable version of WhatsApp.

YouTube Video Tutorial. 


with about method. you can join WhatsApp beta program easily on any Android device or Windows PC.

I highly recommend you to use WhatsApp beta program application. if you want to use the latest and new features faster.

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and you can leave WhatsApp beta program anytime when you want. so try the WhatsApp beta program at once.

so if you like my article and if it is helpful for you. then please share this article with your friends and family.

if you have any questions or doubt in your mind. then contact me using the comment box. I will definitely try to resolve your questions as soon as possible.

Thank You!

30 thoughts on “Join WhatsApp Beta – How To Solve Beta Program Is Full issue.”

  1. Shree Ram Tetarwal

    कृपया हमें बताए कि हम facebook बीटा प्रोग्राम को कैसे पाए,मैं कई बार कोशिश कर चुका हूँ लेकिन में facebook beta tester नही बन पा रहा हूँ…..😢😢

    Please tell us how we found the Facebook beta program, I have tried many times…..😥😥😥

  2. This article really helps mai kab se try kr rha tha beta program join krne k liye bt mainw ye article padh k link pe jaa k 10-12 baar refresh kiya to optipn aa gyi thank you sir 💰💰

  3. Thanks Mahesh Technicals i accidentally leave whatsapp beta program and wanted to join but cant. Ur link help me to find whatsapp beta again after three refresh.

  4. Abel Ada-musa

    This WhatsApp Beta is a scam. I have no interest in WhatsApp Beta, but I can’t update the original WhatsApp. What nonsense!

  5. Dear,
    I have problem, when i want to open link given by the teachers, eg google form or attendance, the it will bring to the page that telling the beta programme is full. i already register as whatsapp beta tester, it still not solve the problem. Please help.

    1. MaheshTechnicals

      First check your play store email id and chrome browser email id same or not. If you join beta program then it will not ask you to join.

  6. Thank you much!! I thought it wouldn’t work but immediatly when I clicked the link, I got the option to become a beta tester without updating the page even once. Now I’m a beta tester and it’s amazing. Thank you for ur work!! You’re doing great 🙂

  7. Hello I tried the link to become a whatsapp beta tester but It keep telling me it has reached the maximum number of testers and it isn’t accepting anymore testers what should I do?

  8. Thank you for this amazing trick bro. It worked but, in playstore when I open WhatsApp it says ” Beta version is still installed. You might want to uninstall and reinstall the app”
    What to be done?

    1. MaheshTechnicals

      Clear play store data and check. If you installed whatsapp beta apk from internet then uninstall your whatsapp and download and install from play store. But first take your whatsapp backup.

  9. Awesome trick! Didn’t think it would work but it actually did! I don’t know how many times I refreshed, maybe 15 to 20 times, but yeah it works!

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