Hide WhatsApp Chat – How To Hide WhatsApp Chat in Android.


Hide WhatsApp Chat – hello guys I am back with another tutorial. in these tutorials I am going to show you. have you can hide WhatsApp chat on Android. 

many people ask questions on the internet. which is, how to hide WhatsApp chat on Android.

so finally I am here to tell you some basic steps for hiding WhatsApp chat on any Android device.

many peoples are searching on Google. they want to hide particular chat or WhatsApp from other people.

there are lots of ways to hide particular chat plus WhatsApp. but I am going to tell you the best way to do that.

I’m going to tell you the 3 best ways to hide WhatsApp chat on any Android device.

Hide WhatsApp Chat – How To Hide WhatsApp Chat in Android.


Hide WhatsApp Chat

first of all, we are going to see, best 3 ways to hide WhatsApp chat on any Android device.

follow all the steps properly. then you will able to hide WhatsApp chat on any Android device.

Let’s begin our tutorial.

(1) Hide WhatsApp Chat Using Archive.


you can hide your WhatsApp chat using the RK method. which is officially supported for WhatsApp.

With that method, you can hide a particular chat or contact tab from your WhatsApp. Without any third-party apps.

select hide other WhatsApp chat using the method on any Android device. Follow the steps properly.

(1) open your WhatsApp application. select your WhatsApp Chat or contact which you want to hide.

(2) long press on WhatsApp Chat or contact which you want to hide from WhatsApp.

(3) Then you will see the Archive icon on the top side of your screen. Click on that option. And boom your chat is hidden from your WhatsApp chat.

Hide WhatsApp Chat Using Archive

(4) if you want to see that hidden chat. Then scroll down at the bottom. You will see an option which is Archived (1).

Click on that option. Then you will see your hidden contact chat tab.

(5) If you want to unhide that chat again. Then just long-press on that contact chat tab. And again click on the Archive icon on the top.

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(6) with that trick, you can hide or unhide your WhatsApp chat easily. Let’s move to our next method.

(2) Hide WhatsApp Chat Using WhatsApp Lock.


You can also hide chat from WhatsApp using WhatsApp Lock. With this, you can lock your whole WhatsApp.

You can’t lock a particular chat with this method. But you can lock your WhatsApp with your fingerprint sensor.

now recently WhatsApp rolls out new fingerprint sensor lock on their beta application. so it is a more safe and secure way to hide your WhatsApp.

Let’s see how to use this feature.

(1) open your WhatsApp Application. Go to settings/Account /Privacy section.

(2) in that privacy section. You need to scroll down at the bottom. Then you will get a Fingerprint lock option. Click on that option.

Hide WhatsApp Chat Using WhatsApp Lock

(3) just enable Unlock with a fingerprint option there. Then you will see some more options like :

Automatically lock

-After 1 minute
-After 30 minutes

With this tab, you can set your automatic lock on WhatsApp according to your choice.

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(4) you have one more option which is to Show content in notifications. With this tab, you can hide or unhide notification content from the notification bar.

(3) Hide WhatsApp Chat Using third-party apps.


you can also hide Chat On WhatsApp using and third party application. there are lots of applications available on the internet or Google play.

which will help you to hide your WhatsApp Chat. in this article, I am going to tell you. the best application to hide particular chat or contact with pin or fingerprint support.

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in the second method, you will use a fingerprint sensor if you have it on your phone. but if you don’t have a fingerprint sensor. then this method will help you a lot.

Let’s hide Chat On WhatsApp using third-party apps.

(1) I am talking about a third party application. Which is Locker for Whats Chat App?

Locker for Whats Chat App :



Locker for Whats Chat App is a digital WhatsApp chat lock app.

You can easily lock or hide your private and group WhatsApp chat(s) and maintain their security and privacy using a PIN.

The best part is, it can not only lock chats, but it also has the ability to lock the complete app using a single PIN.


★ Free and suitable interface for use.
★ Best application for locking WhatsApp.
★ Hide your personal important chats from others.
★ Uses very little Storage and resources.
★ Easy to use interface.
★ Leas permissions required.
★ PIN and Fingerprint Lock support.

How to use the app:


(1) Download and install  Locker for Whats Chat App on your Android device.

(2) open that application by tapping on Locker for Whats Chat App app icon from the apps menu.

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(3)  create a four-digit PIN and re-enter the same. (The pin/password is common for your chats and WhatsApp application.)

(4) Next, you need to put a recovery e-mail address, to reset your password in case you forget it.

(5) Grant accessibility permissions to the Locker App to start using it.

(5) Now, tap on the ‘+’ icon to add the contact or chat you want to lock.

(6) Done next time when you open that particular chat. You will see it. You need to unlock with your pin or fingerprint. Then you will access your chat.

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conclusion :


with these three methods, you can easily hide Chat On WhatsApp on any Android device.

Which Tricks I have mentioned above it is working for me. And it is a tested method. So use it and tell me which method you like most.

so finally according to me. the third method is best for everyone. because you can easily lock a particular chat or whole WhatsApp with a pin password or fingerprint sensor.

this method includes all features which we need to hide WhatsApp chat on Android.

so I hope you like this article. if you really think this article will help more people. then please share this article with your friends and family.

if you have any questions or doubt in your mind. then feel free to ask me in comments. I will reply as soon as possible.

Thank You!

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