How to Use Someone WhatsApp in Your Android

How to Use Someone WhatsApp in Your Android

Hello guys Did you know How to Use Someone WhatsApp in Your Android??

Many people ask me about using others whatsapp in our mobile phone so guys in this tutorial I will show you an official whatsapp trick to use someones whatsapp on your phone. This is not a hacking this is just a whatsapp feature which called as whatsapp web. So guys if you want to use someones whatsapp in your android phone then read the full article or watch the video for more information.


So many people want to run whatsapp on three pc or laptop. But they don’t know how to do this. That’s why many people surch softwares to run whatsapp on there pc. But they don’t know that whatsapp is officially give you a feature to run your whatsapp on your pc or computer easyly with the help of whatsapp web.
Whatsapp web basically it is a service which is provided by the whatsapp for those people who want to run or use whatsapp on there pc. Just scan whatsapp web barcode from your android phones whatsapp and then done. Remember that whatsapp web only project your phones whatsapp chats. And give you permmition to access your chats and reply then from pc. This is not an other account this is your original whatsapp account which you using in your android phone. 
1. Your Android Phone with the latest Android verson 4.4+. 
2. Download Whatscan App from the Google Play Store or from the given link. 
3. You need victim’s Phone for 5-10 seconds (make sure whatsapp is installed in it). 
4. Good internet connection in both phones. 
NOTE : This is for a Educational Purpose only don’t misuse it for personal use. 


1. First Download Whatscan App from the given link or from the Google play store. And install it on your phone. 

2. Open this app this will ask for some permmition then give it to the app. 

3. Now it will ask you to set lock or password for this app (use this feature for more security). 

4. Now you will see barcode on your screen so now time to take victims Phone. 

5. Just take victims Phone go to whatsapp. Click on 3dot option top  right side then click on Whatsapp web. 

6. Now victims phones camera will be open then scan your phones barcode with victims whatsapp camera. 

7. After 2-3 seconds vibrate your phone or conect with your victims Phones whatsapp. 

8. Now you will see all the chats or contacts on your phone. Done. 


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