How To Create A Facebook Fan Page On Android

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page On Android

Hello guys In this video i am going to show you How To Create A Facebook Fan Page On Android in simple steps. So many people ask me about the facebook page or fan page. So today i will create a Demo facebook page for you to understand how it works. So guys today we will create a Facebook page or fan page using your android phone. Follow all the steps properly then you understand How To Create A Facebook Fan Page On Android.


1. Open Any browser on your phone (i personally use uc browser) 

2. Go to

3. Now log in with your Facebook account. If you not have facebook account then create a Facebook account first. 

4. Now click on the 3dot option on top right corner. 

5. Now select the option “Create New Page” 

6. Now select on create page. 

7. Now you will see the welcome page so click on ” gets started” 

8. Now put your Facebook Fan Page name and click on next.

9. Now select your Facebook Fan Page catagory and click on next. 

10. Now upload your profile photo of your fan page. And click on next. 

11. Do the same for cover photo allso and hit on next. 

12. Enter your website url if you have it otherwise leave as it is. And click on next. 

13. Now you facebook fan page is ready bow you share your post or videos with your friends. 

14. Now you can share your page links to your friends on any social media platforms. 

15. Done. 


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