How To Fix Mobile Data Always On Problem On Android

How To Fix Mobile Data Always On Problem On Android

Did you know How To Fix Mobile Data Always On Problem On Android??

Many people ask me about this internet problem so guys I want to tell you something of this data always on problem. So guys when you install custom roms on your phone and if you using jio sim in india so you face this problem or if you use Xiaomi phones then you will get this internet problem so guys this very big issue because if you don’t have any data pack then your balance will be cut so we need to fix this mobile data always on problem.

This problem is not big it just a Sim APN problem so we need to fix this or set a proper APN settings on your phone. So today i will give you an proper APN settings for your android phone. Follow all the steps properly then you will solve this problem on your phone.


1. Turn off your mobile data if is on.

2. Now go to settings /Sim cards.

3. Now select your Sim 1 or 2 which is create problem in your phone.

4. So I am using SIM 1 Settings (jio 4g) and open it.

5. Now click on preferred network type. Then select LTE Only. (This is a 4G Network)

6. After that click on Access Point Names. Now delete All APN Settings.

7. After that Create a new APN Settings for that Click on + icon and set the following settings.

  • Name : jio4G
  • APN : jionet
  • APN Type : default
  • APN protocol : IPv4/ipv6
  • APN roaming protocol : IPv4/ipv6
  • Bearer : LTE

8. Now click on the top right corner and click on the Save The settings.

9. Done. Your internet problem is solved. If settings not working then restart your phone.

10. Thank You So Much………


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How To Fix Mobile Data Always On Problem On Android. 

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