How to add video layer on powerdirector (ROOT)

How to add video layer on powerdirector (ROOT) 

In this video i am going to show you How to add video layer on powerdirector. So guys many people ask me about a video layer option not coming on there Powerdirector app so today I will show you an simple process to add video layer option on any powerdirector mobile video editing app. So guys in this article I am using root method so you need to Root your phone for this method so if your phone is rooted then good to go. But your phone is not rooted then this truck is not work on your phone. So don’t worry guys if you don’t know about rooting then read my other root related articles from my website and allso watch my Root related videos from my youtube chanal. 

So watch full video till the end then you understand properly.

powerdirector App:

It is an mobile application which is help you to edit your videos on your android phone. This is an professional video editing software for Android. Most small youtubers are using this app to edit the videos for youtube. You can make a SlideShow, musical video, you can put music, videos, images, text, fx etc to edit your videos. You can allso render them in Full HD quality as well as in 4K allso 


1. powerdirector App. 

2. Root Browser. (ROOT users only) [it is an file manager application which is have root browser facility like you can change system files with this app] 

3. com.cyberlink.powerdirector.xml (file)[This is an powerdirector video layer system file]. 


1. Download power director App from the below link. 

2. Download Root browser App and com.cyberlink.powerdirector.xml (file) from the below link. 

3. Open your Root browser App and find com.cyberlink.powerdirector.xml (file) which you downloaded before.long press on and click on copy. 

4. Click back button and find data folder. And open it. 

5. Ones you find data folder then again find data folder in that. 

6. Now find com.cyberlink.powerdirector folder. Open this folder. 

7. Now scroll down and you will a folder called shared_press. Open it. And paste your file hear. 

8. Congrats your video layer will be added in your power director App. 

Thanks for watching. 


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1. Powerdirector App :

LINK – 1 :

LINK-2 :

2. Root Browser :

LINK – 1 :

LINK – 2 :

3. com. Cyberlink. Powerdirector. Xml (file) 

LINK 1 :

LINK – 2 :

Thank You For Reading How to add video layer on powerdirector (ROOT). 

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