Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X [Stable Oreo Rom 8.1.0]

Did you know guys finally we got latest Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X? It is a stable android oreo 8.1.0 rom for our Redmi 3S /Prime /3X Devices??

Many people ask me about How To Install Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X [Stable Oreo Rom 8.1.0]. So guys in a tutorial I am going to teach you all the installation process step by step. So guys if you want to update your Redmi 3S /Prime /3X, then just follow all the steps properly. In this tutorial, I will provide all the rom + Gapps download links. So you can download & flash android oreo rom 8.1.0 on your Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. So guys in this tutorial we will install unofficial Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. Which is more stable than previous builds.

What Is Liquid Remix Rom :

Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X [Stable Oreo Rom 8.1.0]

Liquid Remix Rom is an Android Oreo 8.1.0 project. Liquid Remix is a new age mix of all the custom ROMs out today with an added flavor from the old smooth days. All features are open source and will always stay that way as the community is the most important thing to our project! We aren’t here for donations or thanks just want to bring a nice smooth ROM to our Team 3S! Hope you guys enjoy. You will get highlights like :

  • Improve Battery Performance.
  • Latest security patch.
  • New multi-window feature.
  • New Android version 8.1.0 (Oreo).
  • Fast performance.
  • Better RAM management.
  • Better Gaming experience.
  • Camera improvement.



Status Of Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X :



Overall Status :
Stable Rom.

Requirements For Installing Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X :

1. You Need to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. If you want to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 3S, Then google it or follow my tutorial post link below.

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2. You need to install a custom recovery on your Redmi 3S/Prime /3X like (CWM OR TWRP). If you don’t know how to install a Twrp recovery on your redmi 3S, Then google it or follow my tutorial post below. You need to install latest TWRP Recovery or higher on your redmi 3S /Prime /3X.

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3. Liquid Remix rom is in a stable. Because this is an unofficial build for our Redmi 3S Device. but you need to take a full backup of your phone. I recommend you to take a TWRP Recovery backup. that is safer for you. Move your backup to your sd card or into a computer.

4. Download Liquid Remix ROM File. Download Gapps file for android oreo 8.1.0 with arm64.

Download Liquid Remix ROM (Redmi 3S /Prime /3X). 

Download Gapps Arm64 (8.1).

Original Source. 

5. Download Supersu Zip File. If you want to root your redmi 3S, then download supersu zip file from the Google of from the given links.

Download Supersu Zip File. 

6. Download Magisk zip file. If you want to install magisk systemless root in your Redmi 3S, then download Magisk zip file from the Google or from the given link.

Download Magisk zip File. 

NOTE: Use supersu or magisk. Don’t use both files to root your Redmi 3S.

How To Install Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X [Stable Oreo Rom 8.1.0]

1. First, take a full TWRP backup of your current rom into your computer. The Rom changing is a risky process. So make sure to take a backup of your all the important data.

2. Download unofficial Liquid Remix for Redmi 3S Rom zip file.Download Gapps for Liquid Remix (8.1. 0) from the given links to your computer.

3. Boot your phone into recovery mode using key combinations. like, power off your Redmi 3S. press Volume up + Down +power key At the same. When the Mi logo spear releases the keys.

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4. Go to Wipe section. Go to advance vibe. Wipe data factory reset, Cache partition, Dalvik Cache and Format the System partition.

5. Now move your files from the computer to your Redmi 3S. (Liquid Remix Rom file and Gapps).

6. Now go to install section. select Liquid Remix Rom file and flash it. It will take some time to flash.

7. After flashing rom file doesn’t reboot your phone. So go back again. go to install option again. select Gapps zip file& flash it.

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8. Now reboot your Redmi 3S phone. It will take some time for the first hoot.

. 9. Now finally Android oreo 8.1. 0 installed on your Redmi 3S /Prime /3X.

9. Done & Enjoy.

How To Root Liquid Remix  Rom :

1. Download Supersu Zip File or Magisk zip file from the given links. You can download that files from the official websites as well. Move that files into your internal memory.

2. Boot your Redmi 3S into Twrp Recovery mode.(if you don’t know how to boot your phone into recovery mode. Then press volume up +Down +power button at the same time).

3. Go to install section. select supersu zip or magisk zip (use only one)  file & flash it.

4. Done. Now you need to reboot your phone. It will take some time for fist boot. Now your Redmi 3S is successfully Rooted.

Watch Video For More Info :

Thank You For Reading Liquid Remix Rom For Redmi 3S/Prime /3X [Stable Oreo Rom 8.1.0].

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