How To Host A Website On GitHub For FREE Using Android.

How To Host A Website On GitHub For FREE Using Android.

How To Host A Website On GitHub – Hello guys if you are searching how to host a website on GitHub on Google many times. then you are landed in the best place. here I will show you step by step guide. which will help you to host a website on GitHub.

If you want to host a website on GitHub then read this article carefully in this guide I am going to show you step by step guide to host a website on GitHub.

Many people ask me about how to host a website on Github? that is possible or not?

So I am here to explain each part. which is required to host a website on GitHub. I will solve your question which is how to host a website on GitHub here.

So stay tuned and read my full article. I will give you a video tutorial as well. it may be helpful for you.

Hosting a website on GitHub is a tricky part. but with the use of this guide, you can do it easily. First thing first why you need to host a website on GitHub?

Why You Should Host A Website On GitHub?

Let’s talk about some features which teeth provide to his customers. If you are going to use GitHub hosting then what you will get.

(1) you will get the most required thing which is unlimited bandwidth. With this feature, your website can hold unlimited traffic to your page. your website will never crash due to hosting.

(2) you will get unlimited storage to store your website file directories media etc

(3) you will get 100% uptime on your GitHub hosted website.

(4) you will get a free lifetime SSL certificate with GitHub URL.

(5) you can easily connect your custom Domain with that website on GitHub.

( 6) GitHub supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript node JS, and many more languages. You can easily host a static website on GitHub.

Disadvantages: Hosting a website on GitHub.

(1) you cannot install WordPress on GitHub. Because it is PHP based software but GitHub does not support PHP languages.

(2) you will not get any access to the SQL database you need to to use third party websites for it.

)(3) if you update anything in your repository. then it will take some time To apply those changes on your website.

(4) you need to familiar with coding languages. without coding, you cannot edit your website from the GitHub repository.

(5) you need to learn GitHub and how it works.

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How To Host A Website On GitHub For FREE Using Android.

I hope now you understand what you will require to host a website on GitHub. Let’s start with a guide.

We will use our Android phone only to host a website on GitHub.

(1) create a GitHub account using the official website which is fill in your username email id password and solve the captcha.

How To Host A Website On GitHub - Create GitHub Account

Write down your username, email id, and password. which is used for GitHub. because we need that information letter.

(2) after creating an account on GitHub just login to your Account. then you will need to create a repository. Just name it whatever you want with ( extension.

Example :

✅ Tick on Add a README file.

Then click on create a repository.

How To Host A Website On GitHub - Create New Repository

(3) now the time to upload your website zip file into your GitHub repository. Go into your newly created repository click on the add file button.

Now click on the upload file. it will redirect to you to uploading page. Click on choose your files. Then upload your zip file here.

(4) after upload just click on Commit changes. It will show that zip file into your repository.

How To Host A Website On GitHub - upload file to repository

You will maybe think about why we uploaded a zip file into our repository. This is because you cannot upload folders through the upload section. you can only upload files.

(5) now the time to use a terminal to configure our website files. Because we need to extract that ZIP file using a terminal.

(6) open your Google play store Download & Install Termux App. We need that application to use as a terminal.

(7) after installation of Termux App. Open that application. When you open that application for the first time. it will download some files automatically. so wait until you get a terminal.

(8) now our Termux terminal is ready. but you don’t have packages installed. so first we need to install some packages. which will help you to co-ordinate with GitHub.

How To Host A Website On GitHub - Termux App

(9) don’t worry just follow my command step-by-step and you’re good to go. Just copy-paste that command in your terminal.

# lines use for understanding commands.

$ use for or our main commands.

NOTE: You need to copy-paste and enter $ lines only. not # lines. Don’t copy the $ icon. Copy-paste commands only.

Always press enter after one command.

# update & upgrade Termux Packages.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

How To Host A Website On GitHub - update packages

After this command. Termux will ask you for yes or no ap press Y and enter when they ask yes or no.

# install zip tool to compress website files.

$ apt install zip

# install unzip tool to extract zip files.

$ apt install unzip

# install GIT tool.

$ apt install git

# configure your GitHub account with this command. Replace Email ID and Username with your GitHub Email & username.

git config --global "" && git config --global "MaheshTechnicals"

(10) now your termux terminal is ready to co-ordinate with our GitHub repository.

(11) clone / Download your newly created repository From Github Using Terminal. For that, we will use the git clone command.

Example :

git clone (your repository URL) (any folder name)

In my case that is :

$ git clone website/

Just replace my GitHub link with your GitHub link.

Put your command into the terminal & press enter. It will automatically Download your all GitHub files into the website folder.

Download Repository From Github

(12) now we need to extract our zip file from the terminal. so follow my commands to complete that step.

# To see your website folder Just enter the ls command & press enter.

$ ls

# Let’s go into your website folder using the cd command.

$ cd website

# use ls to see all your files.

(13) Now we need to extract the zip file which you uploaded in your repository before.

# Extract zip file command then press enter.

$ unzip

(in my case my file name is Change with your file name).

unzip Website Files via Terminal.

It will extract your files into your repository folder. Watch my video Tutorial to understand where you need to extract those files.

Extract Zip file using Termux App.

(14) we did all changes in Termux Terminal. So we need to push that changes into our GitHub Repository.

# add your files which you want to push on Github Repository.

$ git add *

# check all files are added or not using the bellow command.

$ git status

git status

# Now we need to commit that changes.

$ git commit -m "my first site"

# Now finally push on Github Repository.

$ git push -u origin main

After this command, they will ask you for a GitHub username and password. So add your GitHub username and password properly.

Then press enter. It will push your all website extracted files on Github Repository.

push website files to GitHub

(15) now our terminal part is over. the go to your GitHub repository which you created before and refresh the page. see your all the files you have it or not.

If you will see nothing then check your mistake.

(16) now overall files are present in our GitHub repository. We need to delete the file now.

Click on that file and press the delete icon on the right side of the page. Then click on commit changes.

(17) now our website is ready. but we need to generate a GitHub link to access that website all over the world.

For that just click on settings. Find GitHub pages option. Here you will need to select your main branch. Then click on save.

create GitHub Page.

After that, your page will refresh. again go to the GitHub pages option here you will find your website link. copy that link and open it into your browser.

Github Page URL.

(18) Boom! Now your website is hosted on GitHub.

I hope now you understand how to host a website on GitHub very easily. But we have GitHub generated URL here.

what if I say you can use your custom domain with that website. it sounds good right. So let’s connect our custom domain with that website.

Connect custom domain on GitHub pages or Website :

Let’s connect our custom domain with your GitHub website. you can use any custom domain which you want to connect with your website.

you can buy a top-level domain from Popular websites like Godaddy, hosting, NameCheap. but in that case, I am going to use a free domain from freenom. My domain name is

So let’s start.

(1) you need to add four A records in your Domain DNS settings.

No Name Target / point Seconds Type
1 @ 600 A
2 @ 600 A
3 @ 600 A
4 @ 600 A

(2) now DNS settings part is done. Nagaur to your GitHub repository and create a file. The filename should be.



In the content, box add your domain name. Like in my case (don’t use HTTPS or www).

(3) Now wait for 10 – 15 minutes. Then go and enter your custom domain in your web browser & check your website showing on your domain or not.

Website Hosted On GitHub with custom domain.

I hope now you understand. how to host a website on GitHub with a custom domain name very easily.

Enable SSL certificate on the GitHub website :

But here is one problem is remaining now this is an SSL certificate. You don’t have an SSL certificate on your domain or website.

It means you don’t have HTTPS protection on your website. So let’s install an SSL certificate on your GitHub website.

(1) Do this step after 24 hours. It is very important for us.

(2) Go to website. Create a free account here.

(3) Cloudflare provides a lifetime free SSL certificate for any Domains.

(4) add your domain here. Select your free plan. Then Cloudflare gives you new nameservers.

Then add those nameservers into your domain nameservers settings.

(5) nameservers update it takes 2-3 hours to change. so wait until your domain properly Connects with Cloudflare. You will receive mail when your domain is connected.

(6) after a domain connected properly with Cloudflare. Go to the SSL/TLS tab. Then enable some options like :

(A) SSL/TLS encryption : FULL. (B) Always Use HTTPS: on. (C) Automatic HTTPS Rewrites : on.

Done. SSL certificate is properly installed on your custom domain. It will take some time to apply the SSL certificate to your custom domain. It may take 24 hours to apply properly. So wait.

Conclusion :

I hope have you properly understand how to host a website on GitHub. With this guide, you can easily attach a custom domain to your GitHub website. And you can enable an SSL certificate as well.

If you want to host your website for a free lifetime then this article will help you a lot. If you want to host a static website based on HTML coding.

then this method will help you to save plot of from web hosting companies. you don’t need to buy any web hosting. if you want to host a static website.

Thank you so much for reading How To Host A Website On GitHub For FREE using Android. If you like my article then please share it with your friends and family.

If you have any questions in your mind. Then feel free to comment here. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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