How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Smartphone (No Root)

How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Smartphone (No Root)

Hello guys Did you know how to Enable Google Assistant on an any Android Phone Without Root access??

So If you want to install or enable Google Assistant on your android device then read this full article or watch the video for more information. So many people ask me about Google Assistant is work on particular phone or not? So finally I am back with the best truck to Enable Google Assistant on any Android Phone Without Root access. So follow my steps properly then you understand properly how to enable Google Assistant on your particular device.

Google Assistant :

Google Assistant is an voice Assistant which is Made by google to the pixel phone in the marshmallow or higher versions of android phone. This specualy found in pixel phone. It is an simple Google which is give you answers of your questions with the voice as well as text. You can do so many things with this Google Assistant like :

  • Set Reminders 
  • Set Alarm 
  • Send Whatsapp masages using voice 
  • Send text 
  • Call anyone from your contacts list 
  • Play games 
  • Ask any questions 
  • Click Screenshorts
  • Open applications
  • Read Masages for you 
  • Translate any language 
  • Lock scren of unlock 
  • Many more…….. 


1. Updated Google Play App Store. 

2. Updated Google Play Service in beta verson. 

3. Updated Google App in beta version. 


1. Now finally we will get google assistant on our Android phone with some simple steps.

2. Open any browser on your phone, I recommend you to use Chrome browser. Just surch Google Play Service and hit surch. Just click on the Google play service app it will automatically open Google play store.

3. Now scroll down then click on I Am In or join button. (first be a beta tester of this app). After that wait 5-10 minuts then you will get google play services update then click on update.

4. Now go to Google Play surch and type Google app hit go. Now select Google app then again do same thing with this app allso. Just be a beta user then update Google app allso.

5. After updating both the apps just go to settings /apps /then select Google Play services app then click on it and clear data of this app.

6. Now again go back and click on google app then click on clear data.

7. After that again go to settings the click on language & input option then select the language US (English).

8. Now Restart your phone and that’s it Done.

9. Now long press on home button then it will come up with the Google Assistant setup then set up this settings and done.

10. Now you can enjoy google Assistant Features on your android phone allso.

How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Smartphone (No Root)


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