TREBLE ROM – How To Install Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X

Hello guys did you know How To Install Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X Devices??

Many people ask me about How To Install Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X. So guys finally I am back with a brand new tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you How To Install Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X Devices with a simple method. We all know that google release new Project called “Project Treble”. So if your device is old & you want to install updated version of Android, then Project Treble help you to get that. Google knows about very fewer people are using new android versions on their phone. So Google decided that to provide faster updates to their customers. That’s why Project Treble comes in a picture.

So guys in this video I am using my Redmi 3S device. You can use any other device. Follow all the steps properly then you will get Treble Supported device at the end of the tutorial.

Requirements To Install Treble Rom :

1. You Need to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. If you want to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 3S, Then google it or follow my tutorial post link below.

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2. You need to install a custom recovery on your Redmi 3S/Prime /3X like (CWM OR TWRP). If you don’t know how to install best Twrp recovery on our redmi 3S, Then google it or follow my tutorial post below. You need to install latest TWRP Recovery or higher on your redmi 3S /Prime /3X.

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3. You will need Treble Supported Recovery. Download from the given links. Save it on your phones SD Card.

Download Treble Recovery.

4. Download Treble Supported Rom for your device. In my case I am using Lineage OS 15. 1 (unofficial Treble) Rom for Redmi 3S/Prime /3X. Download it from the given link.

Download Lineage OS 15.1 (Treble) Rom. 

5. Download Gapps For your treble room. Download Gapps Arm64 8.1 (any type).

Download Gapps. 

6. Download Magisk Zip (Treble Mod). Don’t flash regular one. Use Treble mod magisk to root your Treble room.

Download Magisk zip 16.4 (Treble). 

7. Download Treble chack app to check your treble Supported status. Download from the given link.

Download Treble Chack App. 

How To Install Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X :

1. Fist have all the required files into your SD card. Boot your phone to recovery mode.

2. After that take a full backup of your current ROM using TWRP recovery backup feature. Save a backup into your SD Card.

3. First, you will need to flash Treble Recovery. For that click on install section. Click on Install images option on the right side of the TWRP screen. Just find your downloaded Treble Recovery image file. Just flash it. Go to the Home section of TWRP Recovery. Click on Reboot /Recovery then swipe it. It will boot your phone into Treble Recovery.

4. Now you good to go. Just go to Wipe section. Go to advance vibe. Wipe system, gender, internal storage, data factory reset, Cache partition, Dalvik Cache and Format the System partition.

5. Now go to install section. Select Lineage OS 15.1 (unofficial Treble) Rom file and flash it. It will take some time to flash.

6. After flashing ROM file doesn’t reboot your phone. So go back again. go to install option again. select Gapps zip file & flash it.

7. Flash Magisk zip Treble Mod if you want to root your phone. Just Reboot your system. It will boot your phone into Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S /Prime /3X.

8. Now download Treble chack app & install it on your phone. Then check your device Supports Treble Project or not.

9. Done.

How To Root Treble Rom :

1. Download Magisk zip (Treble mod) file from the given links. You can download that files from the official websites as well. Move that files into your internal memory.

2. Boot your Redmi 3S into Twrp Recovery mode.(if you don’t know how to boot your phone into recovery mode. Then press volume up +Down +power button at the same time).

3. Go to install section. magisk zip (Treble mod) file & flash it.

4. Done.Now you need to reboot your phone. It will take some time for fist boot. Now your Redmi 3S is successfully Rooted.

Watch VVideo For More Info :

TREBLE ROM – How To Install Treble Supported Rom On Redmi 3S/Prime / 3X.

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