id you know How To Backup & Restore SMS On Android??

Many people ask me about How To Backup & Restore SMS On Android. So finally I am back with a brand new tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you a simple method to Backup your important SMS. Also, I will show you how to Restore SMS. So guys if are using custom ROMs or you can flash multiple ROMs on your phone. If you can factory reset your phone regularly due to some reasons. Then your SMS will automatically delete after that process. So you need backup your important SMS. So guys if you want to backup & restore SMS on your phone, just read the full article or watch a video for more information.

How To Backup & Restore SMS On Android

Due to Backup & Restore SMS On Android, you need to follow some steps :

Step – 1: Download & install SMS Backup & Restore App from the Google Play Store. You can download that app from the given link as well.

Download SMS Backup & Restore App

Step – 2: After installing. Open SMS Backup & Restore App on your phone. Give some permission if it is asked.

Step – 3: Click on three dot option on the top left side. You will get some options like :

  • Home
    Back up now
    View backups
    Manage space

Step – 4: Now if you want to backup your SMS. Then click on Back up now option. It will show some options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Your phone.

Step – 5: if you want to backup your SMS to Google drive. Then just click on google drive option & link your Google id.

Step – 6: if you want to backup SMS to your Dropbox account. Then click on that option & log in to your Dropbox account.

Step – 7: If you want to backup your arms into your SD card. Then click on your phone option. The just select folder which you want to use for SMS Backup.

Step 8: After selecting your path just click on backup. It will automatically create your SMS & call logs backup into your selected storage. It will take 10–15 seconds.

Step – 9: Done now your all Important SMS are backed up.

How To Restore SMS On Android

If you want to restore your SMS Backup. Just follow steps :

Step – 1: Open SMS Backup & Restore app. Just click on the restore button. It will ask you to select your store. (google drive, Dropbox, and Your phone).

Step – 2: Now just select your store. It will automatically detect your backup file. Just click on the restore button. It will start to restore prices. It will take 10-15 seconds.

Step_3: Done, now open your default SMS app. You will see your all SMS are restored properly.

Watch Video For More Info :

Thank you so much for reading SMS Backup & Restore – How To Backup & Restore SMS On Android.

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