Did you know guys we will turn our android phone into a transparent device?

Many people ask me about the best Trick to Make Your Android Mobile Fully Transparent. So guys finally I am back with a brand new tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you a simple trick to make android phone fully transparent. So guys if you want to use transparent Screen On your smartphone. Then just follow the tutorial. Guys if you want to show off with your friends or you want to look different than others, then just use this trick in your phone. Transparent Screen it will use your back camera to work properly. This trick will work on any android device. So, guys, you can enjoy transparent screen on any Android Phone.

Download Transparent Screen Simulated App

Best Trick to Make Your Android Mobile Fully Transparent.

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1. Open Google play store. You need to download an app called “Transparent Screen Simulated’.

2. After installing the app just open the app. You will get start button on your screen.

3. Click on the start button. Then set that wallpaper as your home screen.

4. Done now your phone working with fully transparent. It’s the great trick.

Watch YouTube Video.

Transparent Screen – Trick to Make Your Android Mobile Fully Transparent.

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