Did you know guys about Protect Channel From Copyright & Community Guidelines strikes?

Many people ask me about protect Channel From Copyright & Community Guidelines strikes. So finally guys I am going to tell you, some most important points which help you to Protect your youtube channel. Guys we all already know that, you.be change their terms and conditions regularly. So we need to follow those terms and conditions to improve our channel standard. If you will not follow those terms and conditions then your channel may get suspended. So guys if you want to Protect Your YouTube Channel From Copyright & Community Guidelines strikes.

There are two types of the strike we will get :

1. Comunity Guidelines Strike.
2. Copyright Strike.

See the below points & Just don’t do it on your channel.

Why You Will Get Comunity Guidelines to strike :

(1) Comunity Guidelines Strike :

Guys youtube have some terms and conditions. So if you are a new youtube or you don’t know about community guidelines. Then first read them. It is necessary for every youtube according to me.

a. Violation / violence :

Guys if you are making 18+ videos. Then you need to put age restricted. You can’t upload pornography or violence content on youtube. If you upload that then you will get community guidelines to strike on your youtube channel.

b. Tags Spamming:

we all already know that. Tags play a very important role in our YouTube video. But some people use tags other than content. Example: my video all about android application. But I am using computer software tags or popular youtube name, etc. That is totally wrong on youtube. If you will follow this wrong method of tags, then you will definitely get community guidelines to strike.

c. Description Spamming:

Youtube video description is for short video information about tour video topic & content. But some people use description box for the tags box. Many people paste lots of tags I’m the description box. They will get views faster. But also they will get community guidelines to strike faster too.

d. Title Samsung:

Title of the video is the most important part of the video. If you are making a title for your youtube videos. Then make sure your title Mach with your video content. Otherwise will suspend by the youtube.

e. Thumbnail Spamming:

We all YouTubers try to make a great & attractive thumbnail for our YouTube video. But make sure your thumbnail should Mach with your content. Don’t use clickbait on youtube. Otherwise, you will get community guidelines to strike on your youtube channel.

f. Don’t Do SUB FOR SUB:

Guys many small & new YouTubers follow sub for sub-method to increase views & subscribers. They write a sub for a sub in video comments of popular YouTubers. But this trick will not help you to grow your channel. If you are using this method your youtube channel will directly get suspended by the youtube. As well as your Google+ it will get a ban.

(2) Copyright Stable:

most people know about that strike. Its name suggests, if you will use copyright content in your video then you will get a copyright strike on your youtube channel. If you want to use images, music, videos etc then just google it or search it on youtube for not copyright. Example: if you want to use copyright free songs or music. Then you can use NCS (Non-copyright sounds channel on youtube. Its provide copyright free songs.

I hope this guide helpful for you. If you want to grow on youtube. Just follow rules and regulations as well as all the terms and conditions of youtube.

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How To Protect Your YouTube Channel From Copyright & Community Guidelines strike (2018).

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