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Did you know How To Solve Hanging Problem On Android??

Many people ask me about How To Solve Hanging Problem On Android. So guys finally I am back with a brand new tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show How To Solve Hanging Problem On Android. So, guys, so many people have to face the hang problem on their Android mobile. So guys if you want to solve hang problem or you want a proper Technical solution for that problem, then follow this tutorial. We all know that Android Phone it is an operating system which consumes battery to perform. So, guys, all your installed apps + files + Media etc are taking space & consume battery to perform. If you are facing Hang issue on your phone then your phone may be a low budget smartphone, which has low internal storage as well as low RAM. They will face lots of Hang problem or stuck problem on Android Mobile.

If you want to solve all these problems then just follow step by step tutorial to improve your phone speed with a better battery backup with no Hang issues.

How To Solve Hanging Problem On Android :

We will tell you some important steps to improve your phones hanging problem on any Android Phone.

1. Space in internal storage & SD Card.

Guys if you are buying a new phone, then your phone works great. But after some time it sticks & lags so much. Because of your internal storage & SD Card. Because your internal storage & SD Card storage was full. So first you need to create some space in internal storage. Like if you have 16GB internal storage then create 2 GB space. Don’t need to use full storage. Because if your internal storage was full your device starts Hang problem. Because apps need storage to perform if they do not get your internal storage. that will not work. Apps start crashing. It will create hang problem on your phone.

Same with the SD Card. Your SD Card is also a part of your phone. If your SD Card was full then your phone takes time to load your SD Card In your phone. It will take time to open files, media, music, etc. So you need to free some space in your SD Card as well.

2. Disable Unwanted Apps.

Guys when we buy a smart. You will get lots of apps installed on your phone by the company. Those apps will take a space in your internal storage as well as consuming Lots of RAM. It will create a Hang problem. so guys if you want to solve that problem, just uninstall those unwanted apps from your phone. If you will not get uninstall option then just Disable it. It will help you to increase performance & speed of your phone. It will reduce Hang problem conditions.

3. Poor RAM Management.

Guys when you buy a new SmartPhones. You will get 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB RAM etc. If you have 2 GB RAM or less than that. You will 100% face Hang problem on your phone. RAM will help you to open & closing of apps, multitasking etc. But your RAM was full then your android starts lagging. If you want to solve, just clear recent apps Tabs. Go to settings /apps. Select which app you want to force stop. If you are not using some apps then just uninstall it or Disable it. It will free some space in Your RAM.

4. Turn Off Animations.

If your phone lags so much or Hang continuously. It may be because of your phone animations scales. If you want to solve that problem. Just go to settings /about Phone /build number tap on build number 7 to 8 times. It will unlock your Developers option. Go back then you will see a new option called Developers option above about Phone. Click on developers option enable it. After that find three options & set it like this :

Window animation scale = 5x (or Off).
Transition animation scale = 5x (or off)
Animator duration scale = 5x (or Off).

It will decrease your phone animations. It will help you to remove Hang problem on your phone.

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