Did you know How To Flash A Generic System Image (GSI) On Project Treble Supported Devices??

Many people ask me about How To Flash A Generic System Image (GSI) On Project Treble Supported Devices. So guys finally I am back with a brand new tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you simple steps to install or Flash Generic System Image (GSI)On Project Treble Supported Device. We all know that google release new Project called “Project Treble”. So if your device is old & you want to install updated version of Android, then Project Treble help you to get that. Google knows about every five people are using new android versions on their smartphone. So Google decided that to provide faster updates to their customers. That’s why Project Treble comes in a picture.

So guys in this video I am using my Redmi 3S device. You can use any other Treble Supported device. Follow all the steps properly then you will get Generic System Image (GSI)On your Treble Supported device at the end of the tutorial.

Requirements To Install / Generic System Image (GSI) :

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1. You Need to unlock the bootloader of your device. If you want to unlock the bootloader of your device, just google it.

Must Read : How To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Xiaomi Device  

2. Check your phone supports the treble project or not. Use Treble chack App to check your Treble status.

3. You need to install flash Treble Supported custom recovery on your phone.

TREBLE RECOVERY – How To Install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X [Redwolf & TWRP]. 

4. Download proper Generic System Image (GSI) file for your device. If your device supports seamless updates, then download the A/B image, otherwise download the A-only tJudimage.

Download Generic System Image  GSI File. 

5. If you are going to flash GSI first time on your phone. Just take a full backup of your current rom +important data etc.

How To Flash A Generic System Image (GSI) On Project Treble Supported Devices :

Finally guys now I will show you simple steps to install/flash GSI image’s on your treble supported device.

1. Download proper Generic System Image (GSI) file on your phone or pc. Save it in your internal storage or sd card. In this tutorial, I am going to use Resurrection Remix (GSI) File. Which is based on android oreo 8.1.0?

2. Boot your phone into Treble Recovery mode. If you don’t know how to install treble Recovery on your phone, then just follow the tutorial below. I am using Redwolf treble Recovery On my Redmi 3S (Treble Supported).

4. Go to wipe section. You will see a slider on the bottom. Just swipe to wipe. Don’t go to advanced wipe or format /reset etc. Just only swipe to wipe.

5. Go to install section. Click on the below right side option which is “Install Images”. Now locate your Generic System Image (GSI) file. In my case Resurrection Remix (GSI) system.img. Just select it. Then it will ask you installation path. So select system image then swipe to flash. It will take some time to flash. So wait for the flashing process.

6. After flashing, set up your device. just reboot your phone. Now Generic System Image (GSI) properly installed your treble supported device.

Warch Video For More Info:

How To Flash A Generic System Image (GSI) On Project Treble Supported Devices.

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