Did you know How To Install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X??

Many people ask me about How To Install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X. So, guys, I am back with a brand new tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show simple steps to install Treble Recovery On our Redmi 3S. Guys, we all know that. Finally, Redmi 3S users get Treble supported custom roms. So if you want to flash Treble Rom on your Redmi 3S then you need to flash Treble Recovery On your phone. In this full step by step guide. I will provide you all the required links below.

Basically, Treble Rom use for flashing “GSIs” (Genetic System Images). But if you want to use Treble Rom on your phone. Then you should install Treble Recovery On your device. There is currently two Treble Recovery available for our Redmi 3S (land) users. TWRP Treble Recovery & Redwolf Treble Recovery. Both Treble Recoveries are Stable.

Requirements To Install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X :

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1. You Need to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. If you want to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 3S, Then google it or follow my tutorial post link below.

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2. You need to install a custom recovery on your Redmi 3S/Prime /3X like (CWM OR TWRP). If you don’t know how to install best Twrp recovery on our redmi 3S, Then google it or follow my tutorial post below. You need to install latest TWRP Recovery or higher on your redmi 3S /Prime /3X.

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3. You will need Treble Supported Recovery. Download from the given links. Save it on your phones SD Card.

TWRP Recovery (Treble) For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. 

Redwolf  Recovery (Treble) For Redmi 3S /Prime /3X. 

How To Install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X :

Finally, I will show you two methods to install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S.

Method-1: Without PC Method.

1. Fist you need to unlock your phone’s bootloader. Make sure TWRP Recovery installed on your phone.

2. Download TWRP Treble Recovery or Redwolf Treble Recovery (use which you like it). Save it on your phone. Boot your phone into recovery mode using key combinations. like, power off your Redmi 3S. press Volume up + Down +power key At the same. When the Mi logo spear releases the keys.

3. First, take a full backup of your current rom.

4. Go to install section. Click on the below right side option which is “Install Images”. Now locate your Treble Recovery image file.

5. Select Recovery file. Then you will see two flashing options. Like “Boot & Recovery”. So select Recovery option. Then flash it. Done.

6. To boot into Treble Recovery, just click on Reboot /Recovery option. Done.

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Method – 2: PC /Computer Method.

1. Installed adb and fastboot drivers on your pc.

2. Download TWRP Treble Recovery or Redwolf Treble Recovery file on your pc. Rename that files. If Twrp xxx xxx then Rename it to recovery.img. Move this file to c:/adb folder.

3. go to Phone settings /About Phone /Miui version. Tap 7 to 8 times in miui version. Then go back and go to “Aditional settings /Developer option. And enable” OEM Unlocking” and USB Debugging”.

4. Now power off your Redmi 3S/Prime/3X, and boot your phone into “Fastboot Mode” for that use keys combinations like press Volume Down + power key at the same time.

5. Now connect your phone to pc /computer via USB cable. (use better USB cable).

6. Go to c:/adb folder then presses SHIFT +Right click /open command window. Enter the first Command to check your phone connected or not. Type “fastboot Devices” press enter. If your phone recognizes then follow next step. If not recognize then reinstall adb and fastboot drivers on your pc.

7. To Install Treble Recovery. You need to enter a command like “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” press enter. Done Treble Recovery flashed successfully.

8. To boot into Treble Recovery. Just type “fastboot reboot recovery” press enter. Your device will boot into Treble Recovery.

Watch Video For More Info :

Thank You So Much For Reading TREBLE RECOVERY – How To Install Treble Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime /3X [Redwolf & TWRP].

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