How To Change Boot Animation On Any Android

In this video I am going to show How To Change Boot Animation On Any Android device in simple steps. 

What is Boot Animation ?? 

Boot animation it is in simple words Boot and animation. Boot it means when you turn off your phone then turn on your phone or reboot or restart your phone its called android boot. 
Animation means when you turn on your phone or power on your phone then you will see and company logo with some animation Luke Samsung, Lava, one plus etc. 

How To Change Boot Animation On Any Android


1. Rooted android phone.

2. Boot Animation app (use in Method – 1 only) 

3. Es File Explorer app (use in Method – 2 only) 

4. Download Boot Animation zip file (use in Method – 2 only) 

Change Boot Animation On Any Android

               METHOD – 1 

1. Download & install Boot Animation App from the given link or from play store. 

2.  Open this app then click on 3 dot option in the top right corner. And select “Backups” 

3. Now click on plus icon (+). It will automatically create a backup of your original boot animation. 

4. Now go back and select your favorite Boot Animation. And click on that. Then you will see “play icon”. You can watch the preview. 

5. Now if you want to install this Boot Animation then click on “plus icon(+)” 

6. Now press on” install”, Then it will automatically Download & your Boot Animation. 

7. Now “Restart” your phone. Now you will see new Boot Animation On your phone. 

8. Done. 

Change Boot Animation On Any Android

               METHOD – 2 

If you follow “Method-1”, But Boot Animation not installed on your phone then don’t worry this is a 100% Working process, so follow steps properly. 

1. Download & install “ES File Explorer App” from the given link or from the Play Store. 

2. In this method, you need to “Download Boot Animation zip file”. Don’t worry link given below for best Boot Animations for free. Download from theirs. 

3. After Downloading both (ES File Explorer & Boot Animation) Now open ES File Explorer App. 

4. Now click on 3 dot option in the top left corner. And find “Root Explorer”. And “Enable it” 

5. It will ask for “Root Permission”. Then click on “Grant” (Allow) 

6. Fist take a backup of your original Boot Animation for that go to” Device/System/Media folder”.

7. Then you will see” bootanimation.zip” file. 

8. Now rename it like this and click on “OK” 

9. Now it will look like this (Backup Done) 

10. Now find your” Downloaded Boot Animation zip file”. It should be in bootanimation.zip
This format if it does not then rename it properly. 

11. Now copy your new bootanimation.zip & paste it into “Device/System/Media folder”. 

12. Now long press on that and click on 3 dot option on the bottom right corner. 

12. Now click on “properties”. 

13. Then click on “permissions change” 

14. Now do settings like this and press ok. 

15. Now “Restart ” your phone. Done. 


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Download Links :

1. Boot Animations App :

2. ES File Explorer App :

3. Download Boot Animation zip Files :

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