How To Install Sony ‘s Latest Music App In Any Android No Root

Hello guys Did you know How To Install Sonys best music app and album app on any Android Phone?? 

So guys many people ask me about Sonys music app and album app, how to install in any Android Phone so today i am back with the best tutorial and simple tutorial to posible that on any android device we all know about sony company which is popular by three music sound quality and album pictures management in there Phones, so Sonys music app and Sonys album is more demanded in android platform allso so today I will show you and simple method to install both of them in your android phone. So why are you waiting for Lets Get Started…… 


1. Android device running KitKat or higher. 

2. Unknown Sources enabled

3. Download Sony music player from the given link. (Download from google if kink not working). 

4. Download Sonys Album App from the given link or download from the Google if link is not available). 


1. Make sure your android should be android kitkat 4.4 or higher verson. In older versions or lower from the kitkat 4.4 it will not work.

2. Download Sonys New music player App from the given link and save it for N your phone storage.

3. Download Sonys Album App from the given link and save it on the phone storage.

4. Now go to download file location and install Sonya Music Player App first.

5. If you will get Unknown Sources error when go to settings /security /unknown Sources and enable it.

6. Now again install Sonys Album app and open it.

7. Done and enjoy.

How To Install Sony ‘s Latest Music App In Any Android No Root


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Download Sony ‘s Latest Music App :

LINK – 1:

LINK – 2:

Download Sony ‘s Latest Album App :

LINK – 1:

LINK – 2:

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