How to Remove ads from android [HINDI

Did you know how to remove ads from android phone without root?? 

Many people ask me how to remove ads from android phone. So today I am going to show you how to remove ads from android phone no root. So watch the video till the end then you properly understand how to remove ads from android apps without root . This video all about removing ads from any Android Phone without root. 

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1. Download  Adguard from the below  link 

2. Install this app. 

3.  Open this app and go to settings and check the box on block Ads in all apps. 

4. Go bank and click on the black button then it will start connecting. 

5. When it will conect,you will see the green icon on this black button. 

6. Now your all Ads will be removed. 

7. Now your phone gets freedom from any ads.

How to Remove ads from android [HINDI


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