How To Install Dolby Atmos In Any Xiomi /Redmi Devices

How To Install Dolby Atmos In Any  Xiomi /Redmi Devices

How To Install Dolby Atmos In Any Xiaomi/Redmi Devices

Dolby Atmos In Any  Xiomi /Redmi Devices

Hello guys I this video I am going to show you how to install or Flash Dolby Atmos on any Xiaomi phones. So, guys, this is a very in trusting video. If you don’t know about Dolby Atmos, so guys Dolby atmos it is a sound equalizer made by Lenovo. So its improve your sound quality on your phone or increase your music sound with the great equalizer. So, guys, I recommend you to use Dolby Atmos on your phone and I also personally use this Dolby atmos equalizer on my phone. 


Dolby Atmos it is the best sound equalizer in all over the world. Dolby Atmos mostly found in Lenovo phones. But now we can install Dolby Atmos on any Android Phone. It has the ability to improve your sound quality and increase gain if you have low output. Dolby Atmos it is great option to change your sound quality experience on your phone. If you want to install Dolby Atmos on your phone then your phone must be rooted, because it’s changed system-level changes in your Android sound system, to improve your sound quality to the next level

So guys if you want to install “Dolby Atmos” on Any Xiaomi phones then you will need some requirements for that, 



1. Any  Xiomi /Redmi Device

2. Unlocked Bootloader 

3. Rooted Phone. 

4. Installed  custom recovery (TWRP or any other) 

5. Dolby flashable zip 

6. Dolby Uninstaller zip (if your phone going to Bootloop then you required this file) 

How To Install Dolby Atmos In Any  Xiomi /Redmi Devices


1. First, you need to unlock the bootloader for your Xiomi phones, if you don’t know about unlocking then watch this video.  (FULL GUIDE)

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 3

2. Now you need a rooted phone with TWRP Recovery installed if you don’t know what to install twrp & root then watch this video.  (FULL GUIDE)

How To Install TWRP Recovery On Redmi 3S/Prime/3X

3. Now after 2 steps now you need to download “Dolby Atmos zip” file from the given links. And also download Dolby Uninstaller zip (if your phone going to Bootloop then you required this file), save it on your internal memory. 

4. Now boot your phone into “Recovery mode. For that press” Volume up +Down +power key at the same time. (if this key combination is not working on your phone then go to Google and search your phone’s recovery mode keys) 

5. Now first Click on backup and take a full backup of your current rom, in the case any problem within the flashing then you easily restore it like before. 

6. After backup, now click on install button and select your “Dolby Atmos zip” and flash it. 

7. Now click on “System Reboot” it will take 5-15 minutes to boot so wait. 

8. Done. After booting you will find new app installed on your phone which is a Dolby Atmos so open it and enjoy. 

Uninstall Dolby Atmos :

In the case, if you don’t want this Dolby or you not like it then follow this steps to Uninstall it. 

1. Download Dolby Atmos uninstaller zip file. 

2. Flash via TWRP recovery. 

3. Done. 


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1. Dolby Atmos zip

LINK – 1:

LINK – 2:

2. Dolby Atmos Uninstaller zip. 

LINK – 1:

LINK – 2:

Thank You For Reading How To Install Dolby Atmos In Any  Xiomi /Redmi Devices. 

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